Why Mr. Bernie is Like a Baby

I’m not a morning person. I get up about 6am every morning, but I’m not happy about it. I’m quite cranky. Don’t talk to me until I have had a cup of coffee. Just ignore me, pretend I’m not up. Leave me alone. I have nothing to say. I don’t wake up singing. I think you get the idea.

Mr. Bernie is so different. I end up waking him up each morning. He ignores the alarm. I have no idea how the man wakes up when I’m not here to wake him up. He will sleep for about 15 minutes after I wake him up. Usually, he starts to stir so some cat is laying on top of him, “holding him down”.

When one goes to a baby’s crib in the morning, a baby is usually all smiley. That is Mr. Bernie. He will sing to me. Smile. Talk. All that stuff, even before a cup of coffee. How weird is that? That is just so not right. He thanks me for getting him up. He will pat me on his way to get a cup of coffee. He smiles. What in the hell is wrong with him?

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the fact he wakes up Mr. Sam Sunshine, but it creeps me out. I would rather have him all happy in the morning. It makes the morning go much smoother. Yet, I just don’t get it. His brain must be wired differently than most people. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s a good thing.

On the super rare occasion he is up before me, its just the opposite. I grumble, glare and groan. He will have coffee all made and ready for me. Pour me a cup and chat. Ugggggg. Just give me the coffee and I won’t have to hurt you. “How did you sleep Bernadette? You were a sleepy head this morning.” What? Are you talking to me? Why are you talking to me? Have I had a cup of coffee yet?

I have not figured out how he does it. All that happy, chipperness in the morning. *shudder* All I know is I love it. I’m so glad he is easy to get up.  I’m glad he wakes up happy and sweet. Just like a baby in the morning.

Don’t expect that to rub off on me.



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  3. katieross83 says:

    I'm the exact same way. I'm as ill as a hornet in the morning. And Jeremy is the exact same way. in fact, he may be worse. I sometimes wish he were like Mr. Bernie in the mornings…but then again, I might kill him, and that wouldn't be cool. This made me laugh, Bernie. Loved it!

  4. My husband asks me sometimes why I don't go into work earlier because then I can come home earlier in the afternoon. My response was something like "trust me when I say that my co-workers do not need to be around me that early in the morning. Their whole opinion of me would change for the negative".

  5. Aww, that's really sweet of Mr.B!!! You lucky girl!

    PS: Yeah, I'd kill for coffee too, btw. ;)

  6. Yeah, Mr. Bernie sounds like my little guy. Up and happy the moment he opens his eyes. Me? Just like you – just pretend I'm not there until that coffee has been ingested and caffeine is back to full strength in my bloodstream!

  7. We have the same dynamic in our home – I'm a naturally early-riser that is practically rabid for the first 1/2 hour at least. Himself will sleep half the day away when left to his own devices, and is Mr Chatty Sunshine when he wakes up. It's a wonder he's still alive! But after 4 years of cohabitation, we've figured it out (and when I say "we", I mean He) and there's rarely bloodshed anymore. That's what love can do for you – provide just enough mercy to keep you alive until you overcome the learning curve.

    My son is just like me. We have no problems. In the event that we encounter each other in the mornings, we emit single gutteral grunts in loving acknowledgement. It's as touching as anything in a Hallmark card!

  8. I used to be like that in the morning. Until I started drinking coffee.

  9. Bernie, you would get along splendidly with my 17-year-old son. He is, oh, so NOT a morning person. He does not want to roll out of bed, let alone talk to me, his mother. Then, when his dad and I are dragging at night and want him to go to bed so we can go to bed without being awakened, he's not at all ready to sleep. He is a night person. So it goes. We're all different. And I believe you've found the perfect way to wake up each morning, to Sunshine Mr. Bernie.

    • Mr. B. used to be a night person. When he was single he was up all hours of the night. I think as he has aged, he is not quite as much the night person.

  10. Not only am I not civil before coffe, I am also a hazard to myself and others

  11. I am a pretty good morning person…even if just to annoy others, haha. Now the hubs, he is a big ol' baby in the morning. Complete with little kid crazy hair. Love it! lol

  12. I don't have a problem with getting up, or even woke up in the middle of the night usually. If someone calls they usually assume I have been up for hours because I answer the phone in my happy voice, I am just glad I am able to get out of bed one more day. ;)

  13. I'm a morning girl and it drives Tom nuts. He has the No Talking Right Away rule and my mouth is bursting with words! LOL

  14. I usually wake up fairly happy but that is because I am walking to the kitchen to the coffee pot!! I do not sing first thing in the morning, tho–that is just weird! I, however, did not appear too chipper this morning as I was folding shirts for Mr. Beth Ann to pack at 4 am…….

  15. I'm like that, too, minus the coffee. I don't do "talk" in the morning. I have to wake up first. Don't start asking me questions or talking to me about mundane things.

    Some people are morning people. And grasp the day in happiness that they're alive and well.

    Ugh, not me.

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