Wordless Wednesday

This made me laugh out loud.
Think about what the term prophylactic means today.
Read the three selling points at the bottom of the page.
The same type of claims as today’s prophylactics.



  1. A prophylactic for the anal-retentive man. Well, I suppose that's always a good thing.

  2. I like the hyphens…like without them no one could pronounce the word. "Mable,,,what's this pro-fy-lack-tick thingy?"

  3. Um, taken out of context, the line, "…which permeate every crevice and reach around…" Hmm. Yeah, time has made our mind disintegrate into lowly sex maniacs (well, MINE, at least!)

  4. Ew ew ew. Think it protects his teeth from getting pregnant??

  5. I am a little worried about the hole in the middle of it—doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose???Oh wait—it is a toothbrush……
    You never disappoint. Thank for the laughs!

  6. Haha, you always find the weirdest old timey adds!

  7. Love this add. How meanings change.

  8. Is one of those textures "ribbed"?

    Sort of makes you look at your toothbrush in a whole new light.

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