The New Year is Here

This was my mantra for the long weekend.

Here we are in 2012.  I hope you all had a good New Year so far. I’m going to go against the grain and not make any resolutions. I have found as time goes on that I’m not good at keeping them. So best not to make any. That way I don’t have any frustration as the year goes on.

We had a few days off from work  and today we go back. I was a busy little bee during our time off. I uploaded the videos for my t.v. show.  I completed a whole bunch of new cards to add to my Etsy shop. I didn’t get a chance to put then all up. Which is good because it will hopefully allow me to keep my shop fresh. I finished up the cards for the Minnesota Moments contest.

We get to start our work year out on a good note. We have 200 stamps to make for one company. That is an impressive way to start our month off. It should take us a few days to whip those out. Yea!!

Here is a link to the Museum of Women’s History show I host. The numbers by the names is the order of the interview. The last interview I did will be the first one. That way people don’t have to scroll down for new content.  I would be interested to hear what you think.

If you want to see what kind of cards I added to my Etsy shop, here is a link. The “stacker” cards are designed I picked up from I should be adding more cards as the month goes on. I think after the huge push during the past couple of days, I’m a bit burned out.

Thank you all for the notes and cards during the Christmas time. They all made me smile. I hope to get caught up with those this weekend.

Have a wonderful day!!




  1. Bernie, I just watched portions of two interviews. My goodness, you are made to do TV, girl. Cool as a cucumber. Good questions and guest interaction. And where are your notes, my dear? Do you have a tele-prompter or just an incredible memory?

    • No notes. I just wing it. Not so sure if that is good or bad but it works for me. I would rather look as if I was focused on the woman, than thumbing through note. I would just shuffle and play with them and be distracting.

  2. Glad to hear you're kicking off 2012 with a great start, Bernie! You're uniquely special and it translates to all your creations! Here's wishing you more successes throughout the year. Love ya heaps!

  3. Great cards, Bernie! What I wouldn't give to be holed up in a craft room for two days :) Oh, and congrats on the huge stamp order – what a great way to start off the year.

    I don't do resolutions, either. I found that when I fail, it just makes me try even less. I work better when I just try at life in general. Little setbacks just mean "try harder", not "failure"!

  4. Hi Bernie!
    I am coming over… well from me! I spotlighted Beth Ann today and I am going to keep an eye on you because you are friend of hers….
    I am adding you in Facebook too!
    So….. keep an eye out for meeeeee…..

  5. Gonna carve out time later today to watch the interviews. I saw you had posted them earlier but haven't had time to watch them so I am glad you posted them here! Can't wait to watch! The cards are fabulous!!! You are so darn creative!!! I could not pick a favorite out of the new ones you posted! Good work. And congrats on the huge stamp order–that is definitely the way to start the year off right!!!

    • Please don\’t feel as if you have to watch the whole two hours. *lol* But a bit of each one.
      Thank you about the cards. I\’m having such fun with them. However, a bit burned out after doing them for a few days straight. I think I will give it a break for a couple days.

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