Time to Dig Out Purses

Purses ready for sorting


Its summer time. A time when people think of the beach and summer fun. Those things are nice. It’s also the time when my purses get taken out of totes and get ready to show off. All year many of them sit in totes waiting to see the light of day. Knowing that when summer comes it will be their turn to get out.

Their first showing will be at The Museum of Women’s History in Downtown Billings. I’m going to be helping with their windows as a volunteer.  Last year the purses were quite a hit. It was fun sitting outside on break and watching everyone point and ask each other, “Is that really a purse?”  I was told it was one of the most popular window displays they had. For July we are going to do Women in Rodeo in one window and purses in the other. Kind of break it up a bit.

The second display will be at the Montana Fair in August. I just have to send my registration form in. This year I’m going to display them differently. In the past I would just shove a bunch in the case. I figured the more the merrier. I got a tip last year to display them differently. For example: My chicken purse I will display on hay with some eggs under her. My take -out purse will have chop sticks sticking out of it. Perhaps a tea-cup near my teapot purse. This means I have to figure out which purses I’m going to bring and what do-dads need to go with them. That should be an interesting challenge.  I think I may recruit you all to help give suggestions with some of the purses.

So that is how I will spend part of my weekend. Mr. Bernie is always so cheered at all the totes coming out at one time. However, he is very supportive and comes up with great ideas. He gets great opinions as which ones to display. Which I appreciate.Not many husbands would be willing to help with something like this. I’m a lucky girl.

Have a Wonderful 4th of July



  1. FUN!!!! I can't believe you display purses! I want to see what you've got…what your Bernie Style is :)

    • Bernie\’s style is weird. *lol* None of the fancy nancy purses for me. The uglier the better.
      One year a group used my purses for an \”Old Bag\” luncheon. They all had lunch and brought their favorite purses. My purses were scattered around the room for them to look at.

  2. I just love that you get to put them on display. Your hubby is awesome!

  3. katieross83 says:

    How fun! I would love to see all the purses out together…especially at the Montana Fair. Your plans for the displays sound great!

    • On Friday I\’ll re-post the Montana Fair display or the Museum display. Also some other purses to get ideas for displaying.

  4. Oooooh, please tell me you're going to post some pics of your purses…pretty please!!! :D

  5. Have a delightful time Bernie… Cups Up! xoxo

  6. Oh, yes, Bernie, let us help you. This sounds like a fun project. And by all means, you MUST show us photos of your displays.

    • I will be posting the pictures of the displays this Friday.
      It will be fun to get the feedback from you guys. I\’m sure everyone will have some interesting ideas.

  7. I can't wait to see what you've got! Definitely post some pics. The displays sound like really cute ideas – love the idea of staging the chicken with hay and eggs.

  8. You are a lucky girl! I love Mr. Bernie! I'm at the beach for the weekend, but if I wasn't I'd swap my stuff out too. Granted it probably wouldn't take me as long, but it would make me clean and then sift through some stuff and before you'd know it all of the time would be spent. It's really a form of free shopping when you get to use your stuff that's being stored.

    Ps…I love the dog!

    • Oh, I hope you had fun at the beach.
      Great thought about the free shopping in your own closet. Since many are in totes, its always a surprise.

  9. You could put your two coconut purses out with a tropical looking drink with a straw. You could use some of that stuff the kids like, I think its called oozze for the liquid. Make a list of which purses you are going to use when you come visiting, we can help you find stuff, I know I looked for eggs but hadn't found any yet.

  10. bachiles says:

    So I am wondering how you plan to display the large one laying on the carpet……maybe with a bone perimeter set up around it??? LOL Love your purses and definitely want to see pictures of the displays!!! Especially the teapot purse….I am envious…..

  11. Oh, how cool! PLEASE write up some posts with pics when your displays show. I'm especially excited to hear about the fair display and look forward to helping you brainstorm on some of the displays for the purses!

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