Wordless Wednesday

This looks pleasant.
How handy to have the hard one for infants.
It’s all all-purpose item!



  1. That looks amazing! Have a nice time!!

  2. And it's the continuous flow special, too! What a deal!

  3. lol, much better advertising then they have now days, I mean after all, isn't a Summers Eve suppost to be just an evening in the Summer? Talk about false advertising, at least this on is to the point as to what it is, maybe we need to go back to that?

  4. Ya know, that is just good for the mind. I want to know what manner of publication might this have appeared in. The graphic nature of the copy seems a little bold for the times. Even now.

    And the use of the word pipe? Is the vagina smokin'?

    Thanks for keepin' it surreal.

  5. Hey, I've got one if anyone wants to borrow it. To irrigate or whatever. LOL KIDDING!! ewwww!

  6. Simply Diane... says:

    Oh, my heavens. Where did you find this device? Wait, don't tell me, just let me use my imagination and laugh until I can laugh no more.

  7. OooooKay… Um, I just don't know what to say to this one. I think I need more coffee – then I'll think of something witty!
    This reminds me of the book "The World According to Garp" when the mom goes to get a hot water bottle because she's sick and it's a closet full of… ahem, vaginal pipes! I didn't get it for the longest time (read the book for the first time in secret when I was12 LOL)…

  8. A douche (i think?) slash pediatric enema (i think??) Genius…i think.

  9. "Continuous Flow"!! This leads me to wonder if there were previous models in which the flow was interrupted? Ack! Thanks for the morning visual, Bernie! :-)

    • I do what I can. *lol* I bought a set of ads, CHEAP, this was on there. It was something different than I have seen before. I just had to share!

  10. Tiny Temper says:

    Oh, that's gross! Suppose you got the ends mixed up… My lady pipes are shrivelling just at the thought of it! :-)

  11. I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit, Bernie. Thanks so much.

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