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All together now, “Ewwwww!”
I can’t believe those flavors are  not sold today.
I have NEVER looked at leftovers and thought Jell-O!
I’m not sure which grosses me out more, onion or fish in Jell-O.
Have any of you used those unique Jell-o flavors?


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  1. No way!!! I am a huge jell-o fan (nothing in it though please, especially not grated carrots like I have seen some do). But now I am not sure if i can ever watch it wiggle the same way again!

  2. I’ve actually heard about those flavors before when I had to do research for a Jell-O Museum store (don’t ask) and had the same reaction. How did that meeting go? “We should make a wiggly dessert that tastes like fish…” Really? I don’t eat Jell-O because I’m a vegetarian, but I used to think the worst thing EVER was when my grandma would make a Jell-O thing with pieces of fruit or marshmallows in it. WTH?

  3. I am joint in your collective “EEEEEWWWW!!!”

    I wonder if my mom had those when she was a kid.

    • I asked my mom if she did. She told me she didn’t remember. But she was spoiled and didn’t have to eat stuff she didn’t like. She was going to ask her sister if they had it. *lol*

  4. Perfect Halloween treat…… green Jell-O with fish eyes in it!

  5. Does Jello still make those flavors? EWWWW, just can’t (and don’t want to) imagine what those would look and taste like with all the other ingredients thrown in. Seriously, it’s crrrrrazy.

  6. Gefilte fish is a minced white fish. The cheap kind is sold in jars or cans in a gelatinous goo.

  7. benzeknees says:

    Eeeeewwwwwwwwww! I remember liking the summer salad my mother used to make with shredded carrots & celery in lime jello, but I would have gagged at fish in jello or tomato flavored jello. Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww!

  8. Well, I have had the tomato jello – my mother used to use it as a shortcut when making tomato aspic with shrimp. I have had fish in gelatin, too. There were other gelatin salads my mother used to make with meats and veggies in them. I really wish I had all those old recipes, but, they have disappeared. I think that at one time there was chicken and beef flavored gelatin, too. (Ahh, the 1960s/70s were a time of wonder.)

  9. just found you because of Beth Ann – glad to meet you! She loves your wordless wednesday posts!

  10. I’ve eaten Jello with carrots and celery in it. But fish? Seriously? Yuck. Honestly, I rarely eat Jello any more.

    • I’ve eaten it with those as well. I saw a recipe once for tuna and some kind of Jell-O. I enjoy a good dish of Jell-O but not as a helper to use up left overs.

  11. Now I can’t eat breakfast. Gross. Really gross. Fish in jello? That makes me gag. Thanks a lot Bernie.

    • I do what I can Beth Ann. I’m a giver!
      I have heard of tuna in Jell-O *gag* But seeing an actual fish, *shudder*

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