How Are People Finding Me? Part 2

When you have a blog, you can see how people are finding you. Did they click a link from a friend’s blog?  Did you leave a comment on another blog and you are found that way?  Many times its via searching for something else that people find blogs. In May of last year, I did a post about how people were finding my blog.  You can read it here. Click on the pictures or links in this post to go to the original posts.

One would think that the number one term would be about purses, ads, something funny, anything. Alas, no. The number one search term is spyglass. People looking for  this image! Click it to read a boring post about my new orange coat.


Thanks to a hilarious guest blog post by my friend, Sweaty, Huh! is the second most popular search on my blog. Huh! Who knew?


The term “Cabana Boy” must be very disappointing to some folks!


I’m pretty sure that our Valentine’s Dinner at Subway is not what people are searching for when they look for Subway. Which reminds me. We are going to be looking for ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day this year.


It boggles my mind why people would be looking for the infinity and beyond symbol. Until I did my “romantic” post I had no clue there was such a thing!


Creepy Vintage ads is a popular term as well. I’m sure they were lead to this adWhich acquired over 1,000 hits in one day!



Some other terms that I don’t even want to guess how or why people are searching: Cat Fat Woman, wigi board, taco without tomatoes, i’m not in the mood today leave me alone. The number one odd term, If I kill myself and you don’t I’ll look like a fool. Wow! Don’t even want to know what that is all about. (Note the spelling, punctuation and capitalization are how they appeared. I didn’t edit them. I do know how to use capitalization.)

If you are new to One Mixed Bag, feel free to poke around. I’m glad to have you.



  1. I have two blogs, both fabric based. My first was It’s About the Lycra on men’s pro cycling which I wrote as therapy from my legal career. I posted on trying to change careers and titled the post “I Don’t Want to be a Lawyer Anymore”. After over 15,000 reads and apart from Andy Schleck, my most popular search term. What does that say about lawyers?

    Great blog BTW.


  2. LOL – now "poke around" is going to be your #1 search term. I can just see the weirdos looking that one up.

    I get quite a few strange search terms, but none quite like the kill myself one. Amazing how certain term direct people to our blogs. And think of how let down they must be when they see where they land!

  3. I love looking at search terms too. They can be so bizarre…and you have got yourself some weird ones there, Bernie!

  4. I don't know how to find out which searches have foiund me, and am almost afraid to find out! I love your Subway story and can't wait to see what this year brings!

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