Time to Think About Halloween

Sometimes Mr. Bernie gets busy and forgets things. Then a discovery is new to him and he gets excited. A case in point in yesterday’s discovery. When we picked up Gunter, he didn’t have a power cord. We used a power cord we had lying around, but it was not the right power. A few months ago he ordered a new cord, and never opened it. He just put it in my craft room. While he was showing me how to use our scanner, he noticed the package. He asked me what it was. When I told him that it was his power cord, his eyes lit up. He opened the package and flew to our guest room to plug Gunther in. It worked great and Gunther is now loud and his head moves back and forth.His arm still needs to be repaired to go up and down, but Mr. Bernie thinks he can fix him.

Gunther and his girlfriend. When one of them goes off the other starts to go off as well.

This got us to talking about our outdoor Halloween display. After all it is August. Not too early to figure out the yard display. We were in Minnesota getting married last year. So we didn’t set up a display. The year before we had a bunch of folks come to see the yard. Even taking pictures, which was weird. Mr. Bernie reminded me that we were missing an important piece of our display. Our bride with a head in her hand. She went to Minnesota to help make my wedding shower and our wedding more festive. My parents might make the drive out in October. If they do, they will bring our bride with them.

We got to talking about what other types of things we want to put up in the yard this year. We have a couple of ideas. It’s just a matter of if we actually get around to doing them. Mr. Bernie wants our display to be bigger and louder than the first year. I’m looking forward to getting started. Time is running out, its August and only a couple of months left.



  1. My husband takes pictures of all of the yard displays on Halloween. Problem is his hands shake from a CNS disorder. Being that he's taking the pictures at night, the shutter stays open longer. So, every Halloween, after the kids are in bed, I sit down with the camera and delete around 75 pictures of blurry things. Maybe one year I'll get just one good photo of me walking Little Guy up to a door instead of orange squiggles!

  2. katieross83 says:

    Bernie, I swear we are kindred spirits! Jeremy and I have started talking about Halloween, too. I can hardly wait. Oh, and it's nice to see Gunther again. can't wait to see what part he plays in the display…and of course, my fingers are crossed for the bride to make it back home!

  3. Aww, my heart breaks… Gunther has a new girlfriend??? Grrr…. Jealous! LOL

    Can't wait to see what you and Mr. B comes up with for Halloween! Hmm… now it gets me thinking about Halloween too…;)

  4. TexaGermaNadian says:

    Haha, well you only have like 3 months, better hurry up with it all! lol. Love that ya'll get so into it. It really does make it more fun that way. I can't wait to see all the decorating posts leading up to your favorite holiday!

  5. What a way for the bride and groom to celebrate the big first anniversary!!!

  6. Well you are getting more and more crafty, is it time to get some lumber and build a coffin? I know how much fun you two have at the local thrift stores finding stuff, maybe if you put the word out to them early they will call you if something fun comes in.

    • I thought about putting something out on Craigs list looking for this stuff. A coffin is a cool idea if we could break it down and store it in the garage. I will have to suggest that to Mr. Powetool.

  7. bachiles says:

    This sounds like it might be well worth a road trip to Montana to view the extravaganza!!!!!

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