Meet My Cabana Boy

With Mr. Bernie gone I felt that I needed, no deserved, a cabana boy to take care of my needs. I decided that Gunther would do. My readers first met him here. He had been hanging around the house all winter not doing anything. Why not have him play cabana boy for the day?

The day started out great. Gunther agreed to help me clean house. He needed to have an apron. I didn’t want him to get his lovely outfit wet from doing dishes and such. I found him the prefect apron. I think he liked it as well. Just look at the big smile on his face.

After cleaning for a while, he insisted on making me dinner. Who am I to say no? He decided to make Simple Sesame Noodles from The Pioneer Woman website. Gunther told me to sit and relax while he made the noodles. What a guy.

Gunther surprised me by being a gentleman, he took of his hat and his lovely bachelorette tiara. He loves that tiara. Wears it all the time. But I digress. He didn’t tell me that he had never used chopsticks before. If I had known this I would have offered him a fork! How on earth did he flip those noodles from the chopsticks up to his head and coat? Abby and Gwynnie couldn’t take their eyes off him. Notice their backs in the picture. They must  find him handsome. Who wouldn’t?

After dinner he went off for a bit. I wasn’t sure if he went outside or where he was.  I finally found him. This is why you close the door in the bathroom people! Someone could end up taking your picture. I’m sure Gunther will kill me if he ever finds out I posted this.

After our busy day it was time to sit around and watch t.v.  I had a feeling Gunther would want to watch my episode of  “Sister Wives” I had on the DVR. He snuggled into Mr. Bernie’s chair. He was a bit chilled so he covered up with a blanket. Just as I was going to get the remote for the t.v. Gunther took it! We ended up watching M.M.A. fighting. I was a bit disappointed after he made me feel so special all day. I thought that would continue. It does not matter what type of man you are you need to have control of the remote.  *sigh*


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  1. okay is he normally in your house? He is way to freaky for me, but nice that he made you dinner. ;)

    • He does live in the house. Because he actually moves, we can’t leave him in the garage or it would ruin him. So he lives in the guest room. If we have out of town company, he might be waiting for them in the shower. One never knows where they might find Gunther.

  2. Stopping by from the By Word of Mouth link-up…OMG this post was cracking me up!! We have a test crash dummy sitting in our yard (peering out from behind a tree) that reminds me of Mr. Bernie!! How very funny…perfect guy if you can get that remote back..haha

  3. Thanks for linking up at Time Travel Tuesday today.

    That would so have scared the crap out of me to have him around the house. Guaranteed I would go to one room to do something and then think I was being attacked by killer zombies on my return!

  4. Simply… or elaborately… hilarious! Gunther will be pissed :)

    Swinging by from the Storytellers blog hop.

  5. Wow, that is hillarious!! I just kept picturing you moving him all around the house, LOL. That's really a fun way to spend a day! I found you on the Storytellers blog hop and am newly following. Hope to read more about Gunther : )

    • Thanks for stopping by. He was heavy to drag all over. Then I would forget he was out in the kitchen and scare myself.

  6. Just one question: Is he single? :-D

    Cheered up my Tuesday morning no end! Thanks for that!

  7. I could only wish to have a cabana boy like Gunther. Really! You must be tired after a long day of taking care of your cabana boy!!!!

  8. Hahaha that was hilarious, I think I busted a gut laughing (or it could just be that pesky gastroenteritis)! You should start a Gunther series :-)

  9. Wow. I'm not sure what else to say, other than "Is your back ok after dragging Gunther around all day??" :)

  10. Well all I can say is that GOODNESS he didn’t try to steal Mr. Bs cape and helmet or there would have been heck to pay!!! ;) Great post!!!!!!!

    • He eyed the helmet, but I had to draw the line somewhere. *sigh* I didn't want him to think that the Mr.'s stuff was his.

  11. That was so funny. I loved it!

    Stopping by from FTLOB and spreading some comment love. :-)

  12. What a gentleman Gunther is. I mean I can let the remote thing go, I think, considering all of the other wonderful things he did. I wonder if my husband would let me have my own Gunther? Hmm…"oh, darling…"

    Oh, and of course I had to go back and read about Gunther at Christmas…hilarious! I think you guys are smart to not bother with decorations…they're a pain. And yet…questionably…I put them out each year. What do that say about me?

  13. OMG hilarious!!!

  14. Oh my goodness…that Gunther of yours sure is a looker! Meow is all I can say. Send him my way when you're finished with him ;D

  15. Hahaha, bored much with Mr. Bernie gone?!? This is too funny. And I think Mr. Bernie would have had some really good competition, that is, until Gunther hogged the remote :)

  16. LMAO! You had fun with that, didn’t you?

    Too funny! Especially that bathroom shot! I’m sure he has a sense of humor!

    Things we do when hubby isn’t around……

  17. Is Gunther related to 'Jason' at all? Egad – now I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight LOL

    • *lol* He actually is a "Jason" figure. He should have a hockey mask and knife. He wouldn't be as lovable looking then.

  18. You, my dear sweet friend, are freakin’ (that’s the Canadian version of the “f” word) hilarious!! I busted a gut reading this post. The pictures are sheer genius. How do you come up with this stuff…you sure you’re just smoking cigarettes out there in MT??? :D

    • Thank you. Nope just regular cigarettes.I had a feeling I wouldn’t have anything fun to post about today. So I made Gunther a cabana boy for the day. Let me tell you, he his heavy to drag around.

  19. I LOVE Gunther! And it was so thoughtful of Mr. Bernie to leave you such a lovely cabana boy…..I wonder what Gunther will do today for you? Mani and pedi??? Massage? The mind can only imagine!!!

    • Oh, if only that big lug could do a mani and pedi. Nope after the eating and tv I'm done with him. If he had kept up being so thoughtful, perhaps. Today is going to be a day of crafting.

  20. You are too funny!

  21. Way to go, Gunther! But, really to end on such a poor note with the remote…Men will be men I suppose. :o) Thanks for the chuckle!

  22. Poor Gunther. Overworked, as evidenced by that green color to his skin.

    Cabana boy. Nice!

  23. So THIS is what happens when Mr. Bernie is away?! (When Mr. Bernie is away the zombies will play!)

    This was the funniest post I think I have ever read – so funny in fact I had to stop reading halfway through, toss my laptop onto the couch and run to the bathroom to pee! The picture of Gunther eating noodles is priceless, poor thing needs to learn the art of chopstick use for sure.

    • Oh, I love that. The Zombies will play. I feel as if I have done my job if I made one person have to pee when reading my blog.

  24. Typical man! (I'm referring to the remote, of course.)

    I don't think Mr. Bernie has anything to worry about. Mr. Bernie is way cuter and funnier.

  25. OMG! That was absolutely hysterical!!!

    You must be missing Mr. Bernie…that took a lot of work.

    • *lol* Not too bad, just hauling him around. I was talking to Michele on the phone and forgot I had him set up for his kitchen photo shoot. He scared me when I came in from outside. *lol*


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