Looking for My Crafting Mojo

A card I designed and have yet to put in my shop.

I misplaced my crafting mojo. I know it’s around because it peeks out now and then.  For a while I have been designing a surprise for a friend.  Once I actually get it completed and its received, I will be sharing it. It’s a lot of design work that will need to be sent off to be printed and so on. It’s not something I can do with my printer at the house. Its been great fun!  I can’t wait until its done and complete!! Its been a lot of “Mr. Bernie can you fix this for me? Mr. Bernie I don’t like how that looks can you change it for me?” He so loves that part.

Now its a matter of taking the cards I have designed and printing them out. Having Mr. Bernie cut them out, I can’t cut a straight line. Finding background paper and embellishing them.  I was going to start printing last night, but after not printing for so long my ink dried up.  I have a new ink cartridge and ink re-fills coming in this week.  (I love the ink refills! We must have refilled my color ink cartridge at least 15 times. A huge savings when ink cartridges are between $17-$20′s.  That was the best investment we ever made!)

Mr. Bernie’s Mom has asked me to make a couple of fun cards. That made my day! Another friend wants me to set up some cards for him to sell in his  Independent Bookstore!  Its nice when folks can ask me to design something for them. After not crafting for so many years, I’m still blown away that people like my stuff enough to ask me to make them things! Love it! It makes me feel like a real crafter! I feel like Sally Field when folks ask me to design stuff, “You like my stuff, you really like it!!”

The Museum of Women’s History asked me to design a sign for our display window. This month is National Poetry Month and we need a sign explaining why we have some books of poetry in the window.  Below were the top two choices in a scientific poll. (I posted them on my Facebook page and asked which people liked. *lol*)







For now I have quite a few designs. Now its just a matter of printing them off or sizing them down for printing. I hope to get my Etsy shop stocked up with new stuff this week. After my printer cartridge comes in.  I think it will be good for me to start gluing and embellishing things again. It’s just  a matter of getting it done. I have a few more days to put it off.  Then watch out, I’m going to be busy, busy, busy!

Our dog, Katie,  has a new post on her blog. It was adoption day this weekend. She has a long post talking about.



  1. I can’t wait to see your new stuff, Bernie! And I completely get that same feeling of shock when someone actually asks me to make them something. It’s just too good to be true, you know? Of course you do – you just wrote it up there!
    And I cannot wait to see how your big project turns out. I’ve been peeking at it now and then ;)
    (better stop typing now… I think you know why! LOL)

  2. Glad to see you busy with your hobby! What fun! Can’t wait to check out Katie.

  3. Glad you found your Mojo again. I will definitely vote for the second one if i was your friend on FB

  4. I was wondering where the crafty Bernie disappeared to. Welcome back. Getting cards into an independent bookstore is a fabulous opportunity. Congratulations.

    What a great idea to display poetry books in the museum window. As a poet, I appreciate when places like this promote poetry. I like the the second poetry design, but would swap in the font style of number one into design two. The flowery font on the first one simply seems more poetic to me.

    This weekend I’m reading one of my poems at a Poet-Artist Collaboration here in southeastern Minnesota. I’m pretty excited to see the watercolor painting inspired by my poem.

    • Thank you. How wonderful!! A painting inspired by your poem. You never cease to amaze me how you touch others in every way.

  5. Love that card!! Hysterical!
    I’m so glad to see your hobby is taking off! You do have a talent for this! Kudos girlfriend!

    • Thank you. The coolest thing about that card is a friend of mine, who is a real designer loved it. Real as in she has clients, a real card shop and does promotional marketing stuff for businesses. She asked me to make one for her to give as a gift and she framed it!! That made my month!

  6. You have had a few other things going on! I am glad you are getting your craft back! Can’t wait to see samples!

  7. So which poetry sign won? I missed the FB voting. LOL AND in case you’re still taking votes… I like #2. ;)

    My crafting mojo has run so far away that I am thinking about getting rid of my entire crafting stash!

    • I’m always open to votes. Thank you.
      Oh, no. Are those just the pregnancy hormones talking? You don’t really want to get rid of your stash do you?

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