I Need a Personal Packer

Today is the day I get to gather items for my cruise. I leave on Friday. I need to dig out my summer clothes, make sure they still fit,  see how wrinkled everything is. Find shoes, figure out what can go on my carry on and what I want to ship in my box with my c-pap machine.  Mr. Bernie needs to download some old radio shows on my Kindle Fire. The nice thing is I will be staying in Sarasota with my folks, so I can do laundry for the second half of my trip.

Since I will be sailing on the high seas, I want to be prepared for everything. I can’t run to the store if I need something. What I have packed will be it for the  5 days. I usually spill on myself when I’m eating. So that kind of raises the amount of extra shirts I need. How much make up? Will my crocs fit in my suitcase or do they get sent early? I could go on and on but won’t bore you.

My mom is a big packer. She usually packs way too much. Sadly, I have inherited that trait as well. Mr. Bernie is not the same way. He always makes me nervous when he packs. I worry that he won’t have enough. I know that he will have more than enough socks. He has some kind of sock fetish. He may not have a nice shirt to wear out, but by God he will have 6 extra pairs of socks.

My friend, Michele, would have already been mostly packed by now. Jenny would be thinking about finding stuff to pack around now. I fall in the middle. I’m going to hunt and peck for clothes and get them ready. I will kept them hung up or folded and start to shove things in a suitcase Thursday night. Maybe this year I might even do it two days in advance. I would hold my breath, but that is my semi-goal for packing to go on this trip.

Does anyone have any packing tips they want to share? How far in advance do you pack to go on a trip?



  1. Thank you

  2. Marielle Sayson says:

    There are so many ways in packing your personal belonging when you are going to have some travel. When I am going to have some travel, I do pack my things in proper rolling strategy. I roll over my shirts and blouses even my under wears to fit all my things in just one luggage.

    • The rolling was pretty handy for me as well. I did more of that when I was coming home and didn’t care how my clothes looked. *lol*

  3. I was gonna say roll your clothes as well….other than that I can’t help you because I suck at packing too. lol Have a fantastic time!!!!!

  4. I cant tell you why but for some reason when I am going away I never close my case until the absolute last second, there is no logic or reason to this, its just something I have always done!

    • I used to do that as well. However, now we have fur kids and my black cat and my white cat like to lay in the suitcase. Which means a ton of hair all over.

  5. I think it’s a guy thing to pack so little. My father-in-law once arrived at our house for an overnight visit with a tiny paper bag containing, I assume, his underwear, a change of socks, toothbrush and deodorant. No sense in overpacking. Likewise, my husband doesn’t pack much either.

    Typically I pack the morning I leave. But I’ve never been on a cruise. Not much help, am I?

    • *lol* That would be how Mr. Bernie would pack if he could get away with it. I normally pack the morning off as well. But since I need to pack warm stuff and not my winter stuff its more of a challenge.

  6. Pssst…the bigger cruise lines have stores aboard that you can get any number of things at. :D

    • *lol* I’m sure they do. I’m trying to do this as thrifty as I can. I found out you can bring soda on board and plan on picking up some diet coke before we go on board.

  7. I am spoiled, when I go to FL. Marc & I keep clothes at my mom’s apartment, so we travel with nothing (she does our laundry when we leave). But when I go anywhere else, I am a very light packer. I avoid checking bags at all costs. Stick with basic stuff that you can mix and match….

  8. Well staying at your folks you shouldn’t need things like shampoo so that will save you some room. I usually pack my tooth brush, a pair of PJs and extra undies in my carry on in case the airline looses my bag. :) You will have a great time and what ever you do, don’t forget the camera!! xoxox

  9. Greg has some great suggestions! I agree with the ziplock bags—plus I always slip in a couple of extra ones for things that I find that I need to contain (like seashells!!). I try to pack things that go together and since black is my color of choice I can coordinate most stuff with that and limit the number of shoes I need to pack. Theoretically it sounds good but then it does not always work out that way because I LOVE shoes. I have used those compression bags to pack in and that works pretty well—you can really compact things and keep them organized that way, too. Whatever you do I am sure it will all work out and you will have a fabulous time!!!! Sending hugs and love on your trip!!!!

    • I can imagine that you must have a ton of Toms packed for each trip. I like the idea of extra zip lock bags for treasures.

  10. It sounds like you will need someone to help carry those bags after they help you pack them…I will be there shortly!

  11. I could use a personal packer too, but not for a cruise – for a move.
    I am selling my home and need to pack everything up to relocate.
    I’ve only been in this home for a few years, and it is amazing how much extra stuff you can accumulate in a short amount of time.
    As far as packing for trips goes, here are a couple of my personal tips:
    - Pack light… if you really need it when you get there, you can always buy it. With restrictions on luggage and baggage fees, lighter is better.
    - Try rolling your clothing. When you fold your clothing, and then roll it up, it is amazing how much more you can fit into a single bag. You may deal with a little more wrinkles when you get there, but every place that you will stay pretty much has an iron.
    - Pack any liquids (like shampoo, sunscreen, conditioner, etc) in a zip lock back before you put it in your checked luggage. I’ll never forget a trip to Vegas when my wife’s lotion came open in the bag, and was all over her clothing when we got there.

    Have a good trip.


    • Thank you Greg. My husband is bing on the rolling thing as well. I ad that happen to me once, where my shower gel got all over. That really puts a damper on a trip. Oh, your wife must have felt awful. Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to share!!

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