This Morning I Knew We Would Freeze To Death

This morning when I woke up, I noticed it was a bit “brisk” temperature wise. I could almost see my breath. I quickly threw on my “weekend attire”, sweats and a t-shirt , I know I’m sexy. Anyway, I ran waddled to start the gas fireplace. Next I checked our indoor/outdoor thermometer and saw it said, 61 degrees! My final check was the thermostat to see what that said. It didn’t say anything. It was totally blank. What? How could that be?

I peeked outside and saw we had snow. Granted it was just a dusting, but it snowed. Then I started to panic. We are going to freeze to death. The pipes are going to freeze. The fur kids would all be frozen pupcicles and catcicles. How would I explain this to Mr. Bernie? I just know our pipes will freeze and he will be mad. What to do, what to do? I don’t like to wake him up. He is easy to wake up and he wakes up with a smile on his face, but still, it was 6am on a Sunday.

I tiptoed into the bedroom and patted his hand, nothing. Then I started to shake him like the house was on fire. He opened one eye, sighed and said, “What Bernadette?” In a high pitch screechy voice I yelled, “Oh my god! Mr. Bernie its only 61 degrees in the house! I think the thermostat is broken!” He said, “Turn on the gas fireplace.” Then he rolled over as if to go back to sleep. Well that is no help. I grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch, the laptop would keep me warm. The fur kids might freeze, but I was going to be ok.

About 15 minutes later the Mr. got dressed and ran, sauntered over to the thermostat, took the cover off and put it back on. Suddenly, we had heat, blessed heat. We were not going to die. Our pipes were not going to freeze. All was right with the world. All Hail Mr. Bernie!!

I apologized for waking him. He was very nice and said that it was no big deal. I explained that I was worried our pipes might freeze. He said, “At 61 degrees? You did take science in school, didn’t you?” I assured him that I had a science class or two, but was not sure how quickly our pipes might freeze up with no heat. He said, “At 61 degrees it will take forever. But thanks for the heads up. I’m glad I didn’t freeze to death in my sleep. You are the best, Bernadette!” I thought he was being a bit snarky.

We didn’t die. Our pipes didn’t freeze. The fur kids don’t seem to be worse for the ware. All is right in the world! How is your Sunday going?

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  1. Misty Bhatt says:

    Many thanks for the info we were looking for this while we were scanning the internet as well as your site turned up– Many thanks

  2. Oh you do make me laugh! Bless you, sweetie!

    I also think Mr B was being sarky. Unfair when you probably saved him from freezing to death ;-)

  3. LOL! I am the kind of girl that likes to be warm too! I would never make it if I lived in a state that got snow! So glad you didn't end up with pupcicles and catcicles. That would have been a mess to clean up after if wamed up a little. lol!

  4. Oh, Bernie, you would so not survive at our house. We turn our heat down to 61 degrees at night and pile on the blankets. Gotta save on fuel costs here in cold and snowy Minnesota. Sure, ya betcha!

  5. Well I don't relate to the snow / pipes freezing stuff – but we don't do central heating downunder, so when it's cold, the hubby's response is "go put another jumper on."

  6. Oh, you had nothing to worry about.. Marc liked to keep our thermostat at 62 degrees… After a few times of my toes and fingers turning blue, he thankfully turned over a new leaf with the heat!

  7. My My– Bernie, we could have used your – no panic- steady as she goes- no big thing- aplomb- during the blizzard here in the Windy City. Sixty One is down right tropical ……

    Now for your Superbowl "Prop" bets.

    How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem?

    Over 1 minute, 54 seconds: -160

    Under 1 minute, 54 seconds: +120


    How long will Christina Aguilera hold the note "Brave" at the end of the National Anthem?

    Over 6 seconds: -140

    Under 6 seconds: EVEN




    • Oh, good lord, Christina Aguilera is going to sink the National Anthem? Thanks for the warning. Mr. Bernie should loose his mind. He hates it when people "expand" on the National Anthem. He whines and bitches.
      My picks are it will take her Over a minute to sing and she will hold for 6 seconds. By then Mr. Bernie should be impressing the people at the Super Bowl party wth hsi bitching about it. Oh, I can't wait. *sigh*

  8. Ha ha ha ha…….Gave me a big smile ….. for a few moments but then my mind went back to my own horrible 61 deg Sunday morning situation. While I was shoveling and dusting off the car this morning, (still slightly dark) Cody went to the neighbor's yard and dug 2 holes in the snow and I see a little dirt so I think she hit grass. (She smelled moles beneath the ground, no doubt).. If that were my nice neighbor, I'd look at the situation, knock on their door, apologize and say I'd repair any damage in the spring. But this lady behaves in a schizophrenic mad-cap manner. She's lived next door for 5 years and won't talk to me. I've tried to approach her but she runs in the house and slams the door. I've even knocked on her door, meaning to introduce myself but she won't answer it. She keeps her shades pulled and all the yard work, mowing, shoveling, etc. is done by hired people.

    So now my dog digs holes in her yard. !!!!!!! What should I do?

    Oh dear…..Life is so easy without kids and pets.

    • I can see where you might be scary. *teasing* If you are really that worried about it, put a note on her door. Chances are she won't even notice.
      Don't ya hate it when the fur kids stir up trouble? *lol*

  9. lol, at 61 degrees here you sit out side in shorts, I just know you know the pipes wouldn't freeze at that temp if you don't freeze at that temp, even if that is the temp on the INSIDE. I am so glad everything is right with the world though, wouldn't want to spoil Superbowl Sunday! ;)

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