The Great White Hunter

We have three cats and a dog. Out of the group we have one boy. Our white cat, Captain Luke Fuzzy Nutz the 1st. This boy is fearless! He play fights with the dog. He climbs up high on our curtain rod to bat at a bugs. Climbs our tree in the back yard. It’s as if he has no caution switch. This became very evident this weekend, when he decided to stalk a deer!

Mr. Bernie was out on our front deck with our dog Scoobie. The cats were running and playing near the ditch. Suddenly, a year old deer came up over the ditch back. All the girls in the group ignored it.  Not our boy! He slowly started to creep up on the deer. The deer turned to look at him and he flattened himself on the road. Mr. Bernie was laughing as the only way that cat could camouflage himself is in a snow bank.

It was like the OK corral. The cat was laying in the road staring at the deer and the deer staring at the cat. Suddenly, the deer started to approach Captain Luke! What are the odds? The Captain flew under Mr. Bernie’s truck and huddled under there. The deer kept walking towards him! Then put its nose UNDER the truck to check Captain Luke out! Scobbie, Luke’s “foster mom” was going crazy. Someone was after her baby!  Mr. Bernie got her to calm down and stay on the porch with him. He wanted to see what the deer would do. After a couple more sniffs the deer slowly wandered off.

We all know cats are curious. Is rumored that deer can be curious. This weekend proved that if you are little and try to stalk a deer, it will stalk you back.



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  2. HA! He's all big and bad until he gets stalked back, huh? hehe…gotta love a cat. And Captain Luke is so handsome, too…brave AND handsome. That's SOME cat! Plus, he's got like the most awesome name ever.

    • Thanks. We added the Fuzzy Nutz because he was not nurtured when we got him from the shelter. We took care of that within a week of springing him from the shelter. The name amused us.

  3. I cracked up when Mr. Bernie told me this story, he is such a cutie patootie little boy. I sure miss him! :)

  4. I almost peed myself laughing at this. I love your 'rabbits'! :D

  5. I lov e pet stories, I have 3 cats and they all think they're great hunters too. What a picture it would have been with Luke underneath the truck…

  6. I love those moments when nature meets the domestic feline!

    When Tigger was about 6 months old, he would go outside and wander. One day, he can running from around our neighbors fence….followed by a fox! I yelled and the fox stopped and turned around and ran away. But the look on my cat's face was priceless. I bet he never went near a fox den again!

  7. Man, he's sooooo cute!

    I miss my kitties!

  8. Haha, totally sounds like how my kitty would act too. All brave and everything, until someone or something made a move towards him. Then scaredy scaredy!! Too cute, and great capture of him in the tree!

    • Thanks. He was up there and I had to run in and get the camera. I was just so surprised he went up so high. *lol*
      I love when cats pretend to be all brave and then run off. *lol*

  9. LOL! I love this story! I think that, though they're not the loyal kiss-ups that dogs are (yeah, I'm a "cat person"), cats always do the coolest stuff. I'm willing to bet he didn't think the deer was that big when this whole fiasco began!
    We have a great hunter whose nose and tip of his tail are white. You can see him stalking birds, squirrels, *opossums*, etc. in the woods all of the time. I always know where he is by the alert call the robins give or the squirrels yelling at him – he can't hide from anyone. Especially when the tip of that tail starts twitching just before the pounce (and miss)

    • Oh, we have the birds scolding our cats as well. Sometimes they can be quite loud.
      I still think I would have freaked out if one of our cats brought home an opossum!

  10. What a great way to start my Monday, with this quirky, and funny, story. Thanks for making me smile.

  11. bachiles says:

    Oh my…..what a picture I have in my mind now!!! I love to watch cats in "hunter mode" …they crack me up as they flatten themselves flat as a pancake, creep along and twitch uncontrollably! I am glad the deer had a good sense of curiosity also—I can imagine it was quite a sight! Have a great Monday, Bernie!!!

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