Pranks -R- Us

My folks winter in Florida. My Auntie and Uncle, mom’s sister, winter in the same area. They are both tickled when they get company. When the grand-kids come its fun, fun, fun. Because their houses are so close together, when Auntie has company they go visit mom as well.  It works out nice for them all.

Last year, my brother and his kids were in Florida the same time as my cousin and her kids. Somehow the two families got into a pranking war.  My cousin and her kids put a million post it notes all over my mom’s van. Things like, Last name’s rule, Last name’s drool! I thought that was pretty funny. Mom put a rummage sale sign in Aunties yard. She listed the time as 6am and early birds were welcome.

My cousin’s kids, Miss L and Mr. S,  had such fun with  last year that they wanted to prank Auntie Rit and Uncle Bud again this year. Poor Mom and Dad don’t have any kids visiting at the same time. So that means they are on their own. One morning my mom told me, “Bern, I need to go buy a super soaker water  gun. I know that the last grandchild who visited Auntie left some water guns. I want to be prepared!”

The pranking started this year with the kids ringing the doorbell and running off. They waited a bit and came back and sat in mom’s car and honked the horn then ran. My mom grabbed her super soaker and rolled down both of her front windows. She then started patrolling the streets looking for the kids. I so would have loved to have seen my mom driving the roads with a huge water gun out her window.

Yesterday my mom woke up to a sign on her light pole. It was a pretty sign that said, “Fresh Eggs, $5.00′s”  The way the sign was written, the dollar sign looked like a one. Mom went over to Auntie’s house and said to the kids, “Who put that sign up on my pole?” The kids both told her they didn’t know what she was talking about. What sign? My mom told them, “I’m so glad someone put that sign up. We had 4 dozen eggs and told them for $15.00 each!” She then asked Miss L. how much money she made selling the eggs. When they figured the amount out Mr. S. yelled, “That’s our money!” *howling*  I guess we know who put the sign up.



  1. Sounds like a fair take of cash for being the recipient of the prank.

    Too bad they didn't have more eggs on hand!

  2. I loved this, particularly the line, "my Mom grabbed her super soaker…" LOVE it. Your family sounds like a hoot…just like you!

  3. LOL! Also, I’ve left you an award over at my blog, go claim it!

  4. Hilarious! What a fun and creative family!

  5. My little bear would fit right in with your family:)

  6. Sounds like fun. I'll have to cook up something next time my SIL's are in town-hhmmn I'll have to put my thinking cap on – their hard 'nuts' to crack (up) : D

  7. I can't wait for the next installment!! Your folks are sure not like the other snow birds there, wonder what the rest of the retirement park thinks of them?!?! ;)

    • I have no clue. *lol* Good question. I'm sure they must have been shocked to see her driving around with a huge water gun.

  8. I must live in a dull neighborhood. No one does anything. We can't even walk on our neighbor's grass. Oh, but that one died but now his wife calls the police every time Cody barks and that's not a prank. The egg one was so hysterical. Your Mom is pretty clever.

    Love and peace, Manzanita

    • Oh, lord. If we called the cops every time the neighbor's dog barked, we would be on the phone all the time.

  9. Oh, I have that super soaker. I use it on the squirrels.

    Someone pranked my neighbors once by putting a Weichert Realty for sale sign on their front lawn. It sat there for about 3 days till the agent came and removed it. I wonder how many people called about that house!

  10. It seems craziness runs in the family. My, it would be fun to be a part of your extended family. What great times and great memories, but, most of all, what love.

  11. Oh my gosh, your family is hilarious! Now I'm beginning to see how all of this started ;)

    p.s. I can't wait until I'm old enough to winter in Florida. It's on my bucket list for sure!

  12. Haha, family prank wars are the best. That is too funny she made some money off of it all! haha. Back fired!

    • She didn't actually make money. She removed the sign before anyone could see it. *lol* She just told the kids she did to see if they would fess up.

  13. Funny P word. I have a great regard for pranksters :)

  14. Haha! Your family sounds like fun!

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