Budugalee is Open on Etsy!

I would like to announce the Grand Opening of Budugalee! I finally got an Etsy shop started. I figure this will give me some extra sheckles in my pocket for our trip to Chicago. So far its only individual cards.  Mr. Bernie suggested selling them as sets. I wanted to try to get some up and see what kind of response I get. I may add sets as time goes on.

I’m so excited and nervous. I’m not good at doing the description part. The cards were scanned at work, so I don’t remember which size I used for which. I will add that this morning when I get to work. Mr. Bernie made me the lovely banner. He will also make me a button to add to my blog as well. He is the bestest hubby ever!

When you click the banner it will take you to my site. Please feel free to offer suggestions if you think there is something I can be doing differently. This is very new to me and I’m all about getting help and advice.



  1. katieross83 says:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It looks A-MAZING, buddy. And the name just cracks me up. You're going to be a rousing success; I just know it!

  2. Love the name of the store!
    Not too sure about the profile pic. Someone might actually think that's you.
    Other than that, it's great! Lotsa luck!
    Be sure to tweet and post on facebook!

  3. Congratulations, Bernie. Keep us posted on your success. So what's behind the name?

    • When I first started making cards I figured they would be ugly. I told Mr. Bernie I wanted something to stamp the back of my cards the reflected that. He suggested Budugalee, sounded out it translates to Butt Ugly. *lol*

  4. Go you Bernie! From the gal who had never embarked on crafting at the beginning of the year to the one now opening a shop. I take my hat off to you :-)

  5. Cathy W says:

    Way to go, Bernie! You are an inspiration. :-)

  6. Awesome! Good luck!!

  7. I love the cards!!!! I think you will do great. And you KNOW how much I love the store name. :)

    • Thank you, Michele. When I come home I plan on planning in your scrapbook store aka your house in hopes of finding fun stuff to add.
      Yes, I know how much you love the name. *lol*

  8. You're going to sellout today! Three sales and you've only been open a few hours! LOL

  9. Congrats Bernie, it is all too cute!!

  10. Good for you Bernie! I'm sure this will be as successful as your writing… xoxo

  11. Woohoo! Going to check it out now!

  12. Yippeeee! Totally just shared it on my fan page & twitter :)

  13. Hey, lookit you go! Congrats on the store Bernie…that's so awesome. Hmmmm, I don't have paypal but Hubby does…hehe. :P

  14. Bernie I'm so excited for you ! I just visited your shop and favorited it (Opendoorstore). Waiting to get a deposit in my PayPal so I can buy a card – they are so cute : D Much Success!!!

  15. bachiles says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you. May the sheckles start rolling in!!! I know "I" will be ordering!!!!

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