I Cracked The Crafter's Code!

Yesterday the Mr. and I went out shopping. I needed to pick up things for crafting. There is something I never thought I would say in my lifetime. I’ll give you a mini rundown on what I have planned. Note I said planned. If I get even a couple of these done, I’ll be doing good.  I went into not one but two craft stores and didn’t have a seizure at the door. That was a plus.

My friend Michele at Living on Less did a post on making sugar scrub at home. Click the link if you want to see how to make your own sugar scrub. Didn’t seem that expensive, so I wanted to try it. It seemed easy enough to do. I found everything that she put in her post. I’m going to make a Sweet Pea scented scrub. I lucked out and got the last box of Sugar In The Raw at Target. We have enough olive oil here at the house to host Italian dinners for 50 for years so no need to pick that up. I found the fragrance and vitamin oil at Hobby Lobby.

I also needed to pick up my stuff for my Project 2011 Challenge We figured out how long the board needed to be and found a nice one. We also drilled the holes and cut down the spoons. I should be sanding things down today. That should keep me busy during the football game.

For some reason, I got it into my head that I wanted to make some cards. I have no idea where this stupid idea came from. I decided to go with it and look at the papers section of a craft store. It made my head spin. Too many choices for someone who has not clue what she is doing. While I was looking at the card stock, rocking myself back and forth and muttering to myself, a gal helped me. She was looking at card stuff too. Seems she takes pictures and put them on the cards and embellishes them. That is a cool idea. I told her how I had no clue as to what I was doing. I didn’t even know how to attach stuff to a card. She took pity on me and walked me over to array of adhesive products. She explained the pros and cons of tape vs glue guns. Bless her heart, she thought I had a glue gun. I spent about a half an hour agonizing over papers to “pretty my cards up.” Mr. Bernie was so darn patient as I walked back and forth and around again.

Armed with tape, pre folded cards with envelopes and some papers, I was ready to check out. As the girl was ringing me up, Mr. Bernie asked the clerk if fancy scissors were needed. She agreed that would be a help in my new endeavor and he flew to find some. Awwwwww, what a guy. I never even thought of making these fancy. While he was trying to make a decision, he got to visiting with the other craft girls in the aisle. Mr. Bernie asked them if he was creating a monster by purchasing me some scissors and a border punch. They told him that He could not imagine what kind of monster that he was helping to create. They reassured him that he could get me one of everything. If I already had the scissors he was buying, I could leave the second pair at a friend’s house – or, better yet, have a card making party! Once someone starts on a craft, it just snowballs out of control. Mr. Bernie told me that they shared that in a gleeful, but pensive, tone. I think that it scared him for a bit. We got to the car.  Mr. Bernie gave me a bag of treasures that he found. Two pairs of scissors, one that cuts an edge into a torn looking edge and a Victorian type of edge cut. He also found a punch that makes cute little boarders for corners. (I was surprised he gave them to me. My birthday is Monday and usually he makes me wait for presents.)

I got home a short while later. I talked to my Mom, Jenny and Michele. They are all crafty women. I told them about my new endeavors and they were all giddy. Jenny and Michele, both scrappers, were particularly excited.  They asked me if I found it fun looking at the papers and so on. Warning me that I might get addicted. The thing that seemed to make them most excited was the fact of me buying the papers and so on. It seemed to intoxicate them. They both have a ton of papers, brads and so on. I think that they were giddy that I would have to shop for these type of things in the future. It was like a couple of addicts wanting to share.

It was at that moment I cracked the crafters code. Crafters spend a ton of money on supplies. It makes them happy to see another person get involved with crafts, so they can spend lots of money too. I think that established crafters are happy to have another person in the sisterhood to splurge on craft items as well. That way they don’t have to have so much fun all alone. See how clever I am? I cracked the code!!

I warned everyone, my first attempts at making cards might look like a 4-year-old blind child made them. However, they are to all be excited and tell me how wonderful they look.

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  1. Hello
    Just visiting via MMOM. I am an avid crafter but you don’t have to spend alot on supplies (“Oh yeah?” I hear my husband say) have you checked our altered art as this is excellet at using all sorts of things lying around the house? Hope you have a lovely week, feel free to hop over and say hi.
    Helen x

  2. Oh you are such a brave girl :-)
    And yep, dabbling with craft empties the wallet reallllllly fast!

  3. I posted a comment before from my iPod, but I guess it didn’t take.
    You should have a Stampin’ Up Party!! Oh, the joys of rubber stamping!! More stuff to buy too! But at the party you are taught how to stick stuff, fold, cut, crease, snip, punch and stamp out the most gorgeous cards and scrap book pages! I highly suggest you find a rep and have a party. You’ll love it! I have a bunch of rubber stamps I don’t use any more. If your interested, let me know.

    I’m so glad you got into some crafting! You’ve sort of inspired me to do something as well!

    • Ahhhh, its your Ipod posts that go into my spam. I found your comment in the spam folder.
      Those Stampin’ Up stamps are fun. My actual job is making stamps. We own a rubber stamp shop. I can have Mr. Bernie make me fun stamps. Granted they are not as cute as Stampin’ up, most of those are under copyright. What did I inspire you to craft? Thank you for the offer of stamps. I will have to send you a note later and see if we can come up with a trade.

      • Oh, how cool is that that you own a rubber stamp shop!!!?

        I love beads, so I’m thinking about what I could do with them. I have some ideas, but not I’m lazy about getting it going. I do have an idea that I’m presently working on, but I need to get to Joann’s Fabrics. I’m down a car unfortunately, so I have to wait. And the weather sucks ducks eggs as well.

        • As I’m getting more into crafts, its getting cooler to own a stamp shop. I used to not really care or need stamps made. Now I’m going crazy!

          My friend Teresa makes wonderful things with her beads. Some of my favorite necklaces and bracelets she made. I hope you get to JoAnn’s and get started on your idea.

  4. Crafting can get expensive, but the really fun part is finding out of the box things to use. Like try using coffee filters and old newspapper for backgrounds and embellishments. Plus after a while you will have a ton of scraps you can use in new fun ways.

    Thanks for the sugar scrub link. I have been thinking of trying to make my own too. I love sweet pea and may do that kind too!!!! Let us know how yours turns out!

  5. I was going to make a scrapbook of jpegs I found on a Tumblr site..“Woman Who Enjoy Watching Football In High Heels”, but I was unable to locate those “Victorian” edge cut scissors. Felt the juxtaposition would be interesting.

    Really good write Bernie. In fact, got me interested in the crafty culture. Oh and in case you missed it. Green Bay won.

    • Why would you have to find images like that? Don’t you have your own gal like that? I can send you a pair of those scissors so you too can be crafty.
      Are you sad about Green Bay winning? I’ll bet you wanted the Bears.

  6. Ah, the joy of crafting. You know, Bernie, I used to craft when crafting meant you could glue two toilet rolls together, call them binoculars and give them to your kids to play with. Or spend hours coloring macarroni, to later string together and call it a necklace. Sadly, those simple days are but a hazy memory and now crafting entails, as you've already discovered, spending some hard cash. Which also means, I'm not in the market to craft any time soon. But hey, I can live vicariously through you and your fellow crafters. :)

    • Oh, I doubt this is going to be something I’m going to go full hog with. Just something different to say I didn’t just sit on my duff all day and eat bon bons.

  7. Thanks for stopping on this too short Sunday afternoon. I LOVE crafts but never have the time for them.

  8. lol, yup you cracked the code alright! Its more of a sisterhood of saying to our husbands things like “really? you think I spent a lot on paper/embellishments/scissors/yarn/fabric/paint/beads/etc.? That’s nothing! You should see what ________ spent on her stuff!! I know you will do great with the scrub, let me know how it turns out. :)

  9. I'm happy for you. As I said, no crafty bones in my body so I'll forgo the sugar scrub but I'll stop by for the Italian dinner for 50. Ha. Oh, I do have 2 glue guns. I used them for putting rhinestones on dance costumes. I guess that's kinda crafty!!
    Love and Peace, Manzi


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