Happy Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day

It’s here, a day for love and romance. I’m not that excited about it either. When I was single and shoving my face with as much chocolate as I could, I used to dream of having a man on Valentine’s Day! Oh, what romantic times we would have! Hearts, flowers, violins and so on. When you are single you can write this whole amazing epic screenplay in your head about how romantic it will be. Like the movie Titanic only nobody freezes or drowns.

The reality is so very different. The first  year you get a lovely box of chocolate. Chocolate, yum! Sweet nothings are whispered in your ears. You walk on air because you have someone to spend the day with. You built it up for weeks in your head. The fun, romance, love. Blah! After you have been with someone for a while, it’s almost just another day. Well except you don’t get chocolate everyday.

For those of you who are new here,  I’m going to share a couple of our past Valentine’s Day dinners. Our first one was at McDonalds, table linens and the whole nine yards. Last year we did the same thing at Subway.  This year we are going to stay home. A local smoke house had a special for two steaks and shrimp for $19.99!! Steaks and shrimp cocktail anyone? It won’t have the punch as past Valentine’s Days, but it will taste a lot better.

How are you going to be spending your Valentine’s Day?



  1. CCanderson says:

    I will be spending my night with the best valentine, my dog. They call it Puppy LOVE!

  2. So, so true. I’ve always been annoyed by the traditional flowers and candy stuff on V-day. If you’re going to be romantic, you should be unique and original (clearly you know this, with the non-traditional dates!). :)
    That being said, I’m traditionally celebrating being single on V-day by going for burgers with a single gal pal of mine. Yay!

  3. Personally, I hate Valentine’s day… I think it is an over-rated day, and makes so many people in the world feel bad about themselves or their situations… no special someone in your life – you feel bad. you think you found the man of your dreams, and he doesn’t acknowledge / acknowledge the way you want…. you feel bad… There is just too much pressure….

    I much prefer to just have “special days” for the hell of it rather than because the world tells you to have one on a special day… We will be low key tonight. Cook dinner at home, have wine, and maybe a fire…

  4. The hubbie and I celebrated already, we did it right away in the morning……….get your mind out of the gutter………we woke up and said happy Valentines day and then I went to write my blog post and he let the dog out, so much romance here I am just beside myself. ;) I am uber jelous of your steak and shrimp deal ( you know how I love a good deal)!

  5. Or As my Boys call it “Happy Day Before Candy Goes On Sale Day”

  6. V-day is overrated. A friend pointed out today that Valentines Day and Venereal Disease have the same initials! So happy VD! Hahaha

  7. My husband and I are going to a city council meeting. How’s that for a romantic Valentine’s Day date? Read all about it tonight or tomorrow as I’ll be posting on the “event.”

  8. We are spending it at home!!! Yay!!! After the year that we have had we are happy to be at home together! I am trying out a new recipe, of course, a jambalaya dish and of course—some chocolate cake for dessert maybe cut in heart shapes if I can find my cookie cutters!!! And I got Chris a cool piñata chocolate “cake” with a little mallet to break it open to get to the chocolates inside. SWEET! Hoping he shares with me. I suspect I will get flowers…..But regardless of what we give or get one another it is the wonderfulness of being together that I am looking forward to. Hope you and Mr. Bernie have a fabulous date night!

    • Oh, Beth Ann that is great! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. I’m so happy that you guys will be together on Valentine’s Day. I know how much time you guys have spent apart and how stressful this year has been. Enjoy!

  9. Hey, surf and turf for V-day ain’t so bad! And you forgot to write about the wild sex afterwards. ;)

    • Damn it Nina! You called me out as an Erotic writer. However did you know? *snort* I spit my coffee all over when I read this.

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