How Two Adults Can Kill an Hour

Last week at the grocery store, a box of popcorn grabbed my eye. I pointed it out to Mr. Bernie. He read the box and asked if we would buy it. “Look, Bernadette!! It comes with glow in the dark tattoos!! It turns magical colors. Can we get it, can we? Huh? Please?” How could I resist a plea like that? So of course we bought one.

We were bored one night this week and decided to try this magical popcorn. Before we could try it, Mr. Bernie wanted to put on his tattoo. He read the instructions to me. Stressing how we can’t rush the process.  Don’t hurry this, keep the wash cloth on the tat for 30 second. He kept walking way from me, in fear I would snatch the wash cloth before its time. There were three to choose from. A “manly” one. A “girly” one. A “baby” one. The Mr. choose the “manly” one.

While the popcorn was popping, we debated about this magical popcorn. How would it look? How would it taste?  We did a little dance around the microwave. Mr. Bernie might have sang a song about magic, It was exciting for us and all ran into a blur. Finally, the popcorn was ready.

See how the pretty colors?  Notice the inside of the pretty bag. Would it taste like blueberry or some other wild flavor? Nope, just plain buttered popcorn that was blue.

I know you are all jealous of how we can spend an evening. You are all going to want to rush out and buy magical popcorn that comes with tattoos.

It was magical, we made it disappear.

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  1. You know, Easter is coming up. Do they still have those tattoos in boxes of Easter egg dye? I loved those. But mom would instruct and warn us "not to put those tattoos on until after church!"

    When my nieces were younger, they set up tattoo parlors and all of us aunts and uncles had to get tattoos. Such sweet memories…

  2. Hehehehe, sounds like fun. And of course, anything that comes with tattoos is a must have. :D

  3. Blue popcorn…interesting. I’ve heard that changing the light in the fridge to a blue one helps with dieting. I wonder if blue popcorn would do the same?


  4. um, guys, I think you need to get out more.

    Next will be macaroni art.

  5. I love how excited Mr. Bernie was… Marc would never, ever, ever go for trying blue popcorn… He is so anti artificial flavors & colors (AKA boring!)

  6. Oh, that made me LOL. “Mr. Bernie may have sung a song about magic” You guys are so funny! Maybe it’s just me, but seeing that bag of leftover blue dye seems a little unappetizing…glad you two soldiered on.

  7. I am very weird when it comes to artificial colors… it skeeves me out a bit. Why would popcorn ever want to be blue? Did it turn your tongue blue?

  8. Blue popcorn?? I don't know …..

  9. My first thought: does it come in other colors? Because I think I might die if I got to eat purple popcorn. Figuratively, not literally. Let's hope the actual popcorn coloring is non-toxic.

    I would LOVE to know the lyrics to Mr. Bernie's song about magic. I may be thinking up my own song about magic now, just out of pure jealousy, but I doubt it'll be as good as Mr. Bernie's.

    • *lol* Mr. Bernie has a habit of taking songs and making up his own words. He has made up the funniest songs. Girl is usually squirrel and so on.

  10. What a great site. I really value a site when there is great writing! That's what I get in your site. Happy I found it from FTLOB. I look forward to returning to read it more.

  11. Being a fellow adult, I would rate this night a 8 out of 10 on the fun scale. That’s damn good.

    • Whoo Whooo! Cool we got scored. Thank you. I just picture people holding up signs with numbers while we eat our popcorn. *lol*

  12. I want some!!! Did the girlie tattoo have the popcorn kernel in a dress with makeup on???? I MUST look for this though i don’t think my Mr. will get quite as excited as Mr. Bernie…..Happy Sunday.

  13. What will they come up with next!?! Guess anything to sell a few more boxes of popcorn, and it looks like it worked :) Have a great Sunday!

  14. OMG Bernie, how fun!! I want some magic popcorn. And to think, yesterday I bought a package of normal color popcorn with NO tattoos!! Our afternoon is going to be so boring.

  15. Hi! I'm new to your site from Comment Love Day on FTLOB! The popcorn is so fun – what a great idea! I would be bummed it was regular butter flavored, though. I'm with you guys, I totally would've thought it would be a sweet blueberry flavor!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I think I’m glad it was butter flavored. I think the blueberry would be fun for the first couple bites.

  16. Not sure I would be brave like you and eat blue pop corn. ;) Next time we want to see your tatoo!!! Maybe next time Jen and I visit we should get "matching tatoos" from your somewhere, like a toy shop, or you could get another box of Magic popcorn and we could just use those. (I know we are all so brave)

  17. Once upon a time, my little brother tried the green ketchup Burger King was offering. The next day, he called my mother in hysterics – his poo was bright green, same color as the ketchup. He took a picture of it, you know, just in case.

    So, when I read this, my first thought was "I wonder if it made their poo…" But I don't want to know the answer. Honest.

    Stopping in from FTLOB. Happy Sunday!!!

    • *howling* How handy to take a picture of it. *shudder* To be honest I never thought about it. Now I want to know about the popcorn.

  18. I want some magical popcorn too! It seems the tattoos are a critical part of the experience though.

    Very entertaining – I've joined your site.

    Visiting from FTLOB comment love :)

  19. Bernie… this day, I can't get a box of Cracker Jacks without looking for those little tattoos on the inside. They were my favorite surprise. They put the cheesiest things in them these days. I seriously don't know why they bother. I'm kind of scared of that weird looking popcorn so not sure that I would eat it. I do like the tattoos though. Maybe I would grab a box just for the tattoos. :)

    Mr. Bernie's tattoo is pretty sexy. I guess you put yours in a more private place huh? Is that why we didn't see your tattoo? That would be my story!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


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