Who Wants to Win a Free Pizza?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bernadette had another great idea. She thought that I, aka Mr. B, should grace One Mixed Bag with my supreme, yet humble, writing style. I grumbled until she enticed me with a whole Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza. She said that I could offer a free bamboo cutting board and a Free Pizza to one of my adoring fans if I did. All I had to do was write a review about the New Freshetta Pizza after eating one. Wow! How could I resist such an offer.

Freschetta has just introduced a new style of pizza. Let me say a few things about my experience with it.  You can swing by Freschetta if you don’t mind a somewhat biased product perspective. I recommend reading on to get a more realistic review.Bernie and I stopped by the local grocer to pick up a few essentials and a couple of Pizzas. We wandered into the frozen pizza section to explore the offerings. I could not help to mentally note how many Brands, Flavors, and shear numbers of frozen pizzas that they keep on the shelf. This must be a really popular food. I looked over the half dozen varieties that Freschetta offers in this new product line and selected the Harvest Supreme.
Freschetta Simply Inspired Harvest Supreme PizzaI decided to deviate from the cooking instructions a little because I have made a few pizzas in my time. I fired up the oven and let my favorite pizza stones preheat for about 45 minutes. Baking time for this pizza is 12 to 14 minutes. Talk about a quick snack! I rotated this pizza at about 10 minutes to ensure uniform browning.


Freschetta vs Brand D Pizza

The Simply Inspired Pizza seems to be geared for those that want or need to keep calorie count low and want a lot of flavor in a light package. One third of the Pizza is 350 calories – half that of Brand D Three meat (also pictured).  That means that a couple of slices and a large salad makes for a nice quick meal with nicely contained calorie count.


“That’s all fine and dandy, but how did it taste?”, you ask?  The crust was very thin and nearly tasteless. The seemingly sparse arrangement of very good looking components packed a surprisingly tasty punch. I felt my tongue smile as it was caressed by the medley of  toppings and spicy sauce. I decided that the first two slices that I ate wanted to double date, so I savored two more. I was glad that I did.

In my experience, most frozen pizzas lack the delightful flavor, ingredient, and texture quality that I prefer. The Freschetta Simply Inspired thin crust pizza is a tasty and satisfying exception.

Note: Pizza is not really a great diet food. One serving (1/3 of this pizza) still has considerable fat calories and quite a bit of sodium. If you are craving pizza, then this is about as good as frozen pizza gets.

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*** On their Facebook page we are offering weekly giveaways of awesome prizes through the rest of 2011. Also, starting soon, theywill be offering the opportunity to download a $2 off coupon for FRESCHETTA® Simply Inspired on their Facebook page!

Full disclosure to our readership:
The makers of Freschetta Pizza contacted us and provided products for us to review, but that the opinion/thought/ideas that I provide are strictly my own.
In other words, they didn’t make me say anything that I didn’t want to.

Bamboo Cutting Board with ToolsDidn’t I say something about a free cutting board and a free pizza? Oh! Yes, I did. I should probably get to that since it’s how I got you to read this far in the first place. The contest is for a cool Freschetta cutting board that opens up to store its tools. This is a neat little meat and cheese cutting board.  Along with it, I get to send a coupon for a Free* Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza of your choice. *up to $8.59 value

I can imagine that I hear you think, “Oh, My Gosh, Mr. B!  How do I enter to win this most fabulous prize?”  Well, Let me explain.

You will want to do as many of the following things as you want. Each thing you do and leave a comment about gains one chance at winning this prize.

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We won’t be replying to comments on this. That way we don’t clutter up the comments and entries. :)

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    Mr. B Tweets!??? AWESOME!
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    hope my name gets picked out of the hat lol

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  29. I guess I have to post here that I liked the FB page for the second entry. At least I think that is what Bernie said. It’s Monday and I am very confused..

  30. Awww, Mr. B, glad to finally "meet" you. Read your review, and am salivating right now. Unfortunately, due to my vanity, I have to stay away from yummy food for a while. That of course includes pizzas of any kind. Boo hooo to me. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do in order to fit into my dress. You see, my nephew's graduating from college next week, and I absolutely MUST fit into this dress that I've bought a few months ago. (Sigh).

  31. I love your review… I was chuckling the entire post!!!! I love the "double date"! Too funny! Please don't count my comment as a entry… But I will tweet it for you….

  32. I'm following by GFC : D

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  33. I think Mr. Bernie could moonlight as a food reviewer. Well done.

    You know, I once was a mystery customer for a pizza chain. Once a month I would have a pizza delivered to my house and the company would pay for it. Who passes on a free pizza? One time the crust was so burned that I mailed part of it along with my questionnaire. That probably made the point.

    Sorry, but I'm not in to twitter, FB, etc., just blogging.

    I have a hungry teen at home who could eat an entire pizza by himself. Does that count in entering this contest?

  34. I am a Google Friend Connect follower as well :)

  35. Mr. Bernie…supremely humble indeed! I really like making my own pizza now that i have a bread machine, but my husband has a thing for bamboo cutting boards so this entry is for him!

  36. Nicole says:

    Way to go Mr. B! Great review! Me loves some frozen pizza! :)

  37. What a review!! Haha, I think Mr. Bernie might have a new career in the works : ) I would love to have the bamboo board, so here is my entries. One for following and one for subscribing! Great giveaway, Bernie. It will be fun to see who wins!

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