Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Mr. Bernie shoveling

Billings, Montana got quite a snowfall over the weekend. This reminded me of a great perk in being married, I didn’t have to shovel! Whooo whoooo!! I used to HATE having to shovel off my car and the sidewalk. Hate it, I tell you. When I was single I used to want a boyfriend by winter so he could shovel me out. After a snowfall I would wake up and hope that one of my ex’s would decide they wanted to surprise me and shovel my car out. That never happened, but I had hopes. They didn’t even have to come in and visit, just brush off my car and shovel the walk and leave. I toyed with the idea of teaching my cats to shovel, but that never panned out. The shovels wouldn’t stay attached to their backs, even with duct tape. They were useless.

Yesterday, I was feeling such joy and love as I watched the Mr. shovel us out and brush off the car. Sadly, at this point, we only have one shovel. So alas, I was unable to help. I was on my phone to my friend, Jenny, telling her how wonderful it was to have someone shovel for me. She got a bit snarky and said, “You do realize you could be helping him, don’t you?” I told her that unfortunately, we only had the one shovel. She suggested that would make for a good Christmas present. I don’t think that Jenny could tell you the last time she had to shovel anything, so who is she to talk?

I was telling Mr. Bernie last night that I so appreciate him shoveling. He just snorted. I asked him if it made him feel good to be shoveling his wife out. He just sighed and replied, “I do it because it has to be done and I don’t see your happy ass shoveling anytime soon.” My romantic husband, he knows just what to say to make me feel special. That answer didn’t work for me, so I tried another tactic. I said, “Awwww, I thought you did it because you loved me and it was a manly thing to do.” He jumped on that bandwagon and said, “Oh, let me back up and rephrase that. Yes, I do it all for you. If I was single I would just walk on the snow to pack it down. I would slip and slide all over. And throw even more snow on the sidewalk for good measure.” Then he grinned like a little boy and said, “How was that answer? Is that better?” He makes my ass tired.

Perhaps I will forget the brutal truth of the Mr.’s real reason for shoveling. I only hear what I want to hear, he does it because he loves me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it



  1. I found a pink snow shovel… http://www.chicken-house.co.uk/acatalog/Pink_Feed
    Not sure why a poultry house would have one???

  2. Dianne Oksendahl says:

    We just matched our record for most snow fall in Montana in the month of November…old record set in 1959 (a year that should be familiar to someone), the record…21.5"…that picture reflects the 9" of snow that fell in a day or two…sure looks like a TWO PERSON job to me.

    I will look for a pink sparkely shovel for you…shoveling snow together is such a bonding experience and the warming up after makes up for it all…LOL

  3. I like your attitude about the snow. Your right only hear what you want him to say at least for the first few months. LOL

  4. Did you at least make him an Angel food cake for his hard work?

    • Remind me why I like you, again. Make him an angel food cake. Blah! However, I hope to make you one next time I’m in town. You seem to be so cheered by them. *teasing*

  5. I’ll bet there is going to be an oddly shaped package for you under the tree this Christmas if Mr. B, err..Santa is smart.

  6. Ahhh..the wonders of a new marriage! I bet that there was a car brush/scrapper in the car if you really wanted to help. And you were correct…I dont know the last time I shoveled or mowed lawn either.

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