Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!

The Birthday Card I Made Mr. Bernie


Today is Mr. Bernie’s birthday! A day that makes me thankful he was born. I just can’t imagine my life without him. He is a wonderful husband. He makes me laugh, cooks, is VERY patient and good to our fur kids. He has a ton of other wonderful qualities. But I’m not going to make him a birthday cake.

Mr. Bernie’s favorite cake is Angel food cake. After several attempts at making this horrid cake, I vowed last year, never again! I even mentioned Angel food cake to my friend, Teresa, who makes cakes as a side line. She cringed at the mention of Angel Food cake.  I was going to ask her to make me one and drive 25 minutes to pick it up. When I saw her reaction, I decided to try anther route.

I was going to buy a store-bought cake and make a glaze. I can make a glaze, how hard is that?  I had Mr. Bernie in tow at the grocery store. I stopped to get an angel food cake and he whined. “That is not big enough, that is only one serving.”  It wasn’t,  but the man loves his angel food cake.  I explained that it would be more than enough for him and I would make a nice glaze to go on it. He pouted and whined,  “I will make my own angel food cake!” Fine with me. I wouldn’t make another angel food cake to save my soul. I’m tired of crying on his birthday every year holding a ruined cake. I want this birthday to be tears free!

The reaction from friends and family when you tell them your husband is making his own birthday cake is amusing. My Auntie Jack gasped, but laughed when I explained I didn’t want to cry on Mr. Bernie’s birthday……again. Jenny and Michele both gave me the, “Oh, Bern!” Michele went one further and said, “I will say what our friend Charlie will say when he hears about this: “Poor Mr. Bernie.” They can think whatever they want. I won’t do it. I tried to buy a cake and the big baby didn’t want that, so there you go.

I love you, Mr. Bernie. Even if you do have awful tastes in birthday cake!

If you want to see why Mr. Bernie is wearing a helmet and cape, read this.



  1. A belated happy birthday, Mr. Bernie! As for the angel food cake…this is the cake my husband wants every year for his birthday. It is also what his mom made for him growing up. I have had it fail only once. I was about to pour the batter into the pan when a sister-in-law phoned. She loves to talk. I did not stop to think that failing to immediately place the cake in the oven would ruin my cake. It did. Flat cake. I don't recall what we did for a bday cake that year.

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Bernie! Great story. And I'm with you, you offered to buy him one, he didn't want it. Let him make his own cake. :D

  3. Happy birthday to Mr. Bernie! He IS a superhero!

    And good to be back here after being MIA for so long, dear friend. I'm sorry for that. Will save the long story for another time.. don't want to bum this special day for ya!

    Much love to you both!

  4. Oh the bleeping angel food cake. My mother in law makes it. I used to always try it and it was always a soooorrrrryyyy sight. Imagine trying to live up to "mom's" perfect cake. So I never make it and whenever we see the in-laws (a couple of times a year) she makes it. I don't blame you one bit for not making it.

  5. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!!! Hope the day is heavenly and complete with enough angel food cake for you!!!! Love the card, btw!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr. Bernie. Too funny that he is making his own cake. I've never tried to do angel food cake at home – I better just stick with the store bought variety :) And now my mouth is watering for that cake with some fruity glaze and whipped cream.

  7. Yup yup yup, Poor Mr. Bernie. Glad he is happy with his Angel.. and his Angel food cake. Have a fun day you two! :)

  8. Auntie Jack says:

    wonder how well an angle food cake would ship??

  9. I hate making Angel Food Cake! I remember my grandma used to make them all of the time. The only job I was allowed in the entire process was to go down to the basement to get a bottle of pop so she could prop the cooling cake on it… upside-down. And, you know, I'd be more than happy to make my own birthday cake rather than have someone make it for me – I can make sure I get the cake I want. So, ignore all of the sighs and eye-rolls. He's probably tickled pink about making the cake just how he wants it.

  10. Hahaha….Yes…my first thought was "Poor Mr. Bernie". Maybe there is a remedial angel food class available at night school?

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