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The Lighting and The Lighting Bug have a fun writing prompt this weekend. “We want you to share a post that essentially defines who you are. It can be an introduction post, a post about your blog, a particular piece of writing that defines you.” I had to think about that for a bit. I don’t think that I have a piece of writing that defines me per say.

I never planned on being a blogger. I had no intention of it. I didn’t think I would write anything that anyone would want to read. A little under two years ago my friend Shelley of Lemon Tree Cards decided that she wanted to make a blog to promote her cards. She wanted to have someone write humor pieces for her. She asked if I would be interested. I wasn’t sure if I was. I agreed to give it a shot. The cool thing about my writing for her,  I would get our wedding invitations made for free. It was a trade. She also would send me other cards over the course of the year. My posts were much shorter than they are on my own blog. I got addicted to comments. I loved watching her blog grow with new readers. She gave me a sense of ownership of  my writing. I will be forever thankful to her for that. Had Shelley not asked me to blog for her I never would have dipped my toe into the blog sphere. Shelley was/is so encouraging. After a year we decided that I would be done with her blog. That left me “homeless” Whatever would I do? Did I really want to have my own blog? I liked the sense of security of “helping” with a blog and not having my own. I found I enjoyed writing and didn’t want to stop.

I kicked the idea of my own blog for a while. Asking friend’s on Facebook what I should name the blog. Polling them if I should even keep blogging. Everyone encouraged me to start my own blog. When someone suggested the title, “One Mixed Bag” I jumped on it. I loved the name. Since my writing was going to be a mixed bag of this and that. Also, it has that nice nod to purses. I started off one WordPress.com and hit publish. I fretted about finding people who would read my blog. Would my blog be only friends and family? Would strangers find me as well?

When I got my first comment from a stranger, I was over the moon! Who was this person? They took time out of their day to read me! I must have babbled on and on for days about that. Then more strangers found me. This was pretty cool. The best part was strangers who also became friends. People I email with, who read my blog, I read their blogs. People who encourage my writing. What I thought was just my own little blog, because a community.

My blog was only going to be humor pieces. That was all I knew or cared to write about. My friends have challenged me to write more serious things as well. These gals who do the writing prompts inspire me to want to try to write things out of my comfort zone. I’m slowly finding that I’m enjoying that. Not a steady diet of serious, but appetizers now and then. Blogging can challenge me, which is a good thing. We all need that.

I blog for me. I blog to do something creative. For a sense of accomplishment. To challenge myself. To share with others. To belong to an amazing community.

Speaking of community, Ms. Sweaty of Do Sweat the Small Stuff wrote a nice piece about my Etsy shop!! What a wonderful surprise!



  1. I'm so glad you decided to get you own blog! I love your writing and hope to, someday, be *almost* as good at it! You write as if it's just you and me sitting at a little table in someone's kitchen drinking coffee. The subjects you write about and the stories you tell make me feel as if I have a good friend in Montana!

  2. This is why I heart you Bernie!

    A mix of honesty, humor and never knowing where you're heading next; perfect blog reading.

    Write more….dammit!!

  3. And I for one am glad you began blogging. I love your posts – they are always a good read.

  4. Hello! I've discovered you through The Lightning Bug. I look forward to reading more!

  5. The last paragraph is exactly why every one of us should blog. I had no interest in blogging until I had a vested interest. I think what's so great is you really have the freedom to do and way whatever you want. For me, it's not about soul-searching or seriousness, or even a lot of writing. It's about storytelling and having a fun outlet for drawing. And no one can say that it is the right or wrong way to blog. Plus, meeting awesome people like you keeps me motivated to keep on keepin' on :D

  6. Well, I for one am happy you launched your own blog, because I love it. Your writing style is such that I just want to keep coming back for more of Bernie. You possess that ability to write with humor in a way that seems natural and honest and not at all contrived. I think that's what I most like. You are honest and not at all pretentious. What you write is who you are.

    And I suppose I do appreciate you even more because you're a Minnesota girl.

    • Thank you, Audrey. I always appreciate your comments. :) Not to mention your blog as well. The Minnesota Gals have to stick together.

  7. Love ya Bernie! I am so glad you're part of my blog family.

  8. This was fabulous! I loved reading how you began especially with the card company! Thankfully, you have kept writing.

  9. bachiles says:

    Love you, Bernie–you know that! I always look forward to your posts!!! You always keep it fresh and fun and usually with a bit of humor tossed into the mxi! I may have to do this prompt, too. I saw it and just have not gotten to it yet. I think my reasons parallel a lot of yours!!!

    • Love you too! Thank you. I think those Lighting Bug prompts can be so much fun. I also enjoy them because I know most of the gals who will read my writing. Those other prompts, I have no clue who those girls are. These girls make me feel comfortable.

      • bachiles says:

        It is nice to "know" the folks who are reading, I agree. And they have all welcomed me too so I feel a part of the family!!! What a great feeling!!! Okay I am going to leave you alone for awhile so you can get some actual work done. You have much to do this week, my friend….much to do. Get crackin'!!!

  10. I can so relate to where you have been. I never thought I would blog, I now have two. And when those comments started rolling in…electrifying. Have a voice in the world!! I am just getting started….so I am right in the midst of where you were. Loved reading this…from Dare to Share.

  11. Your blog is great fun, thank you for sharing. Hopped from Dare to Share today.

  12. Your story is wonderful. It's a future you never dreamed of and a place you enjoy being. I am happy to be one of the followers to see you start and continue on to your own blog. I am over the moon to be your friend and you writting brings me a moment of joy each time I visit! Keep on doing what you do! We love it!!!

    • Oh, you made my day! You were one of my first readers at Lemon Tree. I have always been so thankful that you followed me over here.

  13. katieross83 says:

    Congrats on your feature! I'm off to check it out as soon as I leave here. :)

    And thank you for sharing why you blog. This helped me to understand you better, and I loved hearing the story of how you got started. I believe you are an excellent writer, and I'm so glad you decided to create One Mixed Bag. I'm grateful for the opportunity to call you a friend.

    • Well your prompts are the only ones I have had the guts to do. Thank you for posting them. It keeps me on my toes.
      I feel the same way about you. I love your writing and feel like you expose a new layer each time you share a story with us.

  14. I liked this post, the prompt is a good way to get to know other bloggers a little better. I like your title too, because it says you never know what you're going to get, I like that.

  15. "I blog for me. I blog to do something creative. For a sense of accomplishment. To challenge myself. To share with others. To belong to an amazing community."

    I like your reasons for blogging. That about sums it up for me as well.

  16. See you can write with the writting prompts, and you are awesome at it. :) LIke I told you the other day, I think it is far harder to convey something funny to people who are reading it vs. seeing it, if it wern't we wouldn't have the old saying "you had to be there". I hope you keep blogging for many many years my friend.

  17. YES! All of those are fantastic, beautiful reasons. You are awesome, Bernie :)

  18. hannahjholmes says:

    This is great! At first I blogged only in hope of gaining readers, but then I realized how fun it was to read/comment on on other blogs, and I had this epiphany where I realized that blogging is really about community. It's so much better that way! Thanks for sharing your story. I really enjoyed it :)

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