A Real Date Night!

Many of you know that when Mr. Bernie and I have a date night, we go to Costco. Yes, we are the last of the big spenders. However, last night we had a real honest to goodness date night! In a real restaurant and everything. It had tables with table clothes, actual plates and silverware. Boy we were living high on the hog!

Last night we went running around to do some shopping. Nothing exciting, tone cartridge for work, pet food and I had to pick up some things at Hobby Lobby for this weekend’s craft fair. Mr. Bernie let me go into Hobby Lobby alone while he did the other errands.  What a treat for me! I was able to poke around and not have him walking behind me sighing and asking, “Are you done yet?” I always forget something when he goes with me. I get flustered and annoyed and don’t pick up everything I need.  Being able to go to Hobby Lobby alone was treat enough. Yet, it gets better.

When Mr. Bernie picked me up, we started talking about dinner. Neither of us felt like going home and cooking. Who am I kidding? He didn’t feel like going home and cooking. He does most of our cooking, he is the better cook. Anyway, we decided to eat out. We didn’t know where we were going, but we knew we were eating out.

Imagine my surprise when Mr. Bernie turned into Olive Garden! I started to get panicky and asked,  “Are you taking me here to ask me for a divorce? We never get to go to Olive Garden. Did you do something wrong?  It’s not my birthday. What is going on?” Mr. Bernie looked at me like I had just sprouted a third head and asked said, “Um no. I don’t want a divorce. Do you? I haven’t done anything wrong. I just want to take my wife out for a date. Is that ok?” I agreed that was ok with me. I started to get giddy, we were going to OLIVE GARDEN! I think the angels started to sing. I had wanted to go there for a while and out of the blue we were there!

We got a table without a long wait. We were towards the back of the restaurant. It was quiet and kind of romantic. Much nicer than the hustle and bustle of Costco. There were so many choices but we finally decided what we wanted to eat. It was lovely, we just visited and enjoyed each others company. I felt like a Queen for the day!

It’s an out of the blue surprise that makes a simple dinner seem so special.



  1. Aww, Bernie. I''m glad you and Mr. Bernie had such a lovely evening!

  2. How nice! Little surprises always mean a lot. Good going, Sir.

  3. Sounds like a great date!
    And I know what you mean about taking the guy into Hobby Lobby! Ugh – I'd rather take my 3 y.o.!

  4. Very sweet story. It is these unexpected moments in a marriage which are so incredibly precious and lovely. Well done, Mr. Bernie, both on leaving Bernie alone to shop at Hobby Lobby and then taking her out on a dinner date.

  5. You ARE a queen!!! And Mr. Bernie is a King!!! What a sweet man! And I wondered what that noise was that I heard last night when I took Carl to Red Lobster—it was your angels!!!

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