We are Mentioned in Subway Magazine

This year for Valentine’s Day we went to Subway for a romantic dinner. The staff was amazing and had as much fun as we did. They took pictures and sent them to their managers. Those managers in turn shared our story with the Subway Corporate office. We thought that was pretty cool.

We didn’t realize how cool, until recently. Subway has a magazine they distribute to all their stores, world-wide. Our Subway staff was featured on the cover of this magazine because of us. It’s the first time a staff won the cover of the magazine. The first time Montana has a story in the magazine. How cool is that?

Inside the front cover is a blurb about our story. When I read it I laughed out loud. The magazine took info. from my blog. So they referred to us as “Bernie” and “Mr. Bernie” *howling* Thank God Mr. Bernie is comfortable in his masculinity.

Its not a good scan, but here is the article from the front inside cover.

It says:

“Nestled along the Yellowstone River, near Billings, Montana is a Subway restaurant (store #12733) in a suburb called Lockwood, where employees pride themselves on providing ecellent customer service. Back in February, the crew had a chance to go above and beyond for a pair of regular customers. “Bernie” and “Mr. Bernie”, who came in for a Valentine’s Day dinner. While there the two romantics enjoyed dining at their own booth, complete with table cloth, china, silverware and wine glasses. The pair even shared the story on their blog, onemixedbag.com (dated Feb. 15), in which they thanked the crew for their wonderful customer service.  (Then it gives the names of the employees)”

So now my blog has been mentioned in the Subway to Subway magazine. I think Mom, Jenny and Michele are going to see if their local Subway’s will give them a copy of the front cover.

One never knows where their name will show up.





  1. Bernie and Mr. Bernie, this is so incredibly cool. Congratulations! Great PR for your blog, too.

  2. Your posts always make me smile, Bernie! Loved your story when I first read it and now, to see the follow-up from Subway….how special!

    How will you and Mr. Bernie top this next year?

  3. You and Mr. Bernie are awfully cute :) what a neat write-up for you guys and subway!

  4. katieross83 says:

    Coolest. Thing. Ever. Not only the cover story but the fact that you guys had a romantic dinner at Subway. I LOVE it. Totally something Jeremy and I would do.

    In other news, Hell Yeah! You're famous!!!

  5. HOW COOL IS THIS!! Ya'll are amazing and so fun, and deserve this. You are pretty famous now, huh?? Hope you keep all us little people in mind when you make it big :) Have a great weekend Bernie!

  6. Wonderful! You two are so quirky. No wonder you get noticed. What's next?

  7. Congrats – love it!

  8. Ha! That is awesome!! You're FAMOUS!!

  9. Can I have an autograph?

  10. Can I have your autographs…..I can say I knew you when.

  11. I don't know what I love more–how swell those folks at Subway were….or that you went there on Valentine's Day!

    • We went to McDonald\’s for V-Day one year as well. Just put McDonald\’s in the search box in my blog and it will tell you all about it. We like to find quirky things to do for Valentine\’s Day.

  12. This is the best story I've heard all week! Awesome-tastic :D

  13. Wow, free advertising! LOL Great story. Now, I'm off to Subway…with a tablecloth, silver ware…LOL

  14. Aw Bernie… You spread love wherever you go! That is so, so awesome… you've made a difference on those employees' working life, just by being your lovely self! I want to hug you, girl!!!!

  15. Oh Bernie this was so funny!!! I have so many "famous" friends now, thanks to blogging!

  16. Congrats on the Subway recongition!! We love Subway!!! Stopping by from Follow Friday 40 & Over!

  17. I love that they mentioned the blog for you that is a wonderful bit of free advertising! :) I know you had so much fun with that dinner, can't wait to see what you do this year!!

  18. That is awesome! What a great Subway shop! We have one by our work where the ceiling leaks and the employees complain about their bosses. I stopped going there, but I should go back and tell them I would like tablecloths and wine glasses for my next visit :)


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