I Got to Meet ArtsyNina!


Nina is the tall blonde. I'm the other one.

I never thought that I would make friends via blogging. However, though my blog I have ended up meeting some of the best gals around. We follow each others blogs. We keep in contact via email and Facebook. They are scattered all over. Since I live in Montana I never thought I would have the chance to actually meet a fellow blogger. That was too much to hope for.

That all changed yesterday! I got to have lunch with Nina from The Adventures of ArtsyNina!! She lives in Minnesota and was going to be in the Duluth area during my vacation. How cool was that?? Before I left for vacation we exchanged phone numbers so we could set up a lunch date. On Sunday, I dialed her number, all giddy. I got her voicemail and left a message. I was nervous all day until she called back. Would she still want to meet with me? Did her plans change? It was nerve-wracking! It turns out she forgot her phone at home and had to call me on her hubby’s phone. Whew! She sounded as perky and sweet as I thought she would. I didn’t know if I should wear a flower or something for her to know who I was when we met. She assured me that she would be able to figure out who I was. Awwwwwwww.

Yesterday morning I felt like a girl getting ready for her first date. I actually put on make-up in our high humidity hot weather. Praying that it wouldn’t all slide down my face before I met her. I put on a new shirt and one of my favorite pair of hooker earrings. I wanted to be ready! I also used a fun bag with gals from the 50′s cooking and cleaning and so on. As a nod to her cool retro style. Mr. Bernie went fishing with Michele’s husband for the day. So I had to have my Mommy drop me off for my play-date. (She had some errands to do and needed their truck.) I paced around the parking lot for a bit. Suddenly, my phone rang. I saw it was Nina and thought she might be canceling our date. Nope, she was just making sure which restaurant we were going to meet at. Yea!! She was walking across the parking lot with her “boys” Whew, whew!! Not only did I get to meet Nina, but I got her meet her hubby and her son as well. Bonus! They were staying at a cabin with no air conditioning, so the chance to get out in the air was enjoyed by all. It was fun to get to meet her whole family. After all, I have read about them as well. So it was like meeting 3 celebrities in one.

What a cute family.


Nina is as warm and funny as her blog. When people sit behind a keyboard, how they write and how they are can be two different things. Nina was everything I thought she would be and then some. She is a cute little blondie with adorable glasses. She gave me a hug when she met me. We both started talking as if we had lunch every day. No awkward pauses. Her son Jack is an adorable 2-year-old. He is all boy. He is also at that fun age when they talk all the time. He would point to things and chat away. It has been quite a while since I’ve had lunch with a chatty little boy. It was fun. Her husband is very nice and personable. We were all able to visit together.

Nina brought me a gift of a beautiful beaded purse that was her grandmother’s! I was in shock and touched. She explained that it was sitting in a box. She hoped that I would be able to use it for my purse display. Heck ya! It’s in perfect condition! I just need to find a pair of gloves and a  hanky to display with it. I love it! I also think its a purse I may use when I get all dressed up as well. I had a present for Nina as well. A while ago she posted a picture of her shed or garage with license plates nailed to it. So I brought her a Montana license plate to add to that wall. She laughed when she saw it.

We had a lovely visit. Laughing and talking without stop. Nothing worse than meeting someone and you talk for a few seconds and then silence. None of that with Nina and her crew. I was so very glad we decided to do this. Putting a face and a voice with a blogging buddy was awesome!  When I read her blog I will actually be able to “hear her voice” in my head. Weird I know, but it makes it a bit more personal.



  1. nana pat says:

    Sounds like a good time. The old saw: "Make new friends and keep the old for the ones are silver and the others gold." I'll bet poor Mr Bernie is missing you like crazy! Scooby too!

  2. Oh how cool! I have a couple of bloggers I can't wait to mee IRL, too! I know it will go as well as this did – sometimes the heart just knows. So glad your visit was awesome!

  3. WOW! That must have been so fun to "meet in real life". I still am amazed that i have made bloggy friends… to meet in real life, well, that would be the coolest….

  4. I am so jealous!!! Girls, I'm feeling so left out here! Would have loved to join you and Nina at the lunch!

    Virtual handshake and hugs to both of you. Until we meet, my friends…

    ps: love your 'new' purse, Bernie. The design's so intricate. A definite must addition to your purse porn!

  5. katieross83 says:

    Way, way cool!! I feel so excited for you both, and yes, a little jealous! LOVE the bag, Bernie…that Nina's a thoughtful little thing, isn't she? But then again so are you. So glad y'all got to meet up. Maybe one day we'll all get to meet up and enjoy each other's company outside of a computer screen!

  6. I love blogging for this very reason.

  7. How fun is this?!? I would be a ball of nerves before I met up with anyone from bloggyland. That is taking it to a whole new level, haha. So glad you had a great time!

  8. Aww, I am finally getting around to catching up on blogs this morning and found this. You are right Bernie… no awkward pauses for us! I have met a couple other online friends and it is not always so easy. So glad we were able to meet up!

  9. I am so glad you had fun, I was in awe when I saw the purse too, it is beautiful and that was so sweet of her to give it to you to display. I bet I have some gloves and hankies here from my mom. I will dig around and see what 50s items I can find for you. :)

  10. Cool! I turned into a total dork when I was going to meet bloggers for the first time!

  11. Bernie, so glad you got to meet one of us Minnesotans. I am holed up in my air conditioned office in southeastern Minnesota working on stories for the next issue of Minnesota Moments magazine. If I had the gumption to even consider leaving the house and lived closer to Duluth, you can bet I would have set up a lunch date with you. Maybe next visit.

    Did Mr. Bernie catch any fish? And how could anyone fish in this oppressive heat? Or is the weather cooler up there in the north country.

    • I don\’t blame you. I\’m in the air conditioning as often as I can!
      Mr. Bernie caught one little fish. They threw it back. He also got to go swimming in Lake Superior for the first time. He was surprised at how cold the sand could be on his feet. *lol*
      Looks like we have a tiny break in the weather today. So far its a little over 70 and sprinkling.
      I\’m here until the end of the month. If you get up the gumption to get out and want to meet half way, let m know.

  12. I am totally hopping on the jealousy train….OHMYGOSH!!!! Celebrity meet-up!!!! Wowie zowie, I do not think another post could outshine this one today. Or even this week. We need to have our own bloggy conference where we all get together and just sit around and drink and it doesn't cost a zillion dollars or require a special conference wardrobe. Although, I would totally put make-up on an then pretend that I look like that all the time. TOTALLY. Love you guys!!

    • *lol* That would be so cool if we could do that. Find a place in for all of us to meet in the middle somewhere. Whip out our make-up bags and pretend that make-up is a daily occurrence. We did talk about you gals and how happy we are to have you guys as friends.

  13. bachiles says:

    I am so jealous, too!!! But very happy for you and Nina!! It just seems like it is such a great network of friends out there in the blogosphere and my husband asks me about my bloggy friends all of the time! I think my bloggy friends have kind of taken over my life at times!!! It sounds like you had a delightful time and I am happy for both of you!!! Hope you are surviving the heat —I saw that MSP was to be 114 today???? Good golly!!! I am in Canada for the week or else I would be in it too!!! Whew! Stay cool, girl!

    • Oh, you are in Canada? I hope you are having a wonderful time. I also hope you are staying cool!
      Its actually a bit cooler this morning. A light rain and only in the 70\’s so far.
      I know what you mean about blogging friends. :)

  14. It's always fun to meet people you've connected with on the internet! To put a face to a blog! Glad it worked out and you had fun!

  15. I am so jealous!!! I would love to meet both of you : ) Looks like a great time. And you are both so sweet and thoughtful to have gifts for each other. I'm so happy to call you both friends.

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