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Who knew that harsh toilet tissue could cause a woman to be to bedridden?






  1. Good grief, look at that face; that poor woman's dying! And all from rectal discomfort. What was she using for loo roll? Sandpaper?

  2. <blockquote.Who knew that harsh toilet tissue could cause a woman to be to bedridden? </blockquote>

    That Scott toilet paper of yesteryear must have been cheese grate sharp to make someone bedridden!

    Maybe that's whay itwas only 2 rolls for a quarter.

  3. This is so funny that they made this to speak to houswives! In our house it’s Hubby who has to have “his” toilet paper. I tried a different version, but the same brand, of toilet paper onece and he hated every minute of it. He would never make it in Japan. LOL!

  4. Is that a good reason to call in sick for work? “Sorry, I can’t come in today. Rough toilet paper.” Lol

    Thanks for stopping by!

    • Wouldn't that be a hoot to call in and say that? I think I have slivers in spots they ought not be. I can't make it to work.

  5. Who ever would have guesssed…..hmmmm… How lucky are we?

  6. "thirsty fibres"…that's a disturbing description for toilet paper, don't you think??

  7. Okay, read the first sentence of the article and died laughing. It's such a true statement is the thing. And it makes no apologies for being a true statement either. And then you have the picture…oh, what to say about the picture? There's really nothing to say I guess. But this does definitely make me think. I'll choose my toilet paper with care in the future.

  8. Ok, so I'm laid up in bed today. Silly me thought it was because of the flu, but maybe it's my toilet paper????

  9. Hahahaha. I will say don't use the toilet paper in Japan, its very rough! When we used to live there and we would gas up our car, they would give us a free 4 roll pack of toilet tissue… one use told us to throw that stuff away!! ;)

    • Oh, how handy to get free toilet paper with your gas. *lol* I lived in Japan for a summer as an exchange student, so I know what you mean about rought toilet paper there.

  10. Hello, new follower from the MWM hop. I love the colors of your blog…and the woman you have for your button…she’s way too cute.

  11. That's the only kind we use…..only because it's septic system safe!

    I prefer Charmin actually. But it doesn't break down like Scott does.

    And I prefer it without the silly little flowers on it. That can be alarming if you look and not thinking it's a flower and think OMG, what's wrong?

    • *howling* Good point. When I was looking I also saw ads for colored toilet paper. It had 6 women in 6 different color dresses holding onto a coordinating toilet paper roll.

  12. How hard were they wiping!? Hahaha this is too great. You come up with the best ones!

  13. ohhh this is funny!! And to think that today Scott's is one of the "strongest" tissues on the market, lol. I should have used a picture of this ad in my Trip Advisor comment last year, that would have been a hoot!

  14. Slivers? Slivers? My Goodness what did they used to make toilet paper out of, spun glass? Ow ow ow!

    • I know, right?! *shudder* How would you like to have to be helping the hubby to pick splinters out of his behind?

  15. LOL…who knew??? I love nostalgia and this is a wonderful "piece"! Happy Wordless Wednesday. I found you via Java's WW blog hop.

  16. That is the joke around my house…

    everybody says "MOM's toilet paper is like sand paper!!"

    I say, "Good, It wakes ya up in the morning!!"

    XX Kisses

  17. Oh my children can tell you about harsh toilet tissue!!! A few years back when the boys were in high school we were going through lean times, to put it mildly. I was trying to cut back wherever I could. Micah came out of the bathroom one day, came over to me, gave me a hug and said "Mom, please find someplace other than toilet paper to cut back on. That stuff is horrible." I think about that and laugh to this day. But bedridden—nope–can't imagine that!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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