My Next Card Project

My goal for this week was to make another card using an image from The Graphics Fairy and join her blog hop.  I used an image that Mr. Bernie made into a stamp for me. That way I could use it over and over again. I used this previously on my Thank You cards. I stamped it and then cut the frame out, which took forever.  I found a vintage image I thought went well with the frame.

I ordered new stamps and markers to try out this weekend. I’m looking forward to trying them out. I hope they arrive by the weekend. I love water and thought these would be fun to use. Not to mention that they will be fun to color. The new markers will go with the originals I bought, they will make nice accents.

The new stamp set I ordered.

How did the rest of you Project 2011 folks do this week?





  1. Wow – your card making is going ahead in leaps and bounds. Love the designs you are doing now – good on you :-)

  2. What a neat card! I wish I had more stamps, cause I've always enjoyed making little cards for people. I found your blog through the Friday Fill-in swap. I love you blog :). Feel welcome to stop by mine if you would like!


  3. I love your card… You so make me want to create!

  4. Aww, she's wonderful. She really has a nostalgic, vintage feel. And the stamps are lovely!

    Go, girl!

  5. Hi – love the new image very cool. The stamps look lovely and the story about your Mr and his scent obsession really had me laughing!

  6. Love the new card. Can't wait to see what you do with the new stamps. Keep it up.

  7. Love the card you did for Kaylin's Birthday…you are very talented and I think you found your creative side. It is funny that I can scrapbook but struggle with making cards.

    • Thank you. I had such a hard time figuring out where to put everything. I have three wedding ones to make and look forward to finding do dads for them too. I would never be able to do a whole scrapbook page. That is why I like the cards, a smaller area.

  8. I love the card, this is a cool image that you guys found. :) Thank you again for my stamp set, I love them!! I am sure Jen and I will have fun playing with them. Who knows, maybe we will start making a few cards.

    • You are welcome. It was fun set and I'm glad you mentioned it. I think you girls would have fun making cards. You might actually send them out. Jenny would just let them sit there for quite a while before mailing them.

  9. Just lovely! Look at you go. I'm so impressed and inspired by your creative prowess. The sea scape stamps are just lovely.

    Keep at it. :D

    • Thank you. I'm looking forward to see what you do with your cards. I'm sure we can get good ideas from each other.

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