Wordless Wednesday

Where would you put this in your home?
Its a must buy since its endorsed by H.R.H. of Wales.
It appears to cure anything and everything.
I’m pretty sure that not every woman rode side-saddle on this.
As added fun, note the address of the company.


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  1. I was so looking for something for my hysteria! Little did I know…

  2. Wonder when they kicked Holmes out of his home so they could store and ship these from there.

  3. I think it had some unmentioned benefits. But that’s just me.

  4. Bahaha! Love that it cures obesity, hysteria and gout!

  5. “Unique substitute”….makes me wonder if there are other horse riding substitutes that are not unique?

    As always, Bernie, a great find! :-)

  6. I wonder if it cures vapors?
    Reminds me of “The Road to Wellville” and those “therapeutic massages to the womb”. =-o

  7. It gave the Princess of Wales “complete satisfaction” lol…

  8. It cures hysteria…enough said.

  9. Do I have to sit side saddle like the lady in the picture?

    Do I really want to invigorate my vital organs in inspiring action? Sounds like this thing will rearrange them!

    I wonder if this was the inspiration for the mechanical bulls in bars.

    • *lol* I thought the same thing about the “invigorate vital organs” I also love how it cures gout.
      You can sit on it anyway you want. *lol*

      • I think with the corsets being so tight the last thing you would want is invigorated vital organs. Seems to me they would be too squished to have any room in which to be invigorated.

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