How it All Began

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Mr. Bernie and I met online about 13-15 years ago. The time line is kind of fuzzy. I lived in Minnesota and my boyfriend at the time was going to school and teaching a class on the internet. That meant we had to have a computer at the house. I was a nanny for so many years, that I never really got on the internet/computer band wagon.

I had no clue how to use the internet. I was afraid that I would break something. My boyfriend turned the computer on, pulled up a browser and told me to go poke around. I remember thinking that if I broke his computer, that wouldn’t be a good thing. He reassured me that I couldn’t break the computer and to just go “surf” around. Whatever surfing was.

I did know I wanted to find a chat room. I had heard about those mystical rooms and wanted to see one for myself. I figured out how to search for one and entered. What a bizarre thing. All these words on my screen. It looked as if people were actually having conversations. Granted they had weird names, but it was fun to watch for a while. I made up a screen name and decided to jump on it and start talking. Then I got bored and went to look up something else. Every morning when the boyfriend went to teach, I would play on the internet.

Over time I started to get to know people. One of my favorite guys to chat with was a married guy in Montana. We would talk about the differences of Minnesota and Montana. His family my family and so on. I started to really looking forward to talking to him. Over time, my friend, wanted me to “meet” a friend of his. That is how I first met Mr. Bernie. He was very frustrating to talk to as he would take forever to reply to a post. He was usually multi-tasking with school work at the same time. He was very funny and interesting to talk to. We eventually moved from the  chat room to MIRC, kind of like Google chat. He taught me how to cut and paste and other cool internet tricks.

Somehow we started to talk on the phone. Wowzers! He had a deep baritone voice that was like silk. He could have just read the phone book to me and I would have been happy. Around the same time my boyfriend and I were ready to call it quits. Not due to the internet, but because we both wanted different things in life. When one door closes another opens.

After the boyfriend and I broke up, I got a wild hair to go meet Mr. Bernie. I was single and bored. My job allowed for long periods of time off. The Mr. and I agreed to meet. I made my plane reservations and was giddy about it. At one point I asked him how I could be sure he was not an axe murder. He said, “Awwww, you don’t have to worry about me. Its my mom you have to worry about. We are having ribs when you come out.’ Yikes!

To be continued…….



  1. Oooooh, a love story! I LOVE love stories. Oh wait, Beth said that too. Well, I guess it bears repeating. :D

    Can’t wait for part deux.

    • Great. I’m glad folks are liking this. Its been fun to write. Also, take a trip down memory lane with the Mr.

  2. I love it! Let’s hear some more! All these internet romances make my “I met him in college” love story seem so passe! Hee hee.

    • Oh, but just think. You have had your husband quite a while if you met him in College. That is a cool story as well.

  3. Yay! I was hoping I’d get to read your story of internet love as well. :) Can’t wait to hear about this “wild hair.” Oh, and isn’t IRC great? So many wonderful memories :)

  4. I just found your blog through the Middle Matters hop, and am so glad I did! I am looking forward to reading the rest of this story! I am subscribing by email!!

  5. LOVE this! Love how you met stories….. Please continue……yours sounds like a very good one!

  6. Great story and I’m looking forward to reading more.
    I remember being out of the internet loop and how quickly I got sucked into the online dating world.
    Adonis and I met online. It was a secret we kept from his parents for a long time. I have no shame but you know, boys and their mommies.

    And wild hair…oh boy. I think you and I are gonna be friends.

    • Thank you. See the internet just sucks you in. I kept him a secret for a while too. Too much of a stigma about it at that time.
      I hope we do become friends. :)

  7. For a minute there I was worried that you broke up a marriage…, but then I kept reading. I can’t wait for chapter two.

  8. Awww….yay! Opportunity rocks, and I love that you two 'clicked' via conversation first. I can't wait to read the rest! :D

  9. Josh and I met online too! Totally crazy how it happens. You 2 have such a neat story and I can’t wait to read more :)

  10. lol, I do love the Mr.s wry sense of humor!! :)

  11. LOL, cute!

  12. Now don't tell them any lies about me or your next meal will be hot curried fish again!

  13. Oh that's so cool! Were you nervous?

  14. SHUT UP he made you meet his mother on the first visit?! LOL

    • Oh, Nina, if that surprises you… will die when you hear how many folks I did get to meet on my first visit.

  15. Hah! He and you ARE a match made in heaven with that wily sense of humor :D

  16. I love love stories…please please please continue!!! i can’ t wait! <3

  17. Bernie, what fun to read about the beginning of your relationship with Mr. Bernie! I can't wait for the second part! I hope Mr. Bernie's mother will indeed make an appearance! hee hee! :)

    • She does, along with other relatives. It was not just meeting Mr. Bernie, there were many more.

  18. I want more of your wild hair…please continue with this ASAP. I need a great love story….



  19. Oh yay! A "how we met" story! Love those…can't wait to hear the rest. :)


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