How to Make a Big Job Bigger

This week I mentioned to Mr. Bernie that we need to clean our bedroom. We do a fine job keeping up the main parts of the house, but our bedroom gets put on the back burner. I told him that if we BOTH tackled the room, it would get done faster. What I had in my head for cleaning the bedroom and what the Mr. had in his head, were two different things.

Yesterday morning he pulled EVERYTHING out of our closet and laid it on the bed. I about had an aneurysm when I saw that! Then he proceeded to hold a couple of items up and say, “I have never seen you wear this. I was thinking of putting it on Ebay.” What? Are you kidding me? Who is this man? I gently explained to him that it was a summer shirt my Mom sent me for Christmas. I have not had a chance to wear it in our winter weather. Then tried again, “Have you ever worn this? What is this? How about if I put it on Ebay?” All I could do is grind my teeth. I can’t remember the last time he put anything on Ebay. I’m still taking in the fact that all my clothing in the closet is on my bed. I don’t need him to pick through it like he is going to open an Ebay shop with my stuff.

Then all the dirty clothes he piled into the living room floor. “I think we should take these to the laundry mat. It will only take us a couple of hours to get them all washed and dried.” What? Are you kidding me? I can’t stand going to the laundry mat. It makes my skin crawl. I don’t want strangers seeing my clothes. I hang many of my clothes to dry. (A habit which drives Mr. Bernie nuts.) I don’t want to hold a cart hostage while my shirts are drying. I don’t wanna do it and you can’t make me.

While Mr. Bernie is dragging more items out of the closet, I’m trying to organize our dresser. That means matching up earrings and putting them in little plastic bags. I found a few pairs of my hooker earrings I didn’t realize I had. I cleaned out a drawer of crap treasures I had been saving for who knows what. I put Mr. Bernie’s notes safely back into the drawer to save forever and a day.

Then it was time for brunch. After that our jets kind of stopped. We ate brunch, watched some tv, looked at the pile of clothes and watched something else. We are the king and queen of procrastination. We are so very good at it. We seriously need crowns or plaques or something acknowledging this fact.

It was time for bed and time to shovel the said bed off. Mr. Bernie showed me a stack of his old  Carhart jeans and said, “I’m going to put these on Ebay.” Thank God! He found something he could Ebay!! The day is complete.

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  1. When I was without my computer for three days, I sorted through papers in my file cabinets, went through a mess of photos stuffed into a drawer and, on the third day, because I was in a terrible funk, baked brownies.

    • Oh, brownies. Yummy!! Its hard to be without a computer. It makes one wonder what we did before computers. How we functioned.

  2. Love this! My husband isn’t much of a “helper” either. I’m relieved if I can get him to load the dishwasher every once in a while….even if he does do it “wrong” Happy SITS day!

    • *lol* I know what you mean about him doing it “wrong” I don’t mind some help, but don’t tear the whole gosh darn closet up.

  3. That is just a nightmare of a story. Some help!
    Is it your SITS day? The Facebook link didn’t lead to your blog, but your blog was mentioned in my Facebook Feed, as it being your SITS day, so I googled you up. :-) Happy SITSday? Or not. But I hope you got those clothes AND your room squared away. That’s probably why you don’t mention SITSday, right? Because you’re still cleaning up your room? :-D

  4. I think they (the men) do that on purpose so that you won't make them help you again. Too much bother, might as well do it ourselves. They've perfected this strategy I think.

  5. This sounds like my husband and I trying to clean. He doesn't try to sell my things on Ebay, but he has to constantly build something to "organize." Ug, just put things where I had them and we would be fine! LOL

  6. I'm glad Mr. B found items to eBay! I need to go through some stuff and bring it to the good will, I have t-shirts that are from years ago that I never wear that are almost brand new because I keep putting them back in the drawer thinking I WILL be a size 8 again. lol, even if I DO get to a size 8, I doubt the boobs will get there, so they won't fit no matter what. ;)

  7. It must be a Full-Man-Moon; I just went through something like this about 10 minutes ago with Mr. Butthead. There are 13 pair of jeans with broken belt loops in his closet. He refuses to get rid of them and I refuse to sew the damn loops back on because he'll just break them again. His reasoning is that he'll wear said jeans for painting and assorted other house-related work details.

    Then…there are his uniforms from playing Softball…30 years ago. I just waved them all in front of him and he stormed down the stairs muttering something about "damn women".

    Fortunately, I have all my old maternity clothes hidden where he can't find them; for now, I have the upper hand in this great debate…..

    • *howling* Are you guys following us around? I love he wants you to sew the belt loops on. If he is just going to wear them for painting and household chores, he won\’t need them sewn on. Darn it!

  8. Ideas of clean definitely vary between the sexes, that is for sure. I usually just do it all since I am currently the home body and he is the working stiff. But you know—-I was gone from the house for 5 months and when I came home it really did not look all that bad so I think maybe my idea of clean is wearing off on him. Either that or all he did when he was here was sleep….

    • What a nice treat to not come home after all that time to a pig sty. I think after so many years together, you have to rub off on him now and then.

  9. That's awesome! Great job at staying calm. I would have lost it, and my head would have spun a la the exorcist if my husband touches the door to my closet!

    • Oh, believe me, I was not that calm. I think my head might have done a half spin in there. I\’m sure I gave him the evil eye. It just seemed like it was more of a mess than we had to start with!

  10. Oh, you're patient! I would have had a fit! Men have different priorities. I wonder if he's been eying that closet and when you said you should clean the room together, he thought "now's the time"? Unfortunately, you're definition of cleaning is different than his.

  11. What is it with the and their thoughts on productive cleaning sometimes? I asked for help wading through the mess in the basement yesterday and hubs grabbed the broom…yes, just sweep around it…that should help! He is beating old entertainment weekly issues…hope they both prosper in their efforts!

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