Montana Fair Purse Display

Mr. Bernie and I went to set up my purse display this morning. It took us about two hours.  We decided on less shelves, then decided we wanted more shelves. That took a bit of figuring out. Mr. Bernie washed down the shelves and doors. I took purses out of totes and do-dads to add to them. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Mr. Bernie is a wonderful helper bee! I was so thankful to have his input on the display.

Not sure why the pictures turned out so grainy. It could have been the light and his lack of using a flash. Click the picture to make it bigger.

Row 1:It was Mr. Bernie’s idea to put things on hooks in the back. On the top shelf is a calendar and a book on purses. We added chop-sticks to the take-out container. I found an image of a old library sign out card to put in front of the Nancy Drew book purse.
Row 2: We found a teacup and saucer to go with the tea pot purse. The purse that is laying on its side is from ArtsyNina. I was given and borrowed some old gloves, compact, comb and hanky. It looks as if some lady had her stuff spilling out of the purse. We added the telephone book at the last minute next to the working telephone purse. A fancy beaded chocolate purse and book about purses round it out.

Row 3: Barbie food fits my kitchen sink purse pretty good. Barbie is having a bad hair day. Coke bottle cap purse, coke glass, cool purse Michele gave me that has a vintage coke girl and a barometer on the end. My cigarette purse with an ashtray, no smoking sign, matches and a cigarette with a gem on the end to look like its glowing. Bacon and Egg purse on the back wall.
Row 4: Chicken purse with two eggs that Mr. Bernie blew out. A decapodge barn looking purse with toy farm animals in front of it.  Coconut purses that I received from Michele and Mr. Bernie’s Mom. Pineapple purse behind them and a lei circling them. Two fun purses on the back wall.
Row 5: Car purse, license plate purse from my friend Cheryl and my new seatbelt purse from Michele. Watering can purse from Mr. Bernie and some fake flowers. In the back a strange lady purse, bustier and a vintage real leopard fur purse with gloves and hanky.

The fair opens this Friday. I won’t know until after that if I placed or not. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.




  1. So how did you do at the Fair?

  2. Wonderful! I love the No Smoking sign and the farm animals!

  3. Looks fantastic Bernie!! Don't you just want to sit at the fair and watch people look at it!? LOL

    • I must admit, I have done that. Not for hours, but a little when I go to see if I got a ribbon or not. I love to hear them go on about how odd the purses are.

  4. Bernie and Roy, You all did a swell job on the display. So proud. Wish could be there to brag to onlookers. luv you

  5. I love this display! And so fun with the little touches, tea cup and eggs and farm animals! Very nice.Blue Ribbon from me to you!

  6. It looks GREAT!!!!

  7. You two did a GREAT job, I predict a blue ribbon in your future. :) Love how the design turned out.

  8. Peggy Wahl says:

    Great display! Love the accessories; they add so much interest. You are a shoe in to win.

  9. bachiles says:

    I love it!!!! And you know which one is my favorite!!! That took a lot of time to get it looking so good and you have such a good hubby!!!! I am sharing it with my mom—she will love seeing it!!!!

    • Beth, I must admit I told Mr. Bernie about how you would like that purse. I was chuckling to myself when I was getting it set up.
      Oh, I hope she enjoys it as well. Thank you.

  10. I love your unusual purses! In high school I had a see-through purse that I loved, but I don’t see really cool ones like yours very often.

    Good luck on the fair!

    • Oh, that sounds like fun. Sometimes I think I\’m the only person in town with odd purses.
      Thank you. I\’m hoping for a good showing.

  11. Bernie – That looks fantastic!! I love the accessories. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  12. That is a realy neat display. If you don't get grand champion they don't know a thing about artistic design. Love Ya

  13. You are SOOoo creative Bernie Darling! Good luck on Friday… xoxo

  14. Excellent display! Add the extra touches makes it work beautifully.

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