Odd Search Terms For Finding My Blog

I love the site stats that WordPress provides. It tells me how people found my blog; Yahoo mail, another website, Twitter, etc.  It also shows the search terms people use and end up here. Most are pretty standard, but once in a while I’m taken by surprise.  Today was one of those days. The search term used was, “funny looking fat girls”. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Once I figured out which emotion to go with, I chose laughter.

Some terms I can understand. I get several hits a week for “husband birthday or husband birthday card.” I know where that comes from. When I first started the blog I did a post, Husband Birthday Card Shopping Can Be Hard. I used an image from Google of a birthday card. It says “Husband” on it. So I can understand why they are directed here. That way other folks can steal the same image.

Another big hitter was “Funny New Year” I don’t think that I wrote anything particular interesting or amusing about the New Year. Yet somehow folks find my blog using that term.

“Little boy crying, crying woman, cartoon woman crying”  must stem from Angel Food Cake Is A Recipe For Disaster. If you look at that image, it doesn’t look like a little boy. It doesn’t look like a little boy saying sorry. It doesn’t look like several other terms that are used for that image.

“My automatic garbage can” is surely from,  I Wonder If I can File Sexual Harassment Charges Against My Garbage Can? Its not everyone who is lucky enough to have a garbage can that gets frisky with them. I’m a lucky girl.

There are several other terms that I have no clue as to where they come from. Nor do I know what some of them mean; darya pino, cartoon fat women by using lines, waars bagg songs.

What are some of the weird search terms people have used to find your blog?





  1. Hey, on occasion I get a 404 website message when I view this website. Just a heads up, regards

  2. What I get a kick out of is not so much odd search terms, but the ones that obviously mean some perv was looking for e-porn and got me. haha Because my blog title has the words 'saucy bitch' in it my blog turns up in search results sometimes for things like "saucy women in their fifties", "hot saucy bitches". I alwas think whoever did that search must have been rather disappointed to get a blog. haha

    • Oh, I never thought of it like that. You should dress the cat up in a kitty bikini and post a picture of that. Then people won't be disappointed when they use those terms. *lol*

  3. haha- "interpretive dance and jingle bell rock," "target and scan joyfully" are a few of my favorites…

    Cute blog!

  4. I use Blogger and you can find it in the stats section under Traffic Sources, from there it under Search Key Words. Apparently I drive my readers to drink because my number one search of all time is "black box wine rebate" followed closely by my second place term "beringer wine rebate" followed in third place by "robert mondavi rebate". fourth place is a tie between "beringer wine rebates" and "Deviled Eggs" because you KNOW you need something to eat when you drink wine. All the wine searches were generated on just one post I did on rebates for wine during the holidays. WOW! Loved some of your search names. :)

  5. Bernie, most definitely the funniest this week has been "Angelina Jolie talks to the tourist glove." Seriously? I mean, I did do a post on a missing glove, as well as one of the film The Tourist, but might there be a tourist glove she's talking to that I'm unaware of?

  6. I'm not sure how I would feel about that search term bringing up my blog! Good for you to take it so lightly. I might not handle it as well as you did. :)

    It would be nice to find that information for my blog but I guess blogger doesn't do that. ??

    • My friend Michele replied that you can find it on Blogger: "Blogger and you can find it in the stats section under Traffic Sources, from there it under Search Key Words." She is a font of information.

  7. Hey..

    most recent weird search seeker …." judgment day one time pad"

    another fine post

  8. Well, now that I know about this I kind of wish I had this feature for blogger. Then again, I don't know if I would want to know what others are looking up and then find me.

  9. Auntie Jack says:

    I would have thought unusual purses
    for a search

  10. At this point, nothing out of the ordinary. But one that was weird "Girls Oooooooooooook". I have NO idea what that could have been for. Then there was "I'm so bored out of my mind". Yeah, that made me feel real good about myself. But I must have used the word "bored" somewhere in a blog once.

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