Wordless Wednesday

If I had kids, I don’t know if I would want this Animal Control to stop by.
Does anyone else find it weird there is a picture of a baby along with other critters?
“Oh, honey that baby is a nuisance! Call Joe the Animal Control!”


Vintage Ad Found Here




  1. I expect on more than one occasion a mother has considered her offspring to be a “wild animal.” This is too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure there are some days that Mom’s wished their kids could be wrangled up or something similar.

  2. OK, I’m going with the :we keep your kids safe” POV. The thing is, they should have put a rat on the kid’s back or something… maybe the baby could be reaching for a snake or an alligator?

    But, just in case he does take care of pesky children, I want this guy’s number! I wonder if he handles preschoolers who talk back, teenagers with attitudes, or nutty & whiny husbands?

  3. I guess they remove those pesky babies…..

  4. LOVE your post! Obviously, Joe Sweeney is a bachelor with little tolerance for infants. Surely he could have posted a drawing of a mouse instead!

  5. That is quite strange, but slightly true-and funny!

  6. I’ve got 3 lil varmits right here, ready for the taking!

  7. Of course, the kid is a nuisance…see the pee stain under it.

  8. I’m jotting their # down… just in case baby Hedin isn’t well behaved when he/she arrives in June. LOL

    • There you go. Handy way to get rid of those pesky babies! Make sure Jack has the number, I bet he will want to use it. *lol*

  9. That was the first thing I saw!! I thought, wow, they’ll take your kid, too?! Poor advertising. Obviously they’ll trying to convey that to keep your child safe from these vermin, that they can remove them for you. But it really doesn’t look like that, does it!
    Again, Bernie, another hilarious ad! Thanks for the morning LOL!

    • I thought about keeping your kids safe as well. However, its just really poorly done. *lol* I wonder if they lost business or gained business from that ad?

  10. Well, I think this will be the thing that causes me to chuckle randomly all day. Gotta wonder who proofed that ad before it went to print.

  11. Why on earth would they have a baby on there?? That is just plain weird!!! It is like they couldn’t find a 4th picture of a critter to put up in that corner or something. Very odd.

    • Well I would think you could find one more critter that was not a baby. *lol* Can you imagine what the woman in his life thought when she saw the ad?

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