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I love unique and unusual purses.  I’m not a Coach, Kate Spade, Kathy Z. type of gal. A fact of which I’m sure Mr. Bernie’s wallet is very thankful. The purses I like are the kind that people have to ask questions when they see them. “Is that a purse? Is that dead armadillo a real purse? Can you really use that purse to make a phone call?” You get the idea. The answer is always, yes. My love of purses helped to name this blog.

A couple of years ago, Mr. Bernie and I went to dinner with his brother and the brother’s girlfriend. There was a wait, so the girlfriend and I decided to go outside to get some air. I was carrying my bustier purse and left it on the table. I told Mr. Bernie to “watch my purse.” He just gave me a nod, that was good enough for me. When I was outside our table was called. Mr. Bernie went into a panic, what to do about my purse being on the table and me being outside. The Mr. just sighed and stared at my purse. An old cowboy was sitting with his wife nearby. The cowboy looked at Mr. Bernie with an understanding eye and said, “Damned if you and damned if you don’t.” Mr. Bernie just smiled and said to the cowboy, “Well if I’m going to do it, I’m going to it right.

Mr. Bernie picked up the dainty blue and white bustier purse and slid it all the way up the crook of his elbow. He then did his best girly walk all the way to our table. His brother was walking about a mile behind him, not looking up at anyone. Mr. B. asked the hostess, “Do you think my purse matches my eyes?” She was a little taken aback, but agreed the blue did match his eyes. After she seated the Mr. and his brother, the hostess ran to get some of the other waitress’ to see his purse. He showed them the back and how it laced up, opened it up so they could see the inside and so on. By the time I arrived at our table, he had quite a little harem flocking around “his purse.” Bless his heart, he just smiled and flaunted it.

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  2. Only a real man like Mr. B could have pulled that off so graciously.

  3. Think my husband is related to your Mr. Bernie LOL – very funny : D

    Found your blog from a blog that I was following on MidWeekMingle's Blog Hope at Tara's design – and who knows – you might just be there too (I'm getting dizzy from all this blog hopping : D ) but I found your button on Living on Less and I liked the photo. Following you on GFC : D

    Bee Seeing You!

    • You took the long way to get here. *lol* I'm glad to have you. The Coupon Queen is one of my best friends in real life.
      I found that stock photo of the old bat with the purse and wanted her to be mine!

  4. Oh, and the purse is super cool too. :D

  5. Sounds like he loved every minute of it!!

  6. I LOVE it! What a great story. Like Shady, I laughed out loud. You've got an amazing man there. My Hubby would have held it out like a loaded diaper making sure everyone was clear that he was carrying it under duress. Personally, I think what Mr. Bernie did was way more manly. ;)

  7. That actually made me laugh out loud!! Too funny!

  8. Hah! Love it!

  9. I'm speechless and in admiration of your man.

  10. He's a star! I so want to go out with you two for the evening! :-)

  11. Mr. Bernie is such a good sport and a ham!!!! I think he probably secretly wanted to carry your purse and you just allowed that to happen!! Good on ya, Bernie!! You gave Mr. Bernie is moment of fame!!! Love it!

  12. A true classic, both the story and Mr. B. :) Wonder if he would have hesitated as long with the dead armidillo (thanks for not taking that one out when we visited) ;)

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. What a guy! I love how he owned the moment!

  14. Go big or go home, right?! Haha, never a dull moment with you two :) Have a great Sunday!

  15. Mr. B and my husband would get along great!

  16. Ha! Love it! What a good sport he was. But really, no wonder he was proud: that IS an adorable purse. Like you, I'm not fond of name-brand purses. Give me a unique bag over a Coach ANY day of the week!

  17. Fabulous purse! I like purses that attract conversation too. Haha my husband would also go into a panic if left alone with my purse! Mr B handled it well :)

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