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Yesterday around noon I asked Mr. Bernie if he was hungry for lunch. He agreed that he was and suggested going to the Montana Fair to graze for lunch. That sounded good to me. It was over 90 degrees but no humidity, so it wouldn’t be too bad. I was excited to have some fair food and check to see how my purses did. They did judging last week.


We got to the fair and I said my mantra for finding a place to park. “Hail Mary, full of grace, help us finding a parking space.” My mom hates when I do that. Yet, it worked and we were able to park near the entrance. That was a good start to the day. The day just kept getting better and better from there.

One of the building has vendors. People selling everything from apples to wool. We like to look around and see what we might need. Usually, its nothing. However, Mr. Bernie tried a little thing that helped loosen muscles and he spent the rest of the day debating if he wanted to buy it. We also had to stop by the Scentsy pimp booth and buy some Scentsy bars. Mr. Bernie got to talk to the folks at the Republican table. They all got to complain about the state of the government. I told him that I would let him talk to his people and wandered around to find something else to do. A lively conversation was had by all.

Eventually, we got to go outside where the food was! Mr. Bernie bought us some deep-fried cheese curds. They set up in the same spot each time. That is my favorite treat in the fair. He also suggested that we should go look at the small animals next. I told him that I wanted to get over to Hobby Lobby to see if I won a ribbon for my purses. We couldn’t get there fast enough or me. On the way he saw a booth that sold bourbon chicken and rice. He had to stop to visit with them for a minute. Meanwhile, I was standing next to him, tugging his hand and trying not to dance around. We got to the Hobby Hall and I looked over at my purse case. It had ribbon on it. It was a blue ribbon. I won first place in my division!!!  Whooo- Whooo! I was so excited. I was on cloud nine. Thank you all for your suggestions on how to display them.

Once that was out-of-the-way it was time to eat. We decided to share things, so we could each try different things. We did the grilled bourbon and rice. Next it was corn on the cob from the Girl Scout booth. A must every year. They don’t have as many fun deep fried things as the Minnesota fair. However, this year they offered “Deep fried butter.” Really? Because deep friend snickers is not enough, one must deep fry butter too? Ewwww. We split a Philly cheese-steak and homemade chips. Over at the 4-H booth we had some ice cream. All in all a good day of grazing.

I have more things to share about the animal bars and some fun things there.



  1. WooHoo! Blue Ribbon!

    Oh, and the deep-fried cheese curds sound amazing. I'd probably have spent the entire day hanging around outside that booth!

  2. katieross83 says:

    Wow…so I basically feel like I know someone famous now…because you won a stinkin' blue ribbon at a stinkin' state fair, and I think that's a HUGE DEAL. So congrats, famous lady! You should by that bag on etsy to celebrate, eh?

    Oh,,.and fair food = awesome.

  3. Way to go!! Proud of you!

  4. Yeaaaaa on the Blue Ribbon, I knew you would win!!! :) You put so much planning into it how could you not? I adore the cheese curds and I think I will have to head over to the fair in Superior or Proctor so I can get some, and even me who loves butter draw the line at deep fried straight butter, ish! They do deep fried pickles now too, another one I think I will pass on. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  5. Congrats on the blue ribbon Bernie! Yay for you. And yummy, I LOVE fair food…though, I think I'll pass if ever I see deep fried butter up here.

  6. Woo hoo!!! You won first place? That's awesome. Yay!

    And good lord, deep fried butter? Seriously, I thought people mentioned that as a joke, but now it's real? What does that even look like? And I've never heard of deep-friend cheese curds either. Cheese curds? As in cottage cheese? Is it sweet? Does it come out more like cream cheese? Or does it taste like batter around a glob of cottage cheese? Criminy, what will they think of next?

  7. Yay for your blue ribbon! I discovered your blog last week when searching to see if Sam's hot dogs were any good…ha! Love your blog and I hope I get to know Guther better!

    • Thank you for stopping by. Its always nice to hear how people find my blog. Are you in the market to have a date night and eat some Sam\’s hot dogs? They are Nathan\’s brand hot dogs. Very yummy. Your comment made my morning!!

      • I had one Sunday and it changed my life…amazing!!!!! Definitely my first choice for a first date ;). Plus the fountain drinks are super yummy. Thank you for not being a mommy blog! I have kids and sure as he'll don't want to read about them, much less anyone else's.

  8. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on the blue ribbon win for your purses! You certainly deserved it.

    As for the fair food, deep-fried butter. You have got to be kidding? Ick. Ewww. But perhaps this would be an items for the Minnesota State Fair. Perhaps they could use the butter scraps from carving the heads of the dairy princesses.

    • Thank you!! I was so glad to have receive it.
      Oh, what a clever idea. I forgot about the butter carving of the dairy princess. Jess Lourey wrote a book about a dairy princess getting killed at the fair.

      • Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. How could you forget about the dairy princesses getting their heads carved in butter? How long have you been living outside of Minnesota?

        I read and reviewed Jess Lourey's book about the dairy princess murder for Minnesota Moments. If I remember correctly, it's titled September Fair.

  9. TexaGermaNadian says:

    Congrats on winning! That is awesome. You have to share a picture of it with the ribbon on it. And deep fried butter?? Wow, just had a heart attack reading about that, haha

  10. OMG!!! *dancing around* YOU WON FIRST PLACE!!! I think I am more excited than you! LOL Congrats Bernie, you deserve it! And PS… I often ditch Tom at the political booths too… he could stand there and blab forever…..

  11. CONGRATS!! Thats awesome! =) Have you heard or tried the deep fried twinkie? Thats heaven in a bite! LOL

  12. My son had just told me about the deep fried butter – phew. I imagine it is like putting a ton of butter on bread fresh out of the oven – dripping and gooey. I have a friend who eats butter like candy (fresh butter, not store bought). I dunno….

    • EWwww. I suggested to Mr. Bernie we should try it. For the blog you know. He just rolled us eyes and told me that you guys would live without us trying that.

  13. CONGRATS on the blue ribbon!!! I knew you would rock it!!! I think the Minnesota fair has the most deep fried stuff ever…..last year I blogged about all the different lovely fried items and sample quite a few!!!

    • Fun! I have not been to the MN Fair in years. I will have to go back and look for that post of yours. I\’ll be thinking of you all this week. *hugs*

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