I Did Laundry During The Week And Lived To Tell The Tale

This week I did something I never do. I actually did laundry during the week. For those of you who are thinking, big deal, you just don’t understand. Ever since I have lived away from home, the weekend was my laundry time. I prided myself on getting a majority of it done on Saturday or Sunday. Not even looking at the washing machine during the week. To me it was taboo. I would rather shove a dull spoon in my eye than touch laundry during the week.

Mr. Bernie is the one who actually pushed me out of my comfort zone. On Wednesday, he looked down at me with his big blue. His eyes were tearing up a bit as whined,  “Bernadette, I’m out of socks.” I kept on doing what I was doing and tried to ignore him. Like a child, he got louder. “Bernadette, what am I going to do? I don’t have any clean socks. What will I do?” I suggested he re-wear a pair that looked semi clean. He looked at me as if I suggested he run down the street naked. *eye roll* “Bernadette, I need clean socks. How will I get dressed without socks? There are no clean socks.”  He call me obsessive. I finally found him a pair of dress socks in the back of his sock drawer. That seemed to appease him a bit.

When I got home, I decided to tackle the laundry. I started looking for all of Mr. Bernie’s stray socks. For the most part, he is good about using a hamper. Sometimes, he forgets. Sometimes, he just doesn’t quite make it there.  Perhaps he thinks the sock monster/hamper will bite his hand. I’m not quite sure, nor do I care to find out. I had a full laundry basket with all of his precious socks. I almost started shaking ,from doing something out of my comfort zone, by doing laundry on a weeknight.

Being a helper bee, Mr. Bernie followed me into the laundry room. He said, “Wow, look at all my socks. Remember not to use too much detergent on my socks.” I almost hit him with the laundry basket. It gave me a creepy feeling hearing the washer going during the week. It felt sick and wrong. When the cycle was done, I suggested Mr. Bernie put his socks in the dryer. He rushed to get them into the dryer. He was almost giddy at the thought of having clean socks.

The dryer was done and beeped. Mr. Bernie flew to get his precious socks. He sat in his chair and started to pair them up. Talking to me in an excited voice the whole time. “Look Bernadette! I have clean socks! So many socks. I love clean socks. Oh, the joy of having clean socks tomorrow.” Then he burst into a made up, happy sock folding song.

The following he sang to the tune, “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush”
Here we go folding socks again; socks again; socks again.
Here we go folding socks again; so early in the wee-eek
Look I found another pair; another pair; another pair.
Look I found another pair; I think they go together.

I did laundry during the week and lived to tell about it. I’m so proud!

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  1. Oh how I love the clean sock song! I also like how he asks like he might die about the socks "What will I do?" I probably would've said "You probably won't survive". Funny post! I think you've inspired me to do laundry during the week too, so thanks! :)

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am glad you love my quote… so glad you found me so I could find you and follow your blog your so funny and I needed a good laugh today, sorry it took me so long I just got back from a little weekend trip…have a great week!! can't wait to read more of your blog :-)

  3. I am soooo glad you stopped by my blog, because now I have found yours. Just laughed my way through several posts. The tampon on the keyring was hilarious, as was your encounter with the clerk when you bought cigarettes. You are FUNNY! Can't wait to read more!

    • Thank you. I'm glad I found your blog as well. I think that it will be a good way to start the new year. I can't wait to start finding my happy place.

  4. Hi Bernie – My husband and I so enjoyed this, especially since he jokes we need to buy an industrial washing machine with loads I wash. I do about 3 loads a day….okay, I'm obsessive but then he gets his clothes all clean – every day – and doesn't have to go sock-hunting like poor Mr B :)))

  5. Look at you living on the edge! next thing you know, you'll be shaving your legs before Fridays!….well, I can't assume Friday is your leg-shaving day just 'cause it's mine…

  6. Married life can sure change a person.doing laundry during the week is only one little thing. It gets better and better. The songs are the best part. I have losts track of the thosunds or millions of songs Pete has composed over the years for important things like clean socks.

  7. Okay so yeah…I can't see…lol…

    Thanks for joining the Over 40 Bloggers! I added your blog to the list!!

    Thanks for joining the party!

    Hope you get lots of followers from it!

    Be sure to come by on Sunday for the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop!

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. OMG, you're hysterical! I was reading parts of this to my 23yo and he was cracking up!

    Make Mr. Bernie do the socks! He wants them, he can wash them!

  9. Isn't it such fun to see something so ordinary bring such joy to your new husband…LOL

  10. LOL! I do laundry and almost evey other day. Hubby only has 2 pair of work pants. I also wash dishes 2 or 3 times a day…..and I have a dishwasher I don't use. (I don't trust that thing! It's has been on it's last leg since we moved in this house.)

    You would just die from shock if you stayed with me for a day. I am a crazy person! LOL!!!

    You know I am a little supprised you didn't just go out and buy a new pack of socks for him!

    • Joshlin, You go girl! I think I would get tired just following you around for the day. Busy. I prefer our laid back style. If I had a child, other than the Mr., I would probably be more inclined to wash clothes more often. Oh, what a good idea about buying new socks. Clever.

  11. I think that is a hold over from having to take your stuff to a Laundromat back when, we do our laundry when it needs to be done now, kind of like washing the dishes when there are more than 2 before we had the dishwasher. ;P

  12. So. let me get right…You got all the socks together and put them in the wash machine with the correct amount of detergent. When the machine beeped, ROY put them in the dryer. When they were dry, ROY took them all out and folded them. YOU sure stepped up and did the laundry Bern. I am going to try and step out of my comfort zone and go wash a dish. Love You!

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