Pancakes = Love

My husband listens, this I know, for my pancakes told me so. (Sung to the tune of “Yes Jesus Loves Me”)

With Mr. Bernie its hard to tell when he is paying attention or not. I’m sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else who is married. I’m sure I’m the only one. *wry smile* For example I might tell him something semi important about Jenny. For example, Jenny going to get her kidney functions checked or something. (She has had two transplants)  Then when he talks to Jenny on the phone later, he acts as if he has no clue that I told him. Perhaps I might mention something his sister or his mom told me. Then when he talks to them he acts as if its news to him. Like I keep him in the dark about things.   Believe me, I do tell him stuff. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother.

That being said. Imagine my surprise when he whipped up some colored pancakes for me last weekend! I had posted on my Facebook page a really neat article about rainbow pancakes. He rarely reads my Facebook, so I was sure to email the article to him as well. Again, that is a crap shoot as to if he will read it. So finally, I pulled it up on my computer and showed it to him. Ohhhing and Ahhhhing about how cool those were. He just grunted at me. I assumed that the grunt meant he was just appeasing my ass and not really paying attention. He did pay attention!! He did!! I was working on some cards and he was cooking us dinner. I was shocked when I saw these pancakes!! I never brought up the article on the rainbow pancakes after showing it to him. Yet, on his own, he wanted to surprise me.  He knows my favorite color is pink, hence the pink pancakes. He said he made the blue for him.

Some women think a man has to tell you he loves you 40 times a day. Some women think that jewelry shows love. Some women think that an unlimited shopping spree with the credit card is love. For me, these pancakes show me that I’m more loved than any of those things combined. Those things are nice, but they don’t beat pink pancakes!


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  1. That is pretty darned sweet.

  2. Those pancakes are beautiful!!! Especially the pink. :D And I don’t think there is anything more romantic or a better expression of love. The other day, LK was vacuuming, and I told him that there isn’t anything sexier than a man vacuuming. Pancakes and vacuuming, the best expression of love. ;P

    • Its called "Porn for Women" when the hubby does something like vacuuming. There is a book called Porn For Women, Mr. B's sister bought it for me for Christmas. You should look for it, its a hoot!

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    Have a wonderful night!


    BTE I LOVE your blog title and pic at the top. The pic especially cracked me up!

    • Thank you for stopping by. I will have to check your hop out.
      Isn’t that gal a hoot? I saw that picture and wanted her for my own.

  4. Aww, pink pancakes – that is sooo awesome! :-) But chocolate chips? That’s just overkill! And no, I’m not jealous at all! :-D

    Bless you both! XX

  5. I was with you all the way to where he made the pancakes…that’s where your hubby and mine part ways. LOL

  6. I'm his mother and he never made me pink pancakes! I am so pleased he made them for you. Love you both.

    • *lol* Chances are you never had a desire for colored pancakes. I’m sure if you did and told him, he would have made you some. :)

  7. This was really sweet. I mean, listening is the best thing a man can give a woman. But the second best thing definitely has to be pink pancakes. I gotta say I’m a little jealous now… ;)

  8. I totally understand this whole post, Bernie. You don’t think the husband is listening, but he really is taking it all in. I’ll say something to my guy, and maybe 10 minutes later he’ll respond with a comment and I’ve already forgotten the topic I mentioned to him.

    I agree with you 100 percent that it is the caring and loving things like making pink pancakes, and not something purchased in a store, that show the depth of love.

    A sweet, sweet post that shows me how very much you and Mr. Bernie love one another.

  9. If he REALLY loved you he would have made them into heart shapes!

    • I mentioned this to him and he said, “Didn’t she notice the chocolate chips? Pink pancakes and chocolate chips are cool. Next time I will try a heart” He was laughing when he said that.

  10. I agree with Hilary—pink pancakes definitely say love. What a sweetheart Mr. Bernie is….he gets a lot of blogger love today!!! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you. I hope you enjoy yours as well. I think he will be surprised when he gets up and sees today's topic.

  11. Don’t you love when you think your words are falling on deaf ears, and they really aren’t! I think pink pancakes says love!

    • Honestly, I was very surprised. I actually had forgotten about showing him that article. So for him to so it on his own. Huge brownie points.

  12. Aw for sure that is the best way to express love! How cute. And oh yes Bernie, you are for SURE the only one whose husband doesn't listen to her. The ONLY one ;) I swear I have the same conversation with him 3 times before it sinks in. What is it with those boys!? But at least they are sweet when they make it up to us!

  13. I wonder if he paid attention because it was in written form?!?! ;) I think its so sweet that he made these for you! That Mr. B. is really a great guy!!! <3

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