Pretty Pink Puppy Toes

Mr. Bernie and I don’t normally bring our dog as a guest to people’s homes. People who don’t have dogs, don’t have them for a reason. However, on this visit to Minnesota we are bringing Miss Scoobie with us. Mr. Bernie is going to be driving back alone and she would be good company for him. She will help make sure that he needs to stop and stretch his legs and so on.

My parents redid their floors last fall. They restored them all back to hardwood. They look amazing. Our dog is 81 pounds and she would end up scratching the floors just walking across them. When they had the floors done, it was suggested that they not have dogs in over 60 pounds as they would ruin the floor. The last thing we want to do is show up with a dog and leave my folks floors a mess. We looked around for a solution and found Soft Paws. They are little gel nail caps that get glued to her nails. That way she can walk across the floor and not scratch it up. Mr. Bernie let me pick the nail color. I know this will be a shock, but I picked pink.

Scoobie and her best friend Captain Luke

It actually was pretty painless for us all. Mr. Bernie filled the nails before we started to fuss with her feet. I rubbed her belly and gave her treats. She did really well and didn’t fuss. She was very interested in trying to lick them but has not pulled them off. It’s startling to see her prance around with her pretty pink toes.



  1. She just needs some pink rhinestone sunglasses and a pink feather boa. I can just see the looks at the rest stops!

  2. Audrey Kletscher Helbling says:

    Oh, my goodness, what you two won't do. It's possible you could be stopped at the Minnesota border and barred from the state. I mean, pink toenails on a dog. That's pretty Hollywoodish and non-Minnesotan.

    Seriously, enjoy your trip back to Duluth!

  3. nana pat says:

    Geez, I had no idea such things existed and pink is the perfect color. You are so clever. I never thought you would put them on yourself; I thought the dog would have to go to the doggy beauty parlor. Good show!

  4. Hahahahaha… that's so hilariously adorable!!! She's rockin' the look, Go Miss Scoobie!!!

  5. aww. pretty girl. Glad they're working out. Your cat is beautiful too.

    • Thank you. We also have a pure black cat and a grey and white one. Luke is Scoobie\’s buddy. They play fight and both seem to know when its time to stop. Strangest darn thing.

  6. I'm such a dog lover and Miss Scoobie is adorable. But those pink toes are hysterical and your dog with her pink toes is even more adorable. I never heard of gel's for a dog, what will they think of next? i hope it works!

    • I had heard of them for cats, but not dogs. They had a ton of other colors for nails. However, since she is considered a Jumbo dog, poor thing, our choices were very limited. Since I love pink, that worked for me. *lol*

  7. Oh my word, she looks FANCY! Love it :)

  8. Big smiles! xoxo

  9. Awww, look at who is looking so Pretty In Pink!!! I can't wait to see Ms. Scoobie and give her a hug, it will be good to see you and Mr. Bernie too of course. ;)

  10. Very Pretty! This is new to me and I love the idea. Where in the world did you find them? I'm going to have to look up Soft Paws now. My fur baby has pink doggy nail polish I got at a pet store. I bet they have Soft Paws too and I just didn't know!

  11. Haha, AND you forgot to mention that they are super styling :) Glad ya'll have a little friend coming along for the trip!

    • Thank you. I just know that if Mr. Bernie didn\’t have her with him, he would keep driving. The dog will make him stop on his way home.

  12. Hilarious!! I have never heard of those.

  13. Wow! I've never heard of that! Our dog scratches the dickens out of all of our wood–floors, doors, windowsills..I feel like she would try to bite those things off but maybe not? How long are they supposed to last?

  14. That is SO funny – PINK toes! I can't wait to tell my son about this – even tho he has a smaller dog – they are always buying her pink stuff – scarves, collars, sweaters – they will love this. I can relate to the "don't take the dog to people's houses" – two people at our 4th party brought their dogs which totally unglues Alpha Hubby. He likes dogs but hates dogs indoors. But we have our revenge – their dogs always get out of the fence and go roll in the cow poop. I know, I know – TMI – but…

    • Yikes. well good for the dogs for rolling around.
      I know the rare time we have Scoobie in the car and stop at his sister\’s, we leave her in the car or in the yard.
      Here is a link if your son needs to get some:

      • LBDDiaries says:

        Thanks! I don't mind son's dog coming in the house – she's a hoot – and while it does bug Alpha Hubby I think he secretly likes the dog (just not on his chair).

  15. bachiles says:

    She looks fabulous, darlin', fabulous!!! Our son just bought a townhouse with beautiful dark hardwood floors. His roommate's girlfriend has a 70 pound poodle. He has insisted that Ellie wear socks when she is there. He feels like the bad guy but I told him he had to protect his (and ours too since we are helping out!) investment. I think the visits by Ellie have decreased dramatically but hey—I understand. I think you are being very thoughtful. Not everyone would be that considerate. Let me know how those work out—-I would be interested to see if they last the whole trip and how you take them off in the end!


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