40 Year Flood

In case you don’t read the news, watch the Weather Channel or have Facebook I have news for you. Duluth Minnesota, flooded yesterday. Not just some damp basements, not just a couple of inches of water, an actual flood. In less than 24 hours they got 7″ of rain.  This caused most of the city to be underwater. That is quite a bit of rain in a short amount of time. The Mayor declared it a National Emergency. People were told to stay off the roads. Many business’ were closed for the day. The last time Duluth had a flood like this was 1972.

Image from 95 KQDS

Floods are scary things. There are things that happen that the average person doesn’t think about. The Duluth Zoo suffered the loss several animals dying. A seal ended up out of the zoo and on the road in front of the zoo! Thankfully, he was returned safely. That must have been quite a shock for the people who found him. The Polar Bear was missing for a short time, found safe and sound in the zoo.

Photo by Ellie Burcar

Many roads were washed out. Bridges were destroyed. Houses flooded. Cars ended up in huge holes from the roads giving away and making caters. I could go on and on.

Image by Bob King, Duluth News Tribune

My brother and his family lost their house. The water was up 5 feet in their basement. They live in a little gully type area in Duluth. The creek next to their house overflowed the banks and flooded their whole yard. Their camper was floating away someplace. Thankfully, the family is all ok. As my sister-in-law said, “It’s just stuff and can be replaced.” A better attitude than, woe is me. My brother was joking during the ordeal. He says they are going to have a huge rummage sale of wet stuff soon. He also found things in his yard he didn’t remember buying. The biggest thing was a motorcycle! It must have washed down from someplace. They did have flood insurance, which is very fortunate. Not many people did.

Image by Brett Nordman

A Facebook friend of mine ran a live feed of the Duluth Scanner online. I listened to that a bit yesterday. As things were being reported on the scanner he shared that and kept folks up today. He was quite funny as well, which broke up the day! Thanks, Dan!! I will have to keep my eyes open for next time you Live Stream

I know today will be a busy day for the folks of Duluth. They will be calling insurance people. Cleaning up basements. Sorting through what memories they have left that have not been destroyed.

My heart  hurts for my hometown.

I’ll leave you with one image that made quite a few folks laugh. Duluth is on a hill, in theory, it shouldn’t flood. One guy made a cool tongue in cheek picture that I have to share.

Image by Miles Hagen



  1. Marnie Byod says:

    Sorry to hear about your brother’s family condition during that horrible flood. I was shocked looking at that car in the hole that was so scary and I can’t imagine how that flood destroy everything. I pray that all things now are gonna be okay.

  2. –I’m from Duluth.
    Our basement flooded, but several people, like your brother lost their homes.
    So scary & sad…We couldn’t believe the damage.
    but..The entire community has come together to help one another, which is beautiful.
    Where were you brought up?
    Where are you now?

  3. Tanya Stevens says:

    I am so sorry about your brother and his family, and all those people that were affected by the floods. It is so hilarious that in the last picture up there it is claimed that Duluth is on-hill and therefore it cannot be flooded.

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  5. Gael Saul says:

    Totally I agree with you about floods are scary things. Flood is so harmful to anybody. So, I think everybody should helped them. I hope you and your town will overcome this problem.

  6. Every time I see disaster in the news, my heart aches to the casualties mostly to the children, every thing can be replaced except life which is very important.

  7. That is just awful. I am happy to hear your family was safe. We had a good deal of flooding around here last fall. At one point it was like we were on an island and could not escape a 3 mile radius. We were very lucky. Hopefully your brother can still use the motorcycle. ;)

  8. How scary! That’s such a terrible thing–it’s amazing that your family is able to be so optimistic and to have a sense of humour about it. I guess you become grateful for what you do have (basic safety) very quickly, and you don’t worry too much about the “extras”. I’m glad your family is safe.

  9. I am so sorry for your brother’s loss. The images coming out of Duluth are incredible. Damage has been compared to that done by an earthquake. A good friend of mine lives in Duluth and as of early yesterday morning, she and her family were fine and their hillside house undamaged. The sump pump was keeping up with keeping water out of their basement. I have not heard from her since. Duluth, my heart goes out to you.

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