Hot Blondes and Flannel Pajamas

A still from Mr. Bernie's favorite commercial.

Last night was a typical night at our house. We were winding down after a long day. I had changed into my sexiest flannel night-gown and curled up on the couch in my rattiest terry robe. Mr B had peeled his smelly socks off and dropped them conveniently by his chair to make it easy for me to find. How thoughtful is that? We decided to watch some mindless television to numb our mind before bed.

There is a commercial on TV for a jalapeno burger.  It features a sexy blonde woman eating a jalapeno burger  that makes her quite warm and squirmy.  This commercial came on last night while we were watching.  Mr. Bernie shared his two cents by saying,  “All women should eat hamburgers like that.”  He says these things as just a matter of fact. All I could do was stare at him with toast crumbs around my mouth and loudly chewing my toast.  I replied, “Really?”  He looked at me. I didn’t move. He said, “I guess that you won’t be doing that for me?” Gosh it was so tempting. I had a fleeting urge to toss on of my thighs over the back of the coach and eat my toast like that. I feared that I might throw my hip out so I let that thought go. Besides, I already looked too sexy and alluring for my own good. Oooozzzzeeeeing sex appeal.

The commercial came on again. Mr. B piped up again. “I like that song. They should make this commercial longer so I can figure out what it is. I really like that song” “It’s ‘Fever’ you dumb ass! You aren’t even paying attention to the music. You are looking at the hot blonde.”,  I replied. Mr Bernie looked baffled. “There’s a girl? I just like the music. They should make the commercial longer so I can figure out what song it is.” I just rolled my eyes and took another bite of my gourmet sandwich.



  1. Oh well, I’m not blonde! That’s the only, right!

  2. Oh, I love that mr. bernie… he is such a funny man that one….

  3. I’ve always liked that song too – must run in the family.

  4. benzeknees says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have flannel pj’s, but I do have a whole collection of housedresses I wear to veg out in front of the TV. My husband tries this every once in a while because he hopes to get a laugh out of me – it has never worked! I have never laughed yet. I think he’s finally petering off because he’s not getting the reaction he hoped for.

    • You never laughed? Really? That would get a chuckle out of me if Mr. B. did that. However, Mr. B is about a foot taller than me and my stuff would look like large t-shirts on him.

  5. lol The reason more woman don’t eat burgers like that is because they look riduculs! This was actually banned from running during the superbowl; maybe because the NFL thought their ratings would go down after it aired because too many guys turned off the TV to find their wives or girlfriends. ;-)

  6. Honestly, I hate sexist commercials, although I’ve never seen this one. I’m pretty certain I would be gagging on my toast, too, while lounging on the sofa.

    • Oh, I think you would not like it at all. Watching Mr. Bernie was half the fun for me. I have never seen him so “entertained” by a commercial before.

  7. I am glad you are back and up to your usual tricks…..I have missed my Bernie fix while you were off partying leaving the rest of us to muddle along without you! Maybe tonight you can dress that robe up with a little bit of pizazz—add a bow!!! Love ya!

    • Awwwww, Ohhhh a bow. I never thought of that. It might hide some of the sexy snags around the collar. Good tip.

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