Wordless Wednesday

What the heck is this?
“Be the first on your block to know about Nude Psychotherapy”
Heck, be the only one on your block to know about it!

I thought it was a joke or an ad in a swinger magazine.
Nope, this was real. Google told me so.
When I was going to a shrink, I had a hard enough time talking with my clothes on.


Image via: Vintage Ads



  1. This is too funny! I guarantee it was a man who came up with the idea of nude therapy, lol!

  2. For some reason, I happen to know that this nude pyschotherapy thing started way back in the 70′s. I know you now want to know what books I’ve been reading, hah!

  3. And it’s only one single itty bitty dollar to get it. Order it, Bernie!

  4. And it’s only $1 for the illusttrated report!!!! What a bargain!

  5. Here’s the big draw, “Please send me the *illustrated* report.” I wonder how many creepy guys ordered this and then tried to persuade women in bars that this was the way to go!
    Thanks for the giggle, Bernie. I really needed it today!

    (Loving the new look and the comment form is great!)

  6. I can see this making a resurgence in today’s society.
    My friend’s daughter, who was a hipster, was approached by some people (friends of a friend) to come join their group. Since she was feeling “negative energy” they felt they could help her. What she was to do was stand in woods amongst these people in a circle and just let the negative feelings flow away from her.
    Yeah, right.
    I asked her “Does this sound copesthetic to you?” She said no, not really. I said, it’s not then. WTF? But something like this “nude psychotherapy” is probably alive and well but kept under wraps today and called something else.

  7. Bwahahahaha! I call that “margaritas and hot tub night with the BFF”, and she doesn’t charge. But different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  8. If I were to take my clothes off for Nude Psychotherapy the others in the group would be needing shock treatment ~ What has been seen can not be unseen! ;)

  9. Ummm… can I just wear my sexy undies? xoxo

  10. I hope I don’t double post, but my comment didn’t show up. What had said was, there is absolutely no way I would do this. Even if *they* paid *me*.

    • It double posted but I dumped the other one. This reply was much funnier.
      I look at it this way, if you already have issues, how is this going to help?

  11. Think that address is still good? I may have to send $1 to get the catalog…….it might be enlightening.

    • *howling* It would be something for sure.
      I sometimes wonder what would happen if someone sent mail to these old address’. Like that girls head one. One if you sent away looking for information? Does someone else have that address? Would it come back returned?

      • My hubby has tried to get stuff from old addresses. He once received a book about the Civil War for $1 from an ad he found in an old 1960′s magazine. The company was still there and they actually honored it! (All of his other attempts were for naught, though. I think that receiving the book just encouraged him… I don’t want to think of how much $ he spent on stamps after that!!!)

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