Sweet Little Egg Patties, Aka: Angel Food Cupcakes

Sweet Little Egg Patty

Angel Food cake and I don’t get along.  I can care less if its Mr. Bernie’s favorite cake. I wouldn’t try another recipe for Angel Food anything if my hair was on fire. Stupid, sticky, sweet dumb cake. I’m so mad at Angel Food cake, that I don’t think I would even eat a piece just out of principle.

Yesterday,I wrote about my first attempt at Angel Food cake and how awful it was.  One would think that in six years I might have improved, but no. I found an amazing Angel Food cupcake with lime frosting on the blog,  “haute apple pie” It looked amazing, as you will see if you click the link. The gal wrote very easy peasy instructions. My stupid thought was cupcakes would be easier than a cake.

I did a fine job of whipping life into the eggs. Lovely peaks, I was so proud. My downfall was the folding in the flour part. Don’t stir, don’t mix, just fold the batter over the flour. How easy is that?  I sifted the sugar and flour mixture several times and finally sifted it into the batter. I would sift a bit of flour and then fold the batter over the top. Pretty darn pleased with myself. I was baking something fancy, look at me go! I was feeling pretty darn proud as I spooned the batter into the cupcakes, humming a happy song. I was waiting for the forest creatures from the Disney movies to come sing with me. It was just that magical of moment for me. My happy feeling came to a screeching halt when I got halfway down the bowl and ran into a dense clump of flour. What the heck is that??  I must have screamed or something as that brought the Birthday Boy into the kitchen to see how I was doing. He looked in my bowl and said, “Oh, my. Did you realized that you have a clump of flour in the bottom of your bowl? I don’t think that is right.” No, kidding Einstein!  He then asked what I did and I repeated my steps for him. He suggested that my flour should have been incorporated into the batter in order for them to rise. What a fricken helper bee he is.

With a pan of cupcakes in the oven, all I could do was wait. The time went off and I flew to the oven to take these little treasures out of the oven. Here is a picture of what they looked like. I’m so proud.

Mr. Bernie tried to be encouraging,  he called them, “sweet little egg patties”  Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear after slaving over an Angel Food cake? He told me that they tasted better hot, as most eggs do. He rushed to get our camera to take pictures of his birthday cupcakes. He was snapping away like he was at a photo shoot for models.Finally, a good set came out of the oven and I asked him if he had tried that set yet. He looked at me serious as a heart attack and said, “No, I haven’t had the balls try those yet.” We decided that they were not worth frosting.  Mr. Bernie wanted a picture taken with his “sweet little, birthday egg patty” Notice the big grin, he found the whole thing most amusing.

All I know is no more Angel Food for me. Ever. I love the man, but won’t be making him Angel Food cake again.  I think I will see if someone else wants to do it next year. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.



  1. Hysterical! I had no idea they were sooo hard to make, I have always bought them done at the market. ;)

    • My husband would tell you that they are not hard to make. He likes to make Angel Food cake from scratch! There is something wrong with that man. I just can never get the timing or constancy right.

  2. LOL you had me laughing! Angel food cake all tastes the same, and its just easier to buy it at the store. But kuddos to you for trying it!

    Thanks so much for linking this up at the FBF hop, I really enjoyed this post! =) Hope to see you again next Friday! Have a great week!
    ~Carolyn http://www.cookinformycaptain.blogspot.com

  3. B, I just laughed so hard at this post, I nearly wet myself right at my desk.

    God Bless you for trying!

  4. Bernie…My grandma Mary (bless her soul) always made angel food cake w/chocolate frosting for each of her grandchildren's birthdays. I never liked it then and to this day will pass if ever offered any…give me a boxed chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting any day! Sorry Roy…you deserve better!

  5. Bernie, bless your courage! I won't even attempt it a first time, much less a second.
    Pie crusts? Bought frozen, darn it!
    However, if you give me a roast, some seasonings, I'll give you a great supper.

    • Tracey, I was feeling particularly brave that day. *lol* Roy is one mean pie crust maker, he keeps wanting me to learn. Oh, a roast sounds yummy right now.

  6. And here is the first…… Poor Roy.

    BTW, supermarkets usually carry pre-made Angel Food cakes. Fake it next year :)

    • I was waiting for this. *lol* Yes, I’m aware they do, but I wanted to make it with love. By the time I was done it was pure unadulterated hate, but love was what I was going with.

  7. Oh no!! What a bummer. Maybe a few more folds with each bit that you sift? I agree with Jackie though…just keep trying and eventually you will win out. I had to do that with pie crusts. Good luck!

    • Katie, I don't know which scares me more, pie crusts, angel food cake or homemade bread. *lol* Give me a heavy bar type item and I can bake. Thank you for wishing me luck. I might have to drag your recipe to my friend Teresa's house and have her show me how to make them. They do sound wonderful!

  8. Rememder you are smarter then angel food cake. Try, try again. Even if you use the box. LOL

    • Mary, Oh I so wish that were true. You are so kind. Not sure if I even want to look at a box of Angel food cake for a while. I had too many bad words after this attempt.

  9. Angle food cake & I never did well either started using a box have pretty good luck with it.Don’t give up make it someday just for kicks to prove you can do it I bet it turns out great cuz it is not for anything special, put strawberries on it yummy You tried to hard to make it perfect for that special someone on his special day. Next year tell Roy you are going into the kitchen to make a
    chocolate cake and walla a beautiful angle food cake.

    • Auntie, I think that stabbing myself in the eye with a dull rusty fork would give me more kicks than another attempt at that. Your right, I did try to make it for my new husband on his day. I’m going with the adage, its the thought that counts!

  10. Remind me next year and I will make one for you, or maybe the cupcakes. Although you may not get the whole cake or only 1/2 a batch of cupcakes as it is my favorite cake as well. Happy Birthday to the Mr.!!


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