Halloween Season is Officially Here!

Today is the first of October. That means its time to dust of the Halloween decorations stored in the garage. We have as much Halloween stuff as the rest of the world have for Christmas. If you asked Mr. Bernie he would tell you we have too much stuff. Then he would lie and tell you that it’s stacked up 6′ tall. He tends to exaggerate. I think its only 5 1/2′ tall. Though I have never measured.

This year we have two new things to add to our display, thanks to my friend, Teresa! She was at a garage sale yesterday that was chock full of Halloween things. Really big figures! Bless her heart, she took pictures with her cell phone and sent them to us. We got to “shop” via cell phone. These are what we picked.

They will look great hanging out our house! Teresa is a bargain shopper and talked the guy down $10 bucks! So now we have two new life size figures for $40.00!  Mr. Bernie said that we wouldn’t even be able to make them for that amount of money. They will go well with our Gunther who can stand up close to 7′ tall.
We talked about moving them around the house. Perhaps all huddled in one window as people walked by. Then in another window another day. Yes, that is how sad our life is. Trying to figure out where to put Halloween figures around the house. Gunther lives inside year round as he is a powered ghoul. Our newest member, George and Martha, are not. Yet, we might keep them in the house year round as well.

Staying at our house is always interesting. You don’t know if Gunther will be in your room or the bathroom waiting for you. We are fun like that. When Jenny and Michele stayed out here, we had Gunther set up in the shower for their arrival. The screams when he was found were priceless.

Do you decorate for Halloween? What is your favorite Halloween decoration at your house?



  1. Gunther finally have some company!!! Yayyy! I'm sure you and Mr. B have been great friends to him, but it's not the same, ya know what I mean??? LOL

  2. We are not big Halloween decorators because we always neighborhood hop for trick or treating, so our decorations would go totally unappreciated. Someday, if I live on a street with trick or treaters, I'll do it up real good!

    • If I had kids, I don\’t know how much I would be into decorating. Since we don\’t, we do. A couple years ago, people were taking pictures with their cell phone cameras of our yard. Kind of creepy.

  3. Hi there Bernie,

    I'm finally getting a chance to check in. Your figurines are creepy hehe. i think you idea of moving them from window to window is hilarious. Totally worth the effort :-)

  4. October is my favorite month, and Halloween my favorite season. I would love to have October for at least 6 months of the year! I'm about to get my boxes out of the garage now. I don't have nearly as much stuff as I'd like, and every year I unashamedly drool at all the fun stuff in stores for Halloween.

    My favorite pieces right now are my lighted vultures. They sit just outside our front door, and are oh so charming! I just bought some lighted 'trees' (black, leafless trees) to go out there with them, and can't wait to see how it all looks together!

  5. I don't like Halloween and don't celebrate it, which leaves me more free time to do something else. Besides, we don't live in town, and nobody comes around at night because there aren't even any street lights. Love Thanksgiving and Christmas though.

  6. Your house looks like a lot of fun at Halloween :) I put out a few items and then I have stuff that are fall stuff that go all the way through Thanksgiving but your house definitely has me beat!

  7. Auntie Jack says:

    too funny love the new additions

  8. I love the idea of having your "people" in a wandering huddle display! I dusted yesterday because the temptation to just put the decorations to cover the dust was growing very strong. I even tried to convince myself that it would add to the spookiness of the scene. I don't think I have a favorite Halloween item out of the 6 tubs…I love it all!

    • Oh, I think that is a fine idea, the not dusting. I wonder if I could get away with that. \”Its all for the Halloween displays\” *lol*

  9. I love the idea of the roaming gathering of “people”! I just dusted yesterday to ward off the temptation I had of putting all of the decorations out to disguise the dust (or just using that as a spooky extra). I a not sure I can pick one favorite out of the 6 big totes of spookiness! I love them all!

  10. I think I am STILL screaming from finding him in the shower! ;) Great finds, Teresa has a good eye!!!

    • It was so kind of her to take pictures and send them to us.
      I promise, when you come out again, Gunther won\’t be in the shower. Mooo ha ha

  11. How fun! Martha and Roy have matching hats!

  12. Year round ghouls, I love it! I would have been all over those at the garage sale. Great score!

    Love Halloween and just posted pics of my house. Not much gore around here. Two kids that wouldn't be able to sleep if I did!


    • I will have to go take a peek at your pictures.
      We didn\’t decorate last year, we were in Duluth getting married. I think the new neighbors that moved in with kids might have a bit of a shock.

    • I will have to go take a peek at your pictures.
      We didn’t decorate last year, we were in Duluth getting married. I think the new neighbors that moved in with kids might have a bit of a shock.

  13. Nice! You bought Gunther some friends :) Love how you put him in the shower for guests. You two are evil. LOL

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