Who Needs T.V. When We Have A Cat Like Abby?

This morning, my brain is not working. So like a shameless pageant mom, I’m going to show off pictures of our cat Abby. This cat loves to get into EVERYTHING.  She is a Maine Coon. They are known for shoving themselves into tiny spaces. Without further ado I give you some of Abby’s greatest hits:

"Oh, look! Mom's purse looks lonely"

Where's Abby?

"I'll get your cell phone, Mom!"

We are still not sure how she did this. She climbed in without ripping any of the plastic.

That is my shameless pimping of our cat. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something witty and interesting to say.


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  2. Don't worry about the shameless pimping, we jut adopted a small dog and she comes home today, so my blog will be full of doggy pics this week lol.

  3. She is beautiful…. But, OMG, the last picture scared me… How did she ever get herself in there… But, although the setting scares me, she looks 100% comfy and content. LOVE her!

  4. Pimpin' of the cat works. Very entertaining.

  5. You know I will always support the expoiting of one's cat for blog purposes. lol Maine coons are gorgeous cats. Ok, dorky, true story – my hubs and I have been to the NJ cat show and we were commenting on how beautiful a Maine coon was to the owner. To which they replied, "We breed for size." ooookay.
    It's been nice connecting with you on the blog and twitter. :-)

  6. I love the pic of her looking in the tea pot purse, and since I know how small that one is its really amazing she got that far into it!! She if a clever girl thats for sure. :)

    • I know! Its amazing she stuffed herself in it as far as she did. We did some shopping tonight and guess who was the first to try to crawl into the bags?

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I LOVE these photos. Abby seems like she would have to be a blast. The last 2 pictures are my favorite. :)

  8. The most amazing part is that Maine Coons are one of the largest breeds and yet can make themselves so small when they really want to get into something.

  9. She climbed in without ripping any of the plastic? That's nuts.

    I've got a picture of our cat curled up inside a vase. It was bizarre.

  10. Cats are the best, aren't they! So entertaining! Do you get LOL Cats-I Can Has Cheezburger? http://icanhascheezburger.com/ I get this emailed to me everyday! I think you'd like it if you don't get it already.

  11. Our fur babies give us so much joy! The do the cutest things! I LOVE the picture of your baby in the pillow under the plastic. She must have worked hard not to rip the plastic. LOL!

    • We are shocked. Suddenly, we looked down at her and she was all wrapped in the pillow like that. Even Mr. B's engineering mind had a hard time with it.

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