Meet Me in Montana

When I last left you, I had decided to fly to Montana to meet some guy off the internet. You can read it here:  How It Began

Mr. Bernie lived in Bozeman Montana, which is two hours from Billings. We decided I would fly into Billings as it would be much cheaper. A night or two before I was going to fly out, Mr. Bernie told me about a meeting he had to attend at work. Which meant he would not be able to meet my plane right away. That made me quite nervous. Did that mean he wouldn’t show up at all? Was he blowing me off? Was I doing the right thing? He assured me it would only be a couple of hour wait at the airport. WTH? Are you kidding me? Keep in mind kids, this is in the day before Kindles, Ipods or cell phones. What in the hell was I going to do in a strange airport for a few hours? Mr. Bernie told me about a wonderful museum on the airport property. Cool. I like museums, that would kill some time. Hope renewed I headed out to Montana.

When I got to the airport I headed to the bar. Isn’t that where everyone goes when they are going to meet a potential ax murder? If you say no, you are a liar. I bellied up to the bar and had a beer. It was slow so the female bartender  chatted with me for a while. I told her why I was in Montana and how I had to wait for my “date” to show up. The look she gave me was a cross between disbelief and pity. I chose to ignore the pity part. I told her all about Mr. Bernie and how excited I was about this meeting. Nooooo, of course it didn’t seem odd on our first meeting I was sitting in a damn airport for hours.

I went outside to find the museum. It was about one whole room. The person working at the museum and was about 100 years old. They must not get many visitors as he pounced on me like a lion on a gazelle. That quick. We got to talking and he was from my hometown. He of course asked why I was in their fair city. I told him and got the pity look again. It was a popular look in Billings that time of year.

Finally, he shows up. I had my head in a book, I got tired of staring at the door waiting for him to show up.  He walked to the table and said, “Hello, Bernadette.” I about jumped out of my skin. At this point it could have been any of the airport staff coming up to talk to me.  No, it was Mr. Bernie, I knew that voice anywhere. He was standing before me. 6’2″ and eyes of blue. The eyes hidden by a pair of 1970′s aviator glasses! (When I moved to Montana, those were one of the first things to go. We got him updated a few decades) But I digress. I was so happy to see him. He apologized for the delay. A back road he wanted to take to the airport took longer than expected. Blah, Blah, Blah.

We got into his chariot it was an old 69 Ford shortbox truck.  As he started down the cliff that drops into Billings his oil pump went out. The truck started to make a clacity clack sound. That wasn’t good. No way that truck would get us over 200 miles away in that condition. Fortunately, his Mom worked downtown so we headed to her shop. He never mentioned to his Mom about my visit. Imagine her surprise when Sonny Boy shows up in town. Not only him, but with some young girl he met off the internet and just picked up that day. For the record, she couldn’t have been more gracious or nice. I don’t know how sweet I would have been put in that situation. (I’m not just saying that because she reads my blog. Its true.) He asked his Mom if we could spend the night at her place, because the part stores were closed.  Can you say AWKWARD boys and girls? I know you are thinking that among other things. His Mom took us out to dinner that night. How cool is that? We all chatted and not too many pregnant pauses to fill. We stayed at his Mom’s that night.

The next morning the Mr. went to his Sister and Brother in law’s to fix the truck.  So not only did I get to meet his Mom, but his Sister, Brother in Law, Niece (there were two other older kids who were off playing while I was there), oh and his Brother. Again, the whole family was so cool about this. They acted as if its everyday that Mr. Bernie picked up strange woman from the airport. I remember his Sister had the most beautiful sapphire ring.  His Niece was only about 3 at the time and a cutie. His Brother in Law was very welcoming and friendly. His Brother was nice and regaled me with many tales of his time in the Navy.  Everyone kept me busy while Mr. Bernie worked on the truck.

I was so happy to hit the road when the truck was done. Even for a social butterfly like me, that was a lot of new people to meet and greet. Especially, when it was not expected.  How many people get to meet their In-Laws on a first date? Nobody? Just me?

This is a long enough post. Perhaps another day I will get into the trip itself. However, I thought the meeting was so weird that I didn’t want to leave anything out!


A couple of additions to the blog I want to mention. Julie from Tri-ing to be Athletic draws the coolest pictures for her blog. She had a contest and I won! My prize was a “stick figure” mini me!! She did a great job. From my hooker earrings to my kitchen sink purse.  Go look at the “Bernie?” page to see her work. I also added more stuff to that page. Let me know if I need to add anything.

I also had Mr. Bernie format a page for my friend’s blog buttons. I know I always get a thrill when I see my button on someone’s blog.  Some of the buttons on the front page will be moved around or taken off since I now have a shiny new page. If I read you and you’re not there, it’s because you don’t have a button I know about. The other reason could be I didn’t make it to your blog to steal it yet. Some fun blogs on there. Perhaps  you might find a new to you blog you will enjoy.

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  1. Oh Bernie! You must continue with the rest of the story! I can't wait to hear it. I cannot imagine how that was, meeting everyone at the same time you were meeting Mr. Bernie. Eek! I probably would have fallen apart! ;P

  2. What an adventure, Bernie! You are both trusting souls!

  3. p.s. I am also working on organizing my blog a little differently…putting my faves on their own special page :)

    • Good for you. I think I’m going to end up putting most of my buttons on that extra page as well.

  4. I simply CANNOT WAIT for the next installment! Holy. Crap.

    How do you people have such good, amazing stories???? I’m all “Yeah, we met in college.” Pffft. Lame.

    This was just so funny and good, Bernie. I want more!

    • Just think, you met in college, which means you have had more years to be with your husband. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the day.

  5. What a story! I’m waiting for the next installment :)

    I’m a new follower from the Friday Blog Frog Hop! Following on GFC and Twitter.
    Please stop on by and follow me at and say hello :)

  6. Poor Mr. Bernie. Trying to make a good impression and the truck breaks down.

    I would have been overwhelmed as well with all the meet and greet.

    What a cute story! Not your typical “We met in a bar”!

  7. OMG! Not sure I’d have made the flight! Montana does have lots of those empty stretches of road – great place for serial killers. Good thing you’re adventurous, huh? And the mom thing would have turned me into a raving lunatic – good thing you hit the bar first!

    Can’t wait for the next post :)

    • I did debate before getting on the flight. I didn't realize how stark the roads were out here. It was very eye opening and edge of your seat for a while.

  8. Oh, you are way braver than me. Can’t wait for the next installment of this “Meet me in Montana” story.

    I love the stick drawing, BTW. Cute, cute, cute.

  9. Does this make you a mail order bride? ;)

  10. lol! Hello, I am stopping by from the Follow on Friday Blog Hop! I am your newest follower and I cannot wait to read more! I hope to have you stop by and follow me back :)

  11. Hey, those glasses should be in a shadow box. Possibly even in the museum in Bozeman. As a testament to the coming together of two wonderful people.

  12. How fun! It’s so great knowing other people were as adventurous (read: crazy), as I was when meeting their other half. When Jeremy arrived in Georgia, I met him at a gas station at 1am. No one knew he was in town yet, so he could’ve easily killed me then. We each drove our cars back o the apartment I’d JUST moved into that day, and when we got back there, he still didn’t kill me. If he plans to still kill me, this is one of the most elaborate serial killer set-ups EVER.

    Love your story, Bernie. Meant to be :)

    • Wow. See its funny how our own weird stories don’t seem scary. However, someone else’s story seems scary. At 1am and nobody knew he was in town? *lol* You are a brave girl. I think that its a good point about him biding his time to kill you. Yes, it would be a very long process.

  13. I love this story… I can’t wait to hear more… You were one brave girl to fly out to meet him. I don’t think I would have had the nerve. If it makes you feel any better, I met my sister-in-law before I met marc, and when I “really” met marc, her & marc’s brother were there too! Oh, and so was my mom….

  14. Bahahahaha! No kidding, when Hubby and I met he wore the same style glasses!!! After a couple of weeks of dating, I “accidentally” broke them and he had to get a new pair. :P

    I’m really enjoying your story. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  15. hehehe! You know, the long ride in the old ford might have raised a hair or two on my neck. It sounds kind of serial killerish. But what good fortune that it broke down- and that you had to meet the entire fam! That actually would have put me at ease. LOL

  16. Well, it isnt a wonder now why you married him!

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