When the Wife’s Away….

Our first term of puppy fostering is almost coming to a close.  By the end of the month the puppies will find their new furever homes.  There are two that have a little issue called Shaking Puppy Syndrome. It causes them to shake like little old people with Parkinson disease. They will not be as easy to place. The boy, Patch, we are keeping as our own. We didn’t plan on keeping one of the puppies, but there you go. His little head bobs like he is listening to music only he can hear.

Patch, the puppy we are keeping

The girl, Pearl,  has it a bit more rough. She not only shakes but at times her legs go out from under her. She will be running, and going and playing and suddenly flop over. She is perfectly healthy other than that quirk.  We are sure that the rest of the litter will go quickly, Pearl not so much. Which is ok, she needs just the right family. If we end up fostering her for a longer time, we don’t mind. She really is a sweetheart.  Roy keeps telling people, “Pearl has a lot of heart!”

Last night I went with my friend, Sheri, to drop off some puppies to be fixed. It’s always fun to go along for the ride and get out. While I was gone, Mr. Bernie was on puppy duty. I asked him to make sure that there was a blanket under the house for the pups and to make sure their food and water was filled.  He did all that and then some. When I got home, pretty late for me, I asked him how his night went. His answer is one of the reasons that I love this man.

Pearl, our special needs girl

Pearl, our special needs girl

“Well Bernadette I went outside to check on the puppies. They all mobbed me and tried to chew on my pants and so on. I made sure to give each of them some attention. Poor Pearl was having a bad night,she just couldn’t stay standing up. I picked her up and carried her around the yard, just talking to her in a low voice. She snuggled into me and then wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug. She really shouldn’t be sleeping outside, so I brought her in and put her in the “baby area” Pearl was pretty frantic but I put Katie in there and she calmed down. Katie cleaned Pearl up and laid down with her. I went back outside and Sydney was laying by the back door. He snuggled with me for a bit, so I decided he should keep his sister company in the kennel.  You are lucky to come home when you did, because they just quieted down. “

This morning about 4:30, when the sun was coming up, Pearl and Sydney woke up crying. Mr. Bernie,  lumbered out of bed and moved them into another cage that was cleaner. (Someone woke up and had an accident) He was talking to them softly while he was moving them around. Then he came back to bed and grumbled a bit. “Bernadette, I had to put them in the other kennel. Someone pooped and they weren’t happy. They should be fine now.” Then he went back to sleep.

My husband may grumble and fuss, but he is a big old softie. He didn’t have to check on the puppies, he didn’t have to bring Pearl inside, he didn’t have to walk her around like a baby, he didn’t have to do a lot of things.  Mr. Bernie has a huge heart and showed it a bit last night with a shaky little puppy.

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  1. Auntie Jack says:

    I was so worried when I read about the puppies with shaking puppy syndrome no need to worry
    I should have known you & Roy would save them bless your hearts. Love Ya

    • There is nothing we can do but love them. They might grow out of it. Patch is shaky but not as bad as he once was. We are hoping Pearl gets a little better.

  2. I love Mr. Bernie . I am so glad that you found each other and that the puppies have had such fabulous foster parents. What more could they ask for. You are a couple made in heaven!!!!

    • Awwwww, you are a sweetheart. We are not really doing anything special. Just keeping some puppies until they can find furever homes. Trying not to get overly attached so I cry and Mr. Bernie gets sad, each time one leaves.

  3. Oh what lucky pups…Pearl seems to be working her way into a permanent home right where she is. I love how you and Mr. Bernie love!

    • Andrea, she needs a place with a level yard due to her stability issues. Our yard slants in spots and causes her to fall now and then. We are hoping for a nice calm home with even surfaces for her to play on. She always has a home at our place until that happens.

  4. You two are the best. Those puppies are so lucky to have you taking care of them :)

    • Thank you. Actually, most days we are lucky to have them. They can really make you smile when they are all rolly polly and tumbling all over.

  5. I love both your hearts more every day!

  6. He has a heart of gold, mushy gold.

  7. What a sweet love letter you’ve written to Mr. Bernie today. The big hearts can apply to both of you.

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