Halloween Has Arrived at Budugalee

I had no idea how to play with digital images. None, nada, zilch! This week, Mr. Bernie showed me how to play with images. It’s a lot of repetition. A lot of yelling, “Mr. Bernie this won’t work. Come fix me!” Whining may have been involved as well. It’s all a blur. I wanted to make my own Halloween cards.

I’m really enjoying learning how to make my own images. I buy them from Etsy sellers and then play around with them. Making sure I only use the ones that can be used for resale. I added some new ones this morning and wanted to share with you all. Here are a couple I designed from the bottom up.

I had the image from my own stock. Then I added some elements I bought from other folks. I love how the painting on the wall looks. That was a Corel draw thing. I used some photo corners, Michele turned me on to those. I made her a bit crooked on purpose. I wanted to give the illusion that she was just thrown into a photo album.

This little boy was a lot of work. He had a whole background of a hoop and toys and so on. I cleaned all that up. Without any help from Mr. Bernie. He was so proud. I added the cat and moon. The moon has some stickles on it to make it stand out. Mr. Bernie had to help me with the words. I’m very pleased how this turned out.

Feel free to drop by my shop. I have two other cards listed that were not my images. I just got to copy and paste them to the way I wanted them to look on cards. Fun!

I’m in the Friday Etsy hop, hosted at The Adventures of Artsy Nina. She is an amazing hostess. I’m not just saying that because she is my friend. She sends stats each Friday. She also goes the extra mile to pimp the folks who join in her hop. If you know someone who has an Etsy shop, tell them to join in.

ArtsyNina's Friday Shop Hop



  1. katieross83 says:

    Bernie, I ADORE your Halloween cards…as you may have guessed. I'm sending the one with the little boy and cat on it to my baby nephew for Halloween. Eep!!! Can't wait to see it in person. We are kindred spirits, my friend, and we share a love for Halloween!

  2. You have a great blog! I found you from Saving Moms Sanity.

  3. They're adorable! Halloween is a great time for crafts. SO many ideas! I hope you sell them all on Etsy!

  4. Ohhhhh I love the little boy card, he is great!! I should place an order for Christmas cards now eh? I know I would like a super fancy one to send to my cousin, and one to leave here with the house sitter/in-laws who are amazing, but then you know how much I adore them. :) Keep up the great work, I can't believe how far you have come!

  5. Awesome cards! I know how much you LOVE Halloween so these must have been so much fun for you to make. :D

  6. You are so talented, Bernie! I would never believe that you didn't know how to edit images. And so awesome that you and Nina can hop together :)

    • Thank you. I\’m having the most fun playing with images. I\’m thankful for the people who make these so I can use them.
      Nina is doing fabulous at her shop and hops. I hope to do as well as her one day.

  7. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite Holidays. In my early twenties the ex and I threw AWESOME Halloween parties… I made a'wrought iron fence out of pvc pipe for my graveyard, I cut and painted styrofoam boards to make head stones, I had lights and smoke and music… Good times, Bernie. Good times. Your cards are cute! You could make up sets of 4 or 6 and sell them as a pack ;)

    • Oh, those sound like fun ideas. I’m not as big into Christmas. However, last year we did start buying ornaments for our tree.

  8. You are so brave! I was just telling someone yesterday that I am so hesitant to learn something new on the computer. I always resist until I really have to do it! Until then, I'm very good and whining and getting someone else to do it for me!

  9. Bernie, you are becoming quite the crafter. I am impressed. Now perhaps Mr. Bernie could teach an online class teaching bloggers like me to, ahem, play with images.

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