Stamps and Markers -Oh My!

My goal for this week was to make cards using stamps and my new artist markers. My stamps are from JustRite, I wanted to see how I liked them before we sold them on our website for work. The same with the markers, I wanted to see if I could make them work before pimping them on our website.

I LOVED using the Memento markers! Must easier than using a stamp pad. They have dual tips, a brush tip for larger areas. A smaller tip for fine coloring. For some of the card, I used a large black stamp pad and just inked up the border. Next I put the center stamp in and used my markers to color the center. Must easier than I expected. After all these years of working with stamps and curling up my nose at scrappers who used these types of stamps, I have finally joined the band wagon.

Note:If you click a card it will make it bigger for you. If you click it again it will make it full size. I put them as smaller images to help load the page up faster.

I love the color pink. So I used my pink markers

Jenny told me to try ribbons in my cards.

Note the back paper with writing.

The skate is a sticker Mr. B. made.


This weeks goal is to make a new card using an image from The Graphics Fairy site. I hope to submit it on Monday. Perhaps something a bit fancier than I have done thus far.

I look forward to seeing how all my Project 2011 buddies are doing this week.






  1. You are just getting better and better! I had no idea you could make so many different kinds of cards in so many different ways!!!

  2. You should sell those cards! They’re awesome. I love the one that says laughter is a smile that burst. They’re gorgeous and positive and fun. SELL THEM!!!!!

    • Thank you, but no. Like I told Shari, they are not straight yet. Maybe some day. For now they are just fun.

  3. Haha! Climb2Nowhere…I totally agree.

    See Bernie, I'm not the only one. ;)

  4. Love the ribbon effect! They are so beautiful :-)

  5. Ooooooh…they're so pretty. It's so hard to believe you're new to it. You really do have a flair. :D

  6. They look great!! I like the ribbon on them, very creative! :) The Mr. could start a side business making stickers for us girls, ohhhh imagine the joy for him. lol

  7. Super! You're really letting those imagination juices run now!

    You know you can color the stamp itself with marker.

    • I did do that with some of them. That is why the brush part works great. I was nervous the first time I did it. I’m pleased with how they turned out.


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