Romance at McDonalds

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Mr. Bernie and I are odd ducks. We like to find unusual ways to have fun. Valentine’s Day is no exception. One year we decided that we didn’t want to go out and have a romantic dinner with the masses. We decided to go to McDonalds.However, we couldn’t just go eat a regular dinner. We had to have real table settings and so on. We went to our local thrift store to stock up on plates, silverware, glasses, flicker candles, and so on. Everything one would need for a fancy dinner out.

The lights are always bright at McDonalds. Mr. Bernie ran up a hill to take this picture before dinner.

See how pretty the table is? Note our dollar store flower-pot. While the Mr. was setting this up, some high school girls saw him. They squealed and awwwwed at him. He might be sterile now from that high pitch screaming. Note the candy hearts to the right. We had those to give out to people who might be brave enough to talk to us. We didn’t have to give many of them away. We got a few odd looks. We didn’t care. It was fun for us. That is all that mattered. Romance.We had an appetizer of salad and chicken mcnuggets. Our main course was a big mac and fries, eaten with our fork and knives.

The desert course was apple pie à la mode. Doesn’t it look purtiful?

The Manager wanted to get our picture. What a happy romantic couple.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again. We are looking for more suggestions as to  where to go for dinner. We still have the table settings and tablecloth. I know that you folks are pretty clever. Care to give us some suggestions? If we choose an idea and do it, we will send the winner a little Valentine’s Day surprise. So put on your thinking caps and lets hear your suggestions.

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  1. My wife and I had our first date at Burger King!
    We sat there for 4 hours!

  2. Love it!! Reminds me of waaaaay back at my HS prom. A few of us couples didn’t want to pay for fancy dinners. So, we went to Subway for dinner, all dressed up. We had flowers for the table, but didn’t think of a tablecloth. That would have been fun!

    Everyone thought we were nuts, but I don’t think anyone had a more fun prom than we did that night!

  3. Very, very cool :-)

    My brain is a bit foggy as far as ideas go, but you could enjoy a taste of France by taking a small table and chairs and setting up outside your favourite takeaway on the kerb. Bring the CD player to play french accordion music as well…..

    • It would be a good idea if it were not winter in Montana. You lucky, summer girl. I read your posts and just drool over your weather right now.

  4. Ahhh, love is wonderful, you two are just so cute.

  5. I so wish I lived on your side of the pond – I’d love to go out with you two for the evening! I could pretend to be the jilted wife or Mr B’s pregnant mistress! :-)

    How about two strangers meeting a bar? Or, for a really fun night in, try the dishcloth penis cozy on for size!

  6. ambiance and attitude make the meal and the moment …

    you guys are fun…


  7. OMGoodness this is so guys are great..this made me smile..thank you for sharing. ;-)


  8. You two are SOOO funny! I would so never have the guts to do something like that, I love how clever the two of you are.

  9. Love the thrift store idea…especially if you bring the helmet. ;)
    Great blog!

  10. I’m loving this, you two are precious. I am following from weekend blog hop. Be sure to follow me too.

    Lisa xx

  11. What a great idea! So unique! I wonder what you will do this year? :)

  12. You guys are awesome. That is so cool. I love how you have fun! Valentines Day is crazy expensive for no reason. I love it. I don't know where you guys live, but I'd say a slice a pizza is always good to me. Happy early valentines day!

  13. I say, bring all the thrift store stuff back to the thrift store and have a picnic dinner there! I am sure they have a little table and chair set on the floor somewhere. You can tell the manager that you are promoting the purchase of their “quality” items by showcasing them. :) I also still like my idea of taking in your heavy bedspread to the laundromat and having an evening of romance while its on the spin cycle. ;)

    • Oh, that is fun. I will have to tell Mr. B that one and see what he says. Somehow I don't think the Mission would go for it. We do have the new laundry mat in this end of town. Hummm

  14. Now who’d a thunk Micky D’s could have provided such a romantic and quiet evening? Corner spot and photographer too!

    On your next romantic sojourn, consider taking a cassette player (hee hee) for the serenading music in the background. Maybe even an old portable record player with a scratchy record (if you can find either nowadays would be a feat), along with a romantic dance by the table. Maybe add a nice touch with a snappy vintage bow tie and tails for the gentleman, and a lacy gown with gloves and faux jewels for the lady.

    Equip the photographer with a polaroid for an instant hard copy. Pose with a single plastic rose across your ear in a loving embrace with the mister. Exchange luvy duvvies with some rings from the vending machine, and a box of candy Necco hearts over desert. Whisper sweet nothings across the table. Cruise town in a car decorated with shoe-polish messages of love and hearts. Drop by Walmart on the way home and pick up some swanson tv dinner pie and whip cream. Give interviews and greet other shoppers at the door. Then head home to enjoy another evening behind closed doors.

    • I love this. Some of these things I could see us doing. The t.v. dinner from Walmart made me giggle. Getting dressed up would be fun. Hum, what to wear. Thank you!

  15. That’s really sweet!

  16. This is the most awesome thing ever! I love creative ideas like this! I wonder what you have in store for THIS Valentines Day? :-)

    Stopped by from comment love!

  17. this is about the cutest thing i’ve ever read! I’m all about marching to the beat of your own drum…
    you should do an in door picnic this year. pack a basket; layout a blanket and have an old fashioned picnic…in the living room. (or somewhere that will let you have a picnic :)
    could be fun!

  18. OMG you two are a HOOT!!! It shows that anyplace can be romantic and 5-stars in our minds if we want them to be! It’s not about the PLACE but the PEOPLE!!!

    How about a Mexican fiesta at Taco Bell???? lol

  19. I love McDonald’s Hot Apple Pies!! That really is a cute idea!

    There’s always the Chinese restaurant. That would be different. Chicken Lo Mein for Valentines Day? And the fortune cookies would be a cute twist for the event.

    • I'm not a big fan of them, but it worked for dinner. *lol* I was more excited about the nuggets.
      Mr. B is not a huge Chinese fan, so I don't think he would go for it. However, I do love the fortune cookie idea!!

  20. OH, my goodness…this is so cute! My husband and I love to do things spur of the moment and also things that no one else would think of just like this! What a great idea! I saw a post from another blogger about taking $5 each to the thrift shop and seeing what you could buy for the other one…how fun! I like your cute little blog…you are funny! :)

  21. Callie Bush says:

    Great stuff, Bernie!

    Check into White Castle (if there's one near you) for this year. The one here offers dinner reservations complete with the table setting, mood lighting, etc. You wouldn't have to provide a thing. :)

    • Oh, I so love White Castle. The only one I ever get to go to is the one in Hinckley. We don’t have one around here. How funny about the dinner reservations and so on. We would so be doing that if they had it here. *lol*

  22. funny stuff! creative … keepin' it fresh :)

  23. This is by the coolest and cutest thing I have ever seen! What a fun idea, and you will definitely remember this years down the road. As opposed to over paying for some generic experience that you will forget within the week. So glad I stumbled across your blog. Happy Comment Love Day from FTLOB hop!

    • *blush* Thank you. We were bored and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Cheap too. I think our "table service" all came to about 5 bucks at the thrift store.

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