My Mom’s Beach Birthday Cards


Welcome to another edition to Project 2011. It’s actually week 14! Man time flies. If you click the cool button above, it will take you to a list of other blogs who are working on goals for this year as well. I have really been enjoying this meme.

My Mom’s birthday is Friday. She has so enjoyed the cards I have been making and sending her. She’s a Momma, so she doesn’t see that things aren’t straight. I think she even has them on her refrigerator. When she gets them she makes sure to show them to my Auntie Jack is lives near her. See why I love her?

Mom and Dad winter in Florida. She loves going to the beach. She loves the heat. She loves laying in the sun. I could go on. I thought I wanted to make her a card that has a “Florida Beachy” type of feel. Hobby Lobby helped me out with some 3D stickers. They are so cool, they stand up from the card. Giving the card an extra feel. My favorite sticker was the beach chair in the sand.

Her grand-furs wanted to send a card as well. They all helped to pick out the parts. Scoobie, our dog,  picked out the big round circle on the right. Abby, our playful Maine Coon picked the fairy.  Gwynnie,our old lady cat, picked out the flower. Luke, our boy cat,  liked the circle things for the corners. I used my JustRite stamp and actually set each letter for their message. Then used pink embossing powder and held it up to a light. Giving it the raised pink look.

The text says: Happy Birthday Love Your Grand-Furs

Finally, since she really enjoys the vintage images. I used this one for her. Isn’t it sweet? A mother and daughter pose. I added glitter paint to jazz up their bows.

Yes, Jenny. I know it’s not straight. I tried.


I’m not sure what next week will bring. Perhaps more ATC’s? Some cards for the Graphic’s Fairy Blog Hop? We shall see.


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  1. How have I not seen these before?! These are such quaint little cards and wonderfully unique. I love the personalization and distinct style on each one. Fridge or sideboard, these will look great!

  2. They're great, and Mom's so cool for pinning them to the fridge – bet it brings back happy memories for her, eh?!

    Especially love your beachy one – roll on summer!

  3. Those are soooo pretty :D I love vintage images like that <3

    Come Visit Us @ Cat Dead, Details Later

  4. Mom will love them! Who wouldn’t?? And you had a little help! How sweet!
    They came out great! I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and they just have SO much stuff for card making and scrap booking. Unbelievable! How does one choose?

    • It is hard! When Michele gave me that gift card for Hobby Lobby, I had a hard time picking. I usually pick up the sale items when I’m there. That way I can get some stickers and stuff to stock up on.

  5. Fur-baby cards!!!!! What a great idea :) I'm making a note of that for Mother's Day and my Mama's birthday. Of course, I won't be able to make cute cards like you, but I sure can buy one ;) I love the fur-baby card, but the beachy card is hard to beat. So adorable. I imagine all three will earn a spot on the fridge.

    • Well since we don’t have any human kids, the fur babies are as close as she is going to get as far as a grandkid from us. She loves all of our animals equally, but has a special spot for our dog Scoobie.

  6. Bernie, your cards are awesome!!!
    My parents live in Florida, near West Palm Beach. :)

  7. She will love them all I am sure!! They turned out really nice. Your ATCs arrived today and I showed them all to the Mr., he was just thrilled ;) Every one of them was straight so you can let Jen know! :) Hope your weather isn’t getting to ichy out there!

  8. Look at you going all crafty! I love that your mama puts them on the fridge. mama's never change huh! They look awesome. Well done you.

  9. I love this! I'm hopping over from Thirsty Thursday blog hop. I'm a new blogger and would love to have you as a follower!

  10. Go you Bernie! These are great and I especially like that beach chair sticker too.

    My mother has the wall of honour on the fridge too ;-)

  11. So cool! I've been using similar stickers, decals and add ons for my cards. I got a kick out of how you describe the "grand-furs" helping out. Too cute. (By the way, we've got a few "furs" around here too. Four cats to be exact and our oldest, Darth, is also a Main Coon. They're such sweeties.)

    I just LOVE the mother/daughter vintage image…gorgeous. :D

    Go you!

  12. Oh, the VINTAGE image is stunning. My grandma always sent me cards like that. I love that one! xxx

    • Thank you. I love The Graphic's Fairy images. Those are such fun. I also bought a disk of some others.

  13. Bernie—I finally passed the award along!!! Took me awhile!!! But I did it!!!

  14. Ah, I love the part about your mom hanging your creations on her refrigerator. That is, oh, so something I would do too.

    Your mom will treasure these cards. Beautiful!

  15. I like your not straightness on the cards. It gives them a nice look, in my opinion.

  16. Hi I am your new follower/s from Fab Friends Thursday. I am google friend following you from
    Would love if you could follow back, Karima

  17. I love the beach one especially! And such talented animals you have living with you….I am impressed at their sense of style and craft!

    • They are good. I let each of them pick one thing to add to the card. I think Luke just picked the circles so he could be done and go chase the dog.

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